IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2009-04-23

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th1aignas: Looking for a new alliance?15:48
ignasth1a: back in KW15:48
ignaswith my old corpies15:48
th1aNow would be a good time to join U'K.15:49
ignasParadox is not a corp anymore, but we hang around together when we can ;)15:49
th1aWhat's the status of the release?15:51
ignaswell - what's out there seems to be working, but I have 2 patches from Douglas15:51
ignasan import bug to fix myself15:52
ignasa bugfix by yvl committed but not released yet15:52
ignasso i am releasing once a day for the last few days15:52
ignasgoing to release once more today15:53
ignasmenesis is in Turkey now I think15:54
ignasahh, yeah, in other news - I am sick ;)15:58
ignassame thing yvl had15:58
Lumierejaunty is out16:04
ignasLumiere: cool, upgrading now16:17
* Lumiere joins the torrent16:19
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th1aaiste: Add some vitamins to the water supply at POV!16:22
LumiereAiste: mostly vitamin C16:23
Aisteth1a: we do not have one :)16:23
AisteI think what is needed is more exercise :P16:23
* Aiste is trying to remember where she left her whip16:24
LumiereAiste: japanese style group exercise?16:24
th1aYou should hear their morning chants!16:24
th1aThey're very laconic chants.16:25
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jelknerhey man17:45
jelknerdid you see my blog post and email to adam?17:45
replaceafillyour mail yes, your blog not yet17:46
jelknermr cerna?17:46
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th1ajelkner has a blog?20:07
LumiereI didn't know either20:21
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