IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2009-04-28

aelknerreplaceafill: ayt?00:34
replaceafillaelkner, yes00:35
aelknerhey man!00:35
aelknerhow's it going?00:35
replaceafillhey aelkner00:35
aelkneri have some questions about the latest on cando00:36
replaceafillaelkner, ok00:36
aelkner1) is it still svn?00:36
replaceafill1) yes00:36
aelkner2) what's the url of what jason uses?00:36
aelkneri think i should get jelkner using that00:36
replaceafillu mean trunk?00:36
aelknerthat's what i'm asking00:37
aelkneris it trunk?00:37
replaceafillhe always merge my changes to trunk00:37
aelkneri thought maybe jason would wan to create some kind of release branch00:37
replaceafilldont know, until now i have my dev branch, from time to time we sync it with trunk00:38
replaceafillthat's all00:38
aelkneroh, ok, that's cool00:38
aelknerhey, is there much talk of swine flu where you are?00:39
replaceafilli'm just waiting to get it :D00:39
replaceafillyes the government is worried00:39
aelkneraren't you the optimist :)00:39
aelknercould you remind me of the exact command for checking out cando trunk?00:40
aelkneri mean the url00:41
replaceafillsvn co
aelknerbtw, i don't think you need the user part00:42
aelkneras long as your user id is the same on the machine you're running00:42
aelkneryou probably know that :)00:42
replaceafilloh yes, i use it because i use elbixio as user :)00:42
replaceafillin my pc00:42
aelkneranyway, thanks00:43
aelkneri have to get jelkner's cando instance up to date00:43
replaceafillah ok, let me know if i can help you00:43
aelknersure will, thanks00:45
aelknerreplaceafill: ok, here's a question00:46
aelknerwhat do i need to do to set up the gradebook00:47
aelkneri'm a bit out of practice with cando00:47
aelknerdo i have to add a slug to plugins-enabled?00:47
replaceafillu mean the schooltool gradebook?00:47
replaceafillto the instance00:47
aelkneryes, the schooltool.gradebook00:48
replaceafilli use school.zcml or the plugins/ directory00:48
aelknerok, i got it now00:48
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aelknerignas: ayt?01:02
aelkneryvl: ayt?01:03
Lumiereyou don't need to add anything to cando01:10
Lumiereyou just need to enable the gradebook include01:11
Lumierebecause we don't turn it on01:11
Lumiere(code is there in egg for external activities)01:11
aelknerLumiere: come again?01:13
replaceafillLumiere, but if you want to enable the ST gradebook from cando you have to add the zcml for it01:13
aelknerLumiere: your users aren't using schooltool.gradebook, right?01:13
th1aaelkner: I assigned some bugs to you.01:51
aelknerth1a: cool01:52
th1aYou should try to get them out of the way before the release.01:52
Lumiereaelkner: we need it because of external activities01:52
Lumiereaelkner: we don't turn it on01:52
Lumiereshould be a matter of turning it on01:53
aelknerLumiere: how would you turn it on?01:53
Lumiereadd the zcml01:53
aelknerth1a: let me look01:53
aelknerth1a: i only see one critical01:54
aelknercould you set the ones that you want asap to critical please?01:54
th1aFix the ones set to the Jaunty milestone.01:55
th1aI mean, they aren't critical, but they should be fixed before the release.01:55
aelknerLumiere: that's what Douglas and I were saying01:56
aelkneryou need to set the zcml01:56
aelknerth1a: do you know when eggs get built?01:59
aelkneri just did a checkout and build of cando trunk01:59
aelknerand the resulting schooltool.gradebook egg was old01:59
aelknerdidn't have any of my changes from this month01:59
replaceafillaelkner, it's that way01:59
replaceafillaelkner, cando uses schooltool.gradebook 0.302:00
replaceafillcd ..02:02
replaceafilloops sorry02:02
aelknerreplaceafill: i think jelkner would want to use:02:04
aelknerdo you know how i could get it to use that?02:05
replaceafillnot really, see r1535 commit message by jason:02:05
replaceafillchanged buildout to use the schooltool zope3.4 known good set (KGS)02:05
replaceafilland to lock versions to the current 2008.10 KGS02:06
