IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2009-04-22

th1aAh... jelkner... sorry I didn't make it at 4:00.00:07
th1aaelkner: ayt?00:09
aelknerth1a: yes00:09
th1aOK, so there are two things:00:10
th1a1) We need to be able to map a range of percentages to a score.00:10
th1aNow... CanDo just has a score system hard-coded for their scale, right?00:11
aelknerthey don't have persentages, just numbers00:11
th1aNumbers can become percentages.00:11
th1aIt is math.00:12
aelkneryeah, we can store percentages and display numbers, right?00:12
th1aSince we don't let users create score systems through the web, this part is easy.00:13
th1aFor starters.00:13
th1aIn the not too distant future we're going to have to make this configurable through the web, but jelkner doesn't care about that.00:13
th1aSo you need to add an additional "range" attribute to scores.00:14
aelknerwe can start by hard-coding a score system, like we already have00:14
th1aThe second thing, which we discussed is that the teacher has to be able to configure what "special" columns show up on the worksheet.00:14
th1aSo jelkner has to be able to say "I want an "average" column, that uses the "Virginia" score system.00:15
th1amake sense?00:16
aelkneri'm not sure how you mean that00:18
jelkneri just filed the bug00:18
aelknerlooking at the bug now00:18
th1aThe average column doesn't show percent average, it converts it to a score based on the defined range.00:19
jelknerrfm, yes?00:19
th1aIt doesn't do that now.00:19
jelknerthen we have another bug ;-)00:20
jelknercause it should00:20
th1aJeff, is there something wrong with what I described above?00:20
jelknernot at all00:20
th1aThose two things should solve the problem.00:20
jelknerin fact, it feels just right to me00:20
jelknervery xp of you, mr hoffman ;-)00:21
th1aOK, so aelkner you can start working on the range thing.00:21
jelknerand when it is ready, he can update my server00:22
jelknerand i'll take it for a spin00:22
th1aWe need to discuss exactly where the preferences should go (per-worksheet, per user, etc), but now I have to go cook dinner.00:22
jelknerindeed, but per worksheet would work for me now00:22
jelknersee you later00:23
aelknerok, later00:23
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Lumiereth1a: the score system is integer only, but it is all web setup (no testing with non-standard systems)02:01
Lumiereit is one of the steps for setting up cando02:17
Lumiereyou have to enter a score system02:17
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ignasth1a: hi17:25
Lumierehi ignas17:25
ignasLumiere: hi ;)17:25
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th1aignas: Sorry, I have to run for an hour or so.17:42
th1a(was in the shower)17:42
ignassee you ;)17:42
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th1areplaceafill: Hey!22:57
th1aHow's your PHP?22:58
replaceafillth1a, old :(22:58
replaceafilli havent touch php since i found python22:58
th1aEver looked at Moodle?22:58
replaceafilljust using it, not the code22:58
Lumieremy php is okish22:58
th1aI just talked to a school with some money to potentially do some SchoolTool/Moodle work.22:59
replaceafilli can refresh my knowledge :D22:59
Lumiereth1a: what is their interest?22:59
th1aWell, integration.23:00
th1aGet yer Moodle grades into SchoolTool...23:00
th1aWe just had a short chat.23:01
Lumiereth1a: so ReST again?23:01
LumiereI assume we're *not* going a SIF route again ;)23:01
th1aNot SIF, I don't think.23:02
Lumierethank goodness23:03
LumiereSIF is so far overkill23:03
th1aIt wouldn't be overkill if they used any of the same infrastructure as anything else.23:03
Lumiereuh, I think the protocol is overkill23:04
th1aIt is overkill to write it all from scratch.23:05
th1aIt wouldn't be overkill if it used, say, Jabber PubSub.23:05
Lumiereth1a: true23:12
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