IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2009-04-27

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jelknergood morning dad!16:07
jelknerI just added links to modified screen shots on the gradebook bug I'm waiting for:
jelknerone showing how it looks now16:09
jelknerand another showing how I would like it to look16:09
jelknerI've been telling my students that it will be fixed within the next several weeks.16:09
jelknerI hope that is accurate.16:10
th1aIt should be.16:14
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th1aGood morning ignas, yvl, aelkner, jelkner, Lumiere, replaceafill.16:30
aelknergood morning16:30
yvlmorning th1a16:30
dwelshand welsh16:31
th1aSorry dwelsh!16:31
dwelshmorning all16:31
jelknergood morning all16:31
replaceafillgood morning everybody16:31
th1adwelsh: What's the status of the grant proposal?16:31
dwelshWe got it off, this past Thursday.16:31
dwelshIt's an NSF pre-proposal16:32
dwelshOne of the four main objectives was further development of SchoolTool16:32
th1aYou'll have to send me a copy.16:32
dwelshWe will know in a month if we are encouraged to submit full proposal Oct. 15th16:32
dwelshMoney would start flowing Jan. 201016:32
dwelshthe grant would run for three years16:33
dwelshThanks Tom Hoffman for meeting with me to kick the whole thing off -- a huge help16:33
dwelshI'll let everyone know once we hear back in May.16:33
th1aThank you dwelsh.16:34
th1aignas: OK, where are we now?16:34
dwelshCopy coming -- all 38 pages worth16:34
th1aThanks dwelsh.16:34
jelkneri've already read all 38 pages16:34
ignasth1a: well - the only critical piece that is missing is the section linking stuff16:34
dwelshHow are they?16:34
ignasother than that - it seems that everything is working fine16:34
th1aignas:  Ah, right.16:35
jelknerit occurs to me that the biggest win will be having NVCC directly involved with ST16:35
dwelshI always want to congratulate Ignas and Jason for helping VA Commonewealth16:35
dwelshI checked in with Lee Capps on Friday and everything was smooth resolving the addition of students to group "students" issue16:35
dwelshDouglas and Jason also got Arlington and the State through a smooth update16:35
th1aignas: We just need more UI around linking, right?16:36
dwelshAnd Douglas' fixes and minor features were top-notch.16:36
th1aAnd making it do more useful things?16:36
ignasth1a: yeah, the backend is kind of there, though yvl knows better than I do16:36
yvlth1a, I think we will release it tomorrow16:36
dwelshAnother similar issue we have is batch-enroll.16:36
th1aDoing what?16:37
dwelshI understand that "batch-enroll" of students functionality is "basically" there16:37
Lumieredwelsh: that will be solved by xls import16:37
dwelshI would like to be walked through this functionality16:37
dwelshIt will be quite important in the near future16:37
th1ayvl: What will we be able to do with linking?16:37
dwelshSo what is status of xls import?16:37
ignasdwelsh:  batch enrolling to sections and groups is in 2009.04 2008.10 and trunk already16:38
yvlth1a: copy sections from a previous term in a view similar to trem/sections.  The copied sections will be linked.16:39
ignas08.10 has CSV enrollment, 09.04 has both csv and xls enrollment, though CSV will probably be more convenient for the teacher16:39
ignasxls at the moment is more of an administrator thing16:39
th1ayvl:  Good.16:40
th1aignas: Anything else you're working on this week?16:40
ignasth1a: not really, mostly releasing, waiting for bug reports and polishing/extending xls importer16:41
ignasth1a: as soon as we get section linking visible in the UI we will want it to appear in the XLS export/import too for example16:41
ignasalso - adding contacts to XSL export/import would be very very nice16:42
th1aIf nothing else comes up polishing xls import is a good use of time.16:42
th1aEsp. since everyone runs into it quickly.16:42
th1aaelkner: How are you doing?16:43
aelknernothing much report, i mostly took off last week16:43
aelkneri did respond to a bug at SLA16:43
aelknerthey were getting program failures adding a goal when the user id had a "." in it16:44
aelknerso i fixed the code to be more flexible handling that case16:44
th1aWhat did you do?16:44
th1aWhat was happening?16:45
aelknerit was the code that interpreted the request16:45
aelknerthe checkboxes for the persons responsible had field names starting with 'person."16:45
aelknerand i was mistakenly using split(".")16:46
Lumierebbiab... I'm going into Lockdown16:46
aelknerwhich broke under the condition of the user id having a "." in it16:46
th1aI see.16:47
aelknerit was a dumb assumption in the first place16:47
aelkneranyway, i know what i need to do for jelkner's bug16:47
aelkneras we discussed last week, summary columns will be configurable16:47
aelkneri disagree with jelkner's assersion that the total column is not useful (SLA wanted it)16:48