replaceafill(2008.10.cfg is auto-generated when 2008.10 is eggified)02:06
replaceafilland ignas adviced me to work in the schooltool 2008.10 branch and schooltool.gradebook 0.3 branch02:07
aelkneri can see how jason would not want to use the newer eggs since he has a more sensitive installation02:07
aelknerbut jelkner would be fine with bleeding edge02:07
aelkneri wouldn't want to change trunk and mess up jason02:08
ignasI think jelkner can be switched to 2009.0402:08
ignasit is stable enough now02:08
aelknerbut could you tell me what i could manually edit to get jelkner's cando to use the newer eggs02:08
ignasaelkner: edit buildout.cfg and switch from 2008.10.cfg to 2009.04.cfg02:09
ignasi'd say02:09
aelkneroh, i see it now, line 202:09
ignasmakes it easier to test against working schooltool revisions02:10
aelknerignas: how do you mean02:10
ignaswell - if you want to test cando migration from 2008.10 to 2009.04 - you can do it now, as there are separate buildout configurations for those02:11
aelknerdo you mean that it is not enough to just change lne 202:12
aelkneris there other changes i would need to make?02:12
aelkneractuall i mean line 302:12
ignasno, you only need to change that line02:12
ignasand that's it02:12
ignasand run buildout02:12
aelknerhow do mean 'test cando migration'?02:13
aelknerthat phrase made me nervous02:13
ignasdon't worry, that's just in case you need to do that02:14
aelknerdo what?02:15
ignastest cando against 2 different schooltool releases02:16
ignasin close succession02:16
aelknerah, i see02:17
aelknerignas: i'm using the newer eggs, and i now see my schooltool.gradebook changes02:26
aelknerthe activie-tab css doesn't seem to be working02:27
ignasmight help02:27
ignasfirefox might have cached the css02:27
aelknerhmm, it didn't02:27
aelknerhow new is activie-tab?02:28
ignasdon't know, who did it?02:29
aelkneryou use it in lyceum.journal02:30
th1aignas: Are custom headers supposed to be released in SchoolTool yet?02:31
ignasth1a: yeah, i think so02:31
th1aDo you know where one does that?02:31
ignasth1a: calendar PDF view?02:32
th1aHow does one customize one's header?02:32
ignasdon't know, ask yvl02:33
th1aI will.02:33
ignasaelkner: don't know why it's not there then02:35
aelknerignas: could it be that we need to update:02:37
aelknerschooltool = 2009.04.5dev-r247402:38
aelkneris that too old?02:38
ignasschooltool = 2009.04.9dev-r248702:38
ignasin here02:38
ignasrerun bin/buildout02:38
aelknerignas: are you saying you just changed the .cfg file?02:39
ignasnot just02:39
aelkneryeas, indeed :)02:39
ignasbut like 5 minutes ago02:39
aelknerthat's funny, a coincidence02:40
ignasyep, absolutely ;)02:41
ignasone chance in a million02:42
ignasth1a: ok, it seems that you can't customize the logo at the moment02:42
ignasth1a: the logo is a static resource in skin02:43
ignasth1a: thanks for catching the term titles and missing passwords02:46
ignasth1a: will be in trunk today and thus get included in the next release02:46
aelknerignas: i figured out what went wrong02:46
aelkneri was using lyceum's css which has active_tab02:46
aelknerthat only works if the installation has lyceum hournal02:47
aelknercando does not02:47
aelknerso i think i need to create the same css for schooltool.gradebook02:47
aelknerunless we moved it to schooltool itself02:47
aelknerprobably better to just put it in schooltool.gradebook02:48
aelknerotherwise we would need to coordinate the changes and that would cost time02:48
ignasin the short term - yes, in the long term - we want that in schooltool02:49
aelknerth1a: i sent you an email regarding gradebook column labels02:52
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th1aAh... the deadline for Gov 2.0 proposals has been moved back to June 1.17:25
Lumiereth1a: did you see that VA's secretary of technology is now going to be the Federal CTO17:27
*** moquist has joined #schooltool17:58
moquistth1a: hey17:59
moquistth1a: I'm installing schooltool-2008 right now from your PPA17:59
moquister, I was. Hash Sum mismatch on :(18:00
