IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2009-04-10

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Lumierehi th1a19:57
Lumiereth1a: I sent dwelsh a note earlier about CanDo's use of the 'student' group19:58
LumiereI think SchoolTool needs to have a policy on what groups should/shouldn't do for a user19:58
* Lumiere doesn't like that CanDo ties functionality to groups19:59
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th1aLumiere: Ayt?20:37
th1aHere's my thinking:20:37
th1aSchoolTool has two parallel systems for keeping track of permissions.20:38
th1aFor school-wide issues, you've got groups.20:38
th1aFor in-section issues, you've got relationships within the section.20:38
th1aSo in a sense, what we've got here is a clash between the two levels.20:39
Lumierebut I think the problem is that we're not using the right systems at the right times20:40
th1aIn which cases?20:40
Lumiere(in particular, CanDo always uses groups when they should be using relationships)20:40
th1aOh, that's your problem.20:41
LumiereCanDo basicly *never* uses a relationship20:41
th1aI see.20:41
LumiereI think the only time it does is that it uses course leaders for course assignments20:41
Lumiereth1a: it comes from when newskin was made20:41
Lumiereyou had to be in the student or teacher group to see an interface20:41
th1aAdmittedly, it might have been saner to make people either a student OR a teacher and go from there.20:42
th1aBut you still need to keep track of permissions via section, because teachers can only see THEIR students.20:43
th1aIt doesn't seem like it should be too hard to make your permissions more relationship based.20:44
LumiereI just have to convince welsh20:45
Lumiereand aelkner20:45
th1aEven if you were using roles to choose which views you show, you could update the underlying permissions.20:47
th1aHere's the thing: IT IS THE LAW.20:47
th1aTeachers can't view all students.  Period.20:47
LumiereI know...20:47
th1aSo we win the argument in the long run.20:47
Lumiereth1a: I am just saying, we should write these sorts of things out in the book under developers at some point20:49
th1aYes, you're right.20:49
Lumiereas our policy and reasoning behind them20:49
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