aelknerbut your solution to make it removable makes everyone happy16:48
aelkneralso, after reading jelkner's latest change to the description16:49
aelknerit occurs to me that we can add a label attribute for each summary comment16:49
aelknerin addition to being able to turn a column on or off16:49
aelknerand choosing a score system for it16:49
aelknerwe can also allow the user to specify an alternative label for a column16:50
th1asummary comment?16:50
aelknersummary column is what i meant to say16:50
th1aThat doesn't seem particularly necessary, but easy, so... I have no opinion.16:51
aelknerso jelkner can configure his schooltool instance to display 'Current Grade' for the average column16:51
aelknerjelkner: do you think this would be a helpful feature?16:51
aelkneruh, he doesn't seem to be responding16:52
aelkneri met someone at a party this weekend who sets up charter schools16:52
jelkneraelkner: totally!16:53
jelkner(i was grading ;-)16:53
aelknerhe sets up charter schools and was interested in schooltool16:53
Lumiereok, I am backish.  my Unscheduled lockdown drill just ended16:53
aelknerfunny thing is, his organization is based in your home town16:54
aelkneri.e., Providence16:54
aelkneri don't remember the name of it16:54
th1aBIg Picture?16:54
aelknerhmm, i think that's the name16:55
th1aWell, there are lots of people we can talk to now that we have a more or less working application.16:55
aelknerit started with an A16:55
aelkneryeah, well i'll keep in touch with him and point him to the mailing list16:56
dwelshJeff, you should know that an item on the agenda of the next Arlington Public Schools technical committee in May is the status of OUR gradebook16:56
dwelshit would be interesting to see what their concerns are16:56
th1aSend me his contact info, aelkner, just so I can try to figure out who it is.16:56
aelkneri'll forward you his email16:57
Lumieredwelsh: I think I know who the next APS gradebook will be...16:57
th1areplaceafill: What have you been up to?16:58
Lumieredwelsh: raj has expressed interest in integrating eS+'s gradebook plugin16:58
Lumiereand making a parent portal in eS+16:58
replaceafillwell i added the section member import functionality16:58
replaceafillalso put the "Export XLS" in the gradebook's index view16:59
replaceafilland now i'm looking at fixing two other csv import bugs16:59
replaceafillignas, i studied the validation in the basicperson addform for the username17:00
replaceafillit uses the NameChooser.checkName method17:01
ignasahh, yeah, can recall something like that17:01
replaceafillso it doesn't allow a username to start with "+" or "@"17:01
replaceafilland doesnt allow "/" in the username17:01
aelknersounds reasonable17:01
replaceafilli guess that's enough for sanitizing, right?17:02
th1aShouldn't that be done closer to the model anyhow?17:02
ignasth1a: well - NameChooser usage is left to be done in views in Zope3, not sure why ;)17:02
Lumiereshouldn't username be char+number+_+- and nothing else17:03
ignasLumiere: well - as aelkner just mentioned - some schools have dots in usernames17:03
Lumiereignas: ok dots are odd17:04
replaceafilland the other bug is related to the csv importers failing on blank lines17:04
ignasyeah, BaseCSVImporter should strip the input17:04
replaceafillignas, yes17:04
replaceafilli'll be working on those and that's all from me17:05
th1aThanks replaceafill!17:06
th1aOK, so the only significant change we have coming this week is section linking.17:06
aelknerth1a: so has 1.0 been officially released yet?17:07
th1aNo... we moved it back a week.17:07
th1aJulia's early arrival screwed up my schedule.17:08
aelknerok, cause Isaac (guy at party) wanted to know17:08
aelknerand i couldn't tell him17:08
* th1a finds aelkner's detachment from the rest of the project to be amusing.17:08
aelkneryou have his contact info now17:08
aelknerth1a: glad you're amused :)17:08
th1aThat's why you're not on the sales staff ususally.17:09
aelknertrue, true17:09
th1aI need to get jinty's attention so we can do the website update.17:10
aelknergood idea because Isaac was checking out the site on his IPhone17:10
ignasyeah, i'd suggest you talk to menesis, bug he is in Turkey at the moment17:10
th1aWhen's he getting back?17:11
ignas3d of May17:11
th1aWell, I don't need anything complicated, so I should be able to get jinty to do it if he isn't in Turkey too.17:12
th1aJust need to un-complicate the website.17:12
ignasyeah, other person who could help is mgedmin, but he is in Sweden ;)17:12
mgedminyou say that as if the website were in Lithuania17:13
th1aThat's what I was thinking.17:13
th1aNo ssh from Turkey or Sweden.17:13
mgedmininternational shipping rates for IP packets are very high, you know?17:13
ignasmgedmin: i am saying that, because you are kind of busy in there ;)17:14
mgedminplus, there's import duties17:14
ignasmgedmin: we sold you, you know ;)17:14