moquistupdated & tried again and it seems to be happy. *shrug*18:02
th1amoquist: Did you talk to Joe?18:03
th1aHe said he talked to Matt but I realized both the people I referred him to are named Matt.18:03
moquistYes, I talked with Joe. We share very similar Grand Visions, and I really hope we get to work together.18:07
moquistI'm installing ST so he'll have a demo server for his presentation on Thursday.18:07
th1aGood.  I think we all have the same grand vision.18:07
moquistFor now, I'm planning to follow the normal installation instructions (instead of the dev ones) and the ones to create lots of test data. Do you have any other advice about how he can have something impressive to show in his presentation?18:08
th1aWell... I'm not sure what is "impressive" at this point.18:09
Lumiereth1a: maybe but that's not SchoolTool itself... but for the CanDo module18:10
Lumiereargh it is hot18:10's been a long time since we last spoke (until last week). How far along is ST? I'll be looking for something to replace Virtual School Administrator in the next couple of years for VLACS ( We're a virtual school with 98% part time students and rolling admissions. We don't care at all about a schedule, but guardian info, enrollment processing, grade reporting, and transcripts are very important to ...18:11
moquist... there any chance ST can become my FOSS delivery from proprietary-land?18:11
moquistWe should be able to contribute some development effort along the lines of the functionality we need.18:12
th1aWe're releasing 1.0 on Thursday.18:13
th1aSo we've come a long way.18:13
moquistcongrats! I was not expecting to hear that. You have made my day. :)18:14
th1aBasically, we now have something that is a recognizably complete SIS.18:14
th1aIf not fully featured.18:14
moquistth1a: PM OK?18:14
moquistprivate conversation18:14
moquistit's considered polite to ask first in some circles. *shrug*18:15
moquistth1a: Moodle and Mahara have a communication protocol called 'mnet'. I'm totally new to it at this point, but it's just a web service.18:21
moquistI haven't checked with any Moodle devs yet, but what would you think about schooltool and moodle integrating via mnet?18:22
moquistIt's super-easy for the sysadmin to configure, and it's already handling the integration BTW Moodle and Mahara -- that's why I'm thinking along these lines.18:22
Lumierewe'd have to look at it :)18:22
moquistI'm doing a lot of hand-waving about how possible it actually is. ;)18:22
moquistLumiere: fair enough. at least it's not a tightly-closed door to begin with.18:23
moquistLumiere: I need to learn quite a bit more about it, too.18:23
Lumierewe have a partial ReST web services suite, but we stopped actively pushing hard on it to make sure we were feature and UI complete :)18:23
Lumiere*puts pressure on wrist to stop bleeding after cutting himself on a laptop cart18:23
moquistLumiere: right, first things first (in both cases - yikes!)18:24
LumiereI will be fine... I just needed pressure till it stopped bleeding18:25
moquistI've never [yet] run schooltool -- is it designed modularly so that VLACS, a virtual school that doesn't care about scheduling, can just turn all that off so nobody sees it and gets confused by it?18:28
moquistI almost wonder if there might be a whole set of features that are particular to virtual schools and vice-versa.18:28
moquistNo, I do wonder, flat-out. No 'almost' about it.18:29
moquistI've been dreaming about this for 18 months, but I've never thought through it in detail.18:29
th1aI don't know anything about virtual schools, really.18:30
moquisti.e., maybe you want a 'virtual school' mode and a 'brick-and-mortar' mode (with a better name) that make some modifications to how schooltool works.18:30
th1aWe actually have a lot of architecture to support different kinds of configurations and deployments.18:31
moquistATM, I actually only work with our SIS to the extent that it's integrated with Moodle, but I hear the conversations and have to use it once in a while, so I have some picture of what matters to us.18:31
