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ThomasKarlRichteHave a presentation tomorrow about "zope and schooltool" in Odysseum: infos about also at
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Lumierehi jelkner16:34
jelknerLumiere: good morning16:39
jelknerno meeting today16:39
jelkneractually, th1a said we would talk on line at 4 pm16:39
jelkneri need to run now16:39
jelkneri have a meeting in 5 minutes here at school16:40
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ignasLumiere: hehe, marked a bunch of bugs as fix released :)16:49
Lumiereignas: how many bugs?17:22
ignasLumiere: around 2017:22
LumiereI am not in schooltool-owners so I don't usually see open/close on st bugs17:22
ignasmaybe more17:22
Lumiereignas: how frozen are we?17:23
Lumiereignas: or is this more like super-cooled water then ice17:23
ignasas always ;) not really frozen :)17:24
ignaswith release cycle of 60 minutes or so17:24
Lumierewell, frozen doesn't mean no work is done17:25
Lumiereit is supposed to mean that we're not taking in new features17:25
Lumiereuntil after freeze17:25
ignaswell - yvl is working on 2 features17:26
Lumierein october... a soft feature freeze should be like 01-10 and a hard freeze should be 15-1017:26
ignas39 bugs marked as fix released17:27
Lumiereand how many left to fix?17:27
ignaswell - 135 open bugs17:28
Lumierewhen was the last time those were checked17:29
Lumiere(and what is your workflow... New -> Confirmed -> Triaged = ? (-> In Progress) -> Committed -> Released17:31
ignasTriaged is mostly used for old bugs to mark them as "still confirmed"17:31
ignasI skip in Progress a lot17:31
ignasand sometimes it goes New -> Released if it's important17:31
ignasthere are 2 critical bugs at the moment17:32
ignaslinking multi-term sections , worked on by yvl17:32
Lumierewell, I ()'d In Progress for a reason17:32
ignas gradebook not calculating correct average with weighted catagories - worked on by aelkner17:32
Lumierethose aren't features :)17:33
ignasmulti term section linking is not really a bug17:33
ignasyvl is also working on report headers/footers and RML17:33
ignasDouglas is doing "batch enrollment of students into a section "17:34
ignasthe one that is deployed for 2008.1017:34
ignasbut not trunk nor 2009.0417:34
ignasand I am working on sample data (changing the year, updating the docs)17:37
LumiereI need to update docs17:46
ignasI have changed the section import sheet format recently17:52
ignasand the empty/documented sheet is not up to date17:53
ignasthough - I don't know how to document what I did properly17:53
Lumiereignas: I think needs to be popped up to a higher priority17:57
Lumiere(and it should be fairly easy to fix)17:57
Lumiereany error handler that captures what would be a 404 should throw a 401 if there is no Authenticated User17:58
ignasit's not easy to fix really17:58
ignasit is a compound problem... you can't see the index view on a manager17:59
ignasbut we want you able to see titles on person objects in your views17:59
ignaselse - we have to start separating public and private data all over our data structures17:59
ignasand have "person title" or "resource title" as separate objects18:00
ignaswith different security18:00
ignasthan person object itself18:00
ignasas for error capturing - it's Zope3 internals18:00
ignasso - you have the permission to traverse into a person probably...18:00
ignashmm, ok, we could probably do something in our own traversers18:07
ignasthat might break some stuff ;)18:07
ignasanother problem is18:07
ignasif you can't access persons/manager18:07
ignasit does not mean you can't access persons/manager/calendar18:07
Lumiereignas: ok... that is more complicated then it appears18:10
ignaswe need a 100% reliable way to tell whether you can't access it, or else - all our 401s will look like 40418:10
ignasor was it the other way18:10
ignasahh, it was the other way18:10
Lumiereignas: other way18:10
ignasif I being a teacher click on a link that leads to nowhere18:11
ignas(we had booking.html that was an actual not found)18:11
ignashow do you tell whether he can't access the page that does not exist ;)18:11
Lumieresomeone who is unauthenticated should never know if a page doesn't exist18:12