th1aSo basically, I just need to buckle down and write my bits now.  Things have settled down and my parents are here to help around the house, so I should be ok.17:15
th1aI guess this is Ignas's last Monday meeting as "official lead developer."17:16
ignasyeah, will miss the next meeting17:16
ignaswill be in ...17:16
th1aFor a vacation?17:16
mgedminwhat's in Turkey what everyone's going there?17:17
th1aWell, I think it goes without saying that without ignas's dedication and hard work over the past 2? 3? years, SchoolTool would probably never have seen 1.0.17:18
yvlmgedmin, "fleeing there" ;)17:18
th1aThank you for everything Ignas,17:19
th1aand stay in touch.17:19
ignaswill do17:20
ignasSchoolTool is my Open Source hobby project now ;)17:20
th1aCan you tell us about your new job?17:20
ignasdoing an integrated Wiki/Forums/Mailing Lists/File storage system for students and teachers to share study information17:22
ignassomething in between wikipedia and google groups17:22
th1aThis is for a startup?17:22
th1aPython? Zope?17:22
ignasPython, and probably Pylons, maybe Pylons + grokcore and ver maybe Grok17:23
ignasnot much need for heavy framework stuff to go full Zope317:24
th1aI'm not sure anybody really needs that.17:24
ignaswell - as soon as you want to have 3-4 different configurations running, Zope3 starts giving benefits17:25
ignasSchoolBell/SchoolTool/CanDo for example17:25
ignasbut if you have 1 server 1 application 1 configuration17:26
ignasyou don't need much pluggabillity IMHO17:26
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ignasalso - I have managed to integrate grokcore and pylons pretty easily ;)17:27
ignasso if I will need pluggability - it's there ;)17:27
th1aOK, well, 1.0 on Thursday.  Good luck this week everyone, and thank you all for your hard work on this release.17:28
ignasIndeed, thank you all. It would not be as good without you!17:29
replaceafillignas, good luck man17:29
replaceafillignas, and thanks for all the teaching :)17:29
aelknerignas: you will be missed17:29
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jelknerth1a: u here?18:04
jelkneraelkner: u here?18:05
th1ajelkner: I am here.18:05
jelkneri just talked to dwelsh18:06
jelknerwe will try to setup our annual trip to richmond for monday may 1118:06
jelknerwe would want you and aelkner to come with us18:06
jelknerthe state capitol of virginia18:07
jelknerwhere the department of ed is located18:07
jelknerwe will be discussing deploying schooltool in 140 districts throughout the state next year18:08
th1aYou do this annually?18:08
jelknerwe have for the last 4 years18:08
th1aTo discuss CanDo?18:08
Lumierejelkner: were you planning for me to come to that?18:09
jelkneri have class back later18:09
Lumierejelkner: I need you and dwelsh to send that in email so I can start setting my schedule with my principal18:10
Lumiereth1a: I am unlikely to be here for next weeks schedule18:10
Lumiereerr s/schedule/scheduled meeting18:11
LumiereI have to support a teacher preparing for online Standardized Testing18:11
jelknerthen you can't go18:11
Lumierejelkner: no... may 4 != may 1118:12
Lumierejelkner: the cando meeting is 2 weeks from today if you mean may 1118:13
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jelkner_hi all20:57
jelkner_there is a strange bug in my gradebook20:57
Lumierejelkner: I am talking to matt about it20:58
Lumierehe's going to screenshot and get it into launchpad20:58
Lumierethen I'll send a note to th1a and aelkner about it20:58
jelkner_but on my side (teacher)20:58
jelkner_i don't see it20:58
Lumiereit is likely a view issue20:58
Lumiererather then a data problem20:59
jelkner_i hope so20:59
Lumiereactually... it has to be20:59
jelkner_that makes sense20:59
Lumierethe only place the average would ever exist20:59
Lumiereis in UI20:59
jelkner_but it is weird20:59
jelkner_students are seeing 14/4 for their grade21:01
jelkner_they have 10 more than they should have21:01
jelkner_because students with 0 are seeing 10/421:01
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Lumierejelkner_: so a student with 0/4 is seeing 14/421:03
Lumiereor is it a student with 4/14?21:03
Lumierethat sees 14/421:03
jelkner_Lumiere: 0/4 sees 10/421:13
jelkner_4/4 sees 14/421:13
jelkner_they see 10 more in the numerator than they have21:13
Lumierethat is quite odd21:15
Lumierejelkner_: what is the name of the view it happens on?21:18
jelkner_we need a student for that21:20
jelkner_a better question for matt21:20
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Lumiereask him to look at it?21:21
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th1ayvl: ayt?22:54
th1aone would assume not22:54
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th1ajelkner: Did you get that email I forwarded to you?23:07
jelknerlet me look23:08
jelknerth1a: did you see my message to you?23:25
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