th1aIt is hidden when you "apt-get schooltool," as that is meant to be easy and generic.18:31
th1aWe would definitely use whatever Moodle uses for interop.18:32
th1aIf we would get 1% of the Moodle market, we'd be set.18:32
moquist"easy and generic" might be sufficiently different for virtual and brick schools that there could be an easy configuration/installation choice to Do The Right Thing for wherever you are.18:33
th1aOr at least that would be enough to really get things rolling.18:33
th1aWe have this buildout architecture that will fetch the parts you need for a custom configuration -- that's what CanDo uses.18:33
th1aThere isn't a CanDo deb yet.18:33
* moquist nods18:33
th1aWe really just auto-build the debs from python egg packages.18:34
moquistYou know, if CanDo integrated with Moodle, that would be awesome. I wouldn't guess things are headed in that direction, though, since there's lots of outcomes/capabilities assessment stuff scheduled for 2.0:
th1aWouldn't guess?18:37
moquistIt doesn't seem like Moodle upstream is thinking that way.18:38
moquisti.e., I think they're re-implementing a lot of CanDo.18:38
th1aWhich way?  Pulling in that data from another app?18:38
moquistthat's all I meant.18:39
th1amnet is xmlrpc?18:40
* Lumiere notes that if moodle decided to use cando as a template for competency tracking... it would be a great honor18:41
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th1aI always find moodle web services documentation to be... inadequate.18:45
th1aAt least what can be found in Google.18:45
th1aAh.  Found the overview.18:47
th1aOK, so you can write wrappers to expose any Moodle function to mnet, but only a few work by default.18:55
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th1aIt should be really easy to implement xmlrpc in SchoolTool.18:57
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jelknerso, replaceafill and phufford, gobby is installed here22:33
jelknerreplaceafill: i leave phufford in your very capable hands ;-)22:33
replaceafilljelkner, zzzzzz22:34
jelknerif there is nothing else going on here22:35
jelknerwe get free archiving if we stay here22:35
jelknerand it is zope 3 education22:35
jelknervery relevant to ST22:35
Lumiereif you ever need archiving22:36
Lumierelet me know and I'll join your channel22:36
LumiereI log everything22:36
jelknerLumiere: thanks22:36
jelkneri always have teaching / learning in my mind22:36
Lumierejelkner: you missed one22:37
Lumiereyou always have teaching / learning / insanity in your mind ;)22:37
Lumierejelkner: you can't deny that some of your plans are just insane :)22:46
jelknerwhose denying?22:46
jelknernot me22:46
* Lumiere thinks about changing nick to Lumiere|GoCaps|DieTorts23:00
jelknerLumiere: we are trying to run a sobby session from grokbox23:01
jelknerare there any port restrictions that would block replaceafill from connecting?23:01
Lumierenot that I know of23:02
Lumierewhat user23:02
Lumiereand is it in a screen23:02
jelknerLumiere is our system god23:02
jelknerhe is the guy to ask23:02
Lumierejelkner: he knows23:02
LumiereI see nothing in the replaceafill home on there23:03
Lumierebtw sobby is not installed on grokbox23:04
replaceafillLumiere, hey man23:04
Lumieretry now23:05
Lumiereplease put a password on it if you can :)23:05
replaceafillLumiere, it works thanks23:06
replaceafillLumiere, oops i forgot the password :D23:06
Lumiereneed a reset?23:10
Lumierereplaceafill: need a pw reset on your devel box?23:11
replaceafillno, i forgot to put a password in the sobby session23:11
replaceafillbut i did now23:11
replaceafillit's the most difficult password in the history of passwords23:11
LumiereI sense a fruity smell coming from the closet23:12
* Lumiere is sitting next to the xen vm server23:12
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Lumierereplaceafill: everything working23:22
replaceafillyes, thanks23:22
Lumierejelkner: here?23:31
* Lumiere checks his room23:32

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