Lumierethey should just know they can't access what they're trying to look at18:12
ignasstill quite tricky especially with some resources being public...18:13
ignasdoable, but it's not easy18:13
ignasok, maybe a hack would work out... like removing the permission to see the 404 page18:16
ignasbut still - the result might be different18:16
ignasthan a real 401 page18:16
ignaslike - either a redirect, or time it takes to get it18:17
ignaswill look at it18:17
ignasmight be better than what we have now18:17
LumiereI just know what mgedmin is getting at with it... and I agree with him that it is a bit more of a security risk then medium18:18
Lumiereit allows brute force attacks by letting people look for usernames18:18
mgedminI'm getting at something?18:18
Lumieremgedmin: your traversal security bug on schooltool18:18
mgedminI have a traversal security bug on schooltool?18:19
mgedminmust be ancient18:19
Lumiere79778 and it is18:19
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aelknerhello jelkner22:58
jelknerhey man23:01
jelknerhow are things?23:02
aelknervery well, thanks23:02
jelknerso, th1a sent out the email calling us both here23:02
jelkneryou must have had some communication with him of which i'm not aware23:03
aelknerso i saw23:03
aelknerno, i didn't23:03
aelknerth1a: ayt?23:03
jelkneri know what i've been talking to him about23:03
jelknerso perhaps calling us together like this is tom's way of telling you it is ok to talk to me about the grade display change i need ;-)23:04
jelkneri'm also totally prepared to write up a blueprint or file a bug, whichever you two decide on this one23:05
aelkneryou should always feel free to write up a blueprint or bug23:06
aelknerthen tom and i can discuss what he wants me to do23:06
jelknerwell, i was hoping to chat about it first, and get some guidance as to which of those two you thought it should be23:07
jelknerbtw.  i should take this opportunity to report that the gradebook is a pleasure to use23:07
jelknerthe worksheets, the activities dialogs, all of it23:07
aelknerhow new is the version you're using23:08
jelkneram i running the new version?23:08
jelkneryou installed it23:08
aelkneri dunno, i don't control the merges/releases23:08
aelkneri installed it?23:08
jelknerbut you control my updates23:08
jelkneras far as i know, i haven't touched it since you updated it23:09
aelkneri haven't updated your box for weeks23:09
jelknerthan my version is that old23:09
aelknerthere are many improvements since then23:09
jelknerwould any of them effect me23:09
jelkneri basically love the way it works now23:09
jelknerexcept for the grade display issue23:10
jelknerwhich th1a says will be simple to fix23:10
jelknerbut very important for the students23:10
aelknerwhich issue is that?23:10
aelknerdo you have a bug reported for that?23:10
jelknerwell, this quarter i will grade using a 0 to 4 scale23:10
jelkneri want 4 to be A, 3 to be B, etc...23:11
jelknerwrite now the gradebook displays percent in the column left of the name23:11
jelknerthat means a student with a 3 sees a 75% instead of a B23:11
jelknerso he has the wrong grade23:12
jelknerand feels discouraged23:12
jelknerso, is this a bug or a blueprint?23:13
aelknerbetween you and me (and anyone reading the log :)23:13
aelknerit's easier to track bugs23:13
jelkner(opps, i mean column to the right of the name ;-)23:13
aelkneri understood that23:14
aelknerif you just file a bug, tom can comment on it and assign it to me23:14
jelknerbut it is easier to dialog about a complicated feature using a blueprint23:14
jelkneri'm happy to write it as a but23:14
aelkneryou can dialog on bugs23:14
jelknerif that works for you23:14
jelknerlet me do that now then23:14
* jelkner goes to launchpad to file a bug...23:15
Lumierejelkner: I thought he was going to call you at 423:34
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Lumierejelkner: btw... there is no comment system on blueprints from what I can tell23:35
Lumierewhich I hope they fix at some point23:36
Lumierereplaceafill: pong23:36
replaceafillLumiere, thanks i found the 2008.10 branch :)23:37

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