IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2009-04-09

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th1aignas was flying his spaceship late last night...15:35
ignaswas afk just left the client up15:35
th1aDid you log when you went to bed or when you woke up?15:40
LumiereI bet neither15:41
LumiereI bet he logged when he left for the office15:41
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ignasLumiere: I do not play games in the office17:43
ignasth1a: when it disconnected because of a network hiccup17:44
th1aignas: Ah.17:44
th1aLumiere said "left for the office" not "left the office."17:45
ignasmy mistake17:46
th1aIt is lonely at POV at that time of the morning though.17:46
ignasmy come to office/leave office times are pretty accurately stored in IRC logds17:46
ignaswith exceptions for when I work at home, check email in the morning17:47
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ThomasKarlRichtebig thanks to Tom and Ignas for help17:57
ThomasKarlRichtenow my schooltoll developer sandbox is running.17:57
ignasnice, sorry that it was broken17:59
ThomasKarlRichtedid you fix it?18:03
ThomasKarlRichteso is it now really a sandbox without any inference with the python i have installed before?18:05
ThomasKarlRichtethats fine and this is exactly what i whant. great!18:06
ThomasKarlRichteI am just a beginner in schooltool and my learning path is after playing a little bit around with the app to learn and understand how to extend schooltool. I work the Commendation tutorial18:09
ignasit's old and outdated18:10
ignasbut still might be useful18:10
ignashaven't looked at it for a while18:11
ignasat the moment "Contacts" module is probably the smallest and most manageable18:11
ignasI think18:11
ThomasKarlRichtethanks for the hint. The Commendations tutorial are very well written and I like this kind of explanation,18:13
th1aIt was written by a German named Richter, so that might help make it make sense to you.18:13
ThomasKarlRichteBTW do you know other germans with knowledge about schooltool?18:17
ThomasKarlRichteI am interested zo localize schooltool to german language and work sharing would be good idea18:18
ignasyes we know18:18
ignasth1a: could you resend ThomasKarlRichte their email addresses, please?18:19
* ignas is feeling very sorry for not reviewing their new code, but i am very very busy with the release18:19
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ignasLumiere: ayt?18:48
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Lumiereignas: yes19:05
ignascan't reproduce the courseless section thing it seems19:05
ignasi mean - i can see the checks in code19:06
ignasthat do not allow it in XLS view19:06
ignasXLS import19:06
ignasthat is19:06
ignasdid you manage to find out how they created one?19:06
Lumierecheck the cando importer?19:07
Lumiereand nope19:07
ignascando has a section importer?19:08
replaceafillignas, could it be possible to test that case modifying the section's courses attribute?19:11
replaceafilllike reseting the relationship or something19:11
ignashmm, we could enforce such a thing on the data layer19:11
replaceafillLumiere, i'm looking for the section importer in cando, but i only can see competencies importing19:16
replaceafilland a student importer19:18
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Lumiereyea... that's right20:41
Lumiereok... now I am really confused... how'd they screw this up20:42
ignasth1a: empty XLS data and updated sample data are in trunk now20:46
ignasth1a: also - i have added an explanation text + links to both files20:47
ignasin Excel import view20:47
ignasit would be nice if you could look at the text and make it more sane20:47
ignasbefore I extract the strings for i18n20:47
ignasgot to go home now20:48
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