IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2009-04-24

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ignasaelkner: did you look at the weighted average bug?16:34
ignasaelkner: I mean - is it still a bug?16:34
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replaceafillignas, ping21:53
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ignasreplaceafill: pong23:07
replaceafillhey ignas23:08
replaceafilli was reviewing some bugs to help23:08
replaceafilland found two related to csv importing23:08
replaceafillthat maybe i could fix23:08
replaceafillis sanitizing like the namechooser does enough?23:09
ignasnot really23:09
ignasyou don't want to pick an invalid name if username was provided23:09
ignasbut should rather show an error23:09
ignaswe should be careful about the data users are providing us23:09
ignaslike in add person form23:10
ignasyou get an error if your provided username is invalid23:10
th1aYes, better to raise an error and explain clearly what the problem is.23:10
ignasand you have to try until you get it right23:10
ignashi Tom23:10
ignasth1a: can you bug aelkner when you get a chance about the weighted averages bug, I want to have as little high/critical bugs in our release as possible ;)23:11
replaceafillignas, i will review the add person form then and check its validation23:13
th1aignas: Yes.23:14
aelknerignas: i'll look at it now23:16
ignasaelkner: thanks23:16
Lumiereif you can make the error say what line the errors on a csv was on... it is very useful.  It is really annoying if an error says:23:17
Lumiere"KeyError: username invalid"23:17
Lumieremore useful would be "KeyError: username invalid on line 4"23:18
ignasusername itself, why it's invalid and the line it's on23:18
Lumierewell, I am not always sure showing the username is good23:18
Lumiereit could be a security risk23:18
Lumiere(if that's why it was rejected)23:18
ignasif you can import persons23:18
ignasbelieve me you can see their list23:19
th1aIf that's a security risk we're probably screwed.23:19
ignasso we should show the username they have entered23:19
ignasif '@@index.html' is invalid, the error message should include it23:19
ignasmakes it a lot easier23:19
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replaceafillignas, this is the other one i thought i could fix
ignasyeah, though - you should look at all the CSV import forms23:25
ignasit might be a common bug23:25
ignasthis time branch from trunk ;)23:26
ignaswill do23:27
aelknerignas: i verified that the bug was invalid and changed the status in launchpad23:27
replaceafillignas, thanks man23:27
ignasaelkner: cool23:27
ignasth1a: i need your help with empty_data.xls23:30
ignasth1a: i have separated sections into separate sheets by term and year23:30
ignasand now I am not sure how it should be documented propery23:30
ignaswe want additional headers "school year" and "term" for section sheets23:30
ignasand section sheets must be named "Section...."23:30
ignasanything can go in the name, but the beginning must be "Section"23:31
th1aDoes what's in the name have any effect on the resulting section?23:31
ignasin sample data i am putting year and term in there, but just so I could tell them apart23:32
ignasthe actual term and year are in the sheet itself23:32
ignas(spaces and dashes are invalid as sheet names, so I can't put ids in the sheet name)23:33
th1aI think it is wise to keep them meaningless anyhow.23:33
ignasyeah, can't "search and replace" in them23:33
ignaswhich I did a lot when switching sample data to different school years23:34
th1aMaking sure I have the latest packages running...23:35
* th1a spent the morning in the hospital waiting room (everything is fine).23:35
ignasI am making xls imports "reimportable" now, so I could test for some other bugs23:37
ignasI chose the "import is appending data only" at the moment23:37
ignasso if you have different set of members for a group - they will be "added" to the group23:38
ignasthough missing members will not be removed23:38
th1aThat is the correct behavior, I think.23:38
Lumierefor sections, people can just 'Duplicate Sheet'23:39
Lumiereignas: maybe have a "remove" tag for groups23:40
Lumiereso |username|remove| would pull it?23:40
Lumiereor ensure it isn't in?23:40
ignasLumiere: don't know really, i'd rather have a checkbox for a different import mode23:40
Lumiereignas: I guess that means you're also looking at the integer/string/float issues?23:40
ignasin the future23:41
Lumiereignas: that might work too23:41
ignasLumiere: nothing to look at, you can mark the column as text23:41
ignasjust have to know how ;)23:41
ignasapparently - our users know how to do that :D23:41
Lumiereignas: can we do something for people who won't understand that23:41
Lumiereignas: like ME :P23:41
ignasLumiere: I can guide you click by click and you can add that to our documentation ;)23:42
ignasI'd make a screencast if I had the tools23:42
ignasand knew how to do it23:42
Lumiereignas: got a windows box?23:42
Lumiereif so search google for jing23:42
ignashmm, I hava a Gaming box, but it can run windows too ;)23:43
Lumierebut, really this is something we should handle... and it would be a dealbreaker if it happened to me without support23:43
ignasconverting float to string especially when it is in an ID is dangerous23:44
Lumiereignas: except converting an int to a float is even more dangerous23:47
Lumieregiven that it *adds data*23:48
ignaswell - that is being performed by open office23:48
Lumiere(I guess I am just totally bewildered that spreadsheets don't understand freaking int)23:48
ignasyou have to force them to treat your data as strings23:48
ignaswhich as I said is "Select columns, Data -> Text to Columns, Select column, Set Column type to Text"23:50
ignaswas quite amazed to see that already done on an xls file that was attached to a bug report...23:50
* th1a has to go get dinner... I'll have a look at the spreadsheets later.23:54
ignasth1a: thanks23:56
ignasi'll go sleep23:56

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