IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2009-04-08

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Lumierehi th1a15:52
th1ahi Lumiere.15:52
th1adwelsh nagging you?15:54
Lumiereno... he posted a nag to the password thing15:55
Lumiereyou Won't Fix'd15:55
th1aI replied.15:55
Lumiereso did I15:56
th1aI think we just need a "power user" role.15:56
LumiereI posted it on LP15:56
Lumierethat could work15:56
Lumierebut I am still weary of any role that lets teachers have rights over other users15:56
th1aThere is no perfect solution.15:57
Lumierewell... Email reset is the closest15:57
th1aCan you count on kids having email?15:57
th1aMaybe at your school.15:57
Lumiereth1a: it is an option15:57
Lumierebut at a school where students have no computers15:58
Lumierewill they be logging into schooltool?15:58
th1aYeah.  I'm not necessarily against it, it is just not a complete solution.  You have to know the kids email addresses, etc.15:58
th1aLumiere: True.15:58
Lumierethe email solution requires letting students set their email15:59
th1aThat would have to be separate from their official (parent) contact email.16:01
th1aI don't have a huge problem with it, but it would take a little time.16:02
Lumiereand it isn't a priority16:03
th1aNot a big one.16:03
* Lumiere bangs his head into the desk16:31
Lumierewelsh wants a SIS that will likely violate VA law16:31
th1aThat is the problem.16:49
th1aLumiere: You mean because of the email thing?16:49
th1aOr in general?  ;-)16:49
Lumierein general his 'user needs'16:50
Lumiereare going to be incompatible with what the law says16:50
Lumiereon a quick read as IANAL16:51
th1aI obviously don't know the laws of each state, but you get a spidey sense of where you don't want to go.16:51
Lumierehaving a sysadmin... is against the law16:51
Lumierealthough hopefully it would be covered by 22.1-287.616:52
Lumiere6. The Superintendent of Public Instruction, a member of his staff, the division superintendent of schools where the pupil attends, has attended, or intends to enroll or a member of his staff;16:52
th1aThe principal can designate someone.16:53
th1aI'm not sure if that's where Sys Admins come in.16:53
Lumiere6 says division super can designate16:53
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th1aSee #3.16:54
th1aAnyhow, this is why SchoolTool checks the relationship between teacher and student, not just the role.16:56
th1aAnyhow, I'm not sure where the password question comes in here.16:58
Lumierealthough I do agree to a power users group16:59
Lumiereit would be covered by 316:59
Lumierethe principal could allow some users that permission16:59
th1aWe could also limit what they can do though.17:00
th1aChange passwords, change section enrollment.17:00
th1aAdmittedly, this can be abused, but it seems to comply with the spirit of the law.17:01
Lumierebut generally giving it17:02
Lumieredoes not17:02
th1agiving what?17:03
Lumierepower user type stuff17:04
Lumiereto all users17:04
Lumiereover all students17:04
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ignasth1a: extracted trunk templates, removed old tempaltes and uploaded everything to development series17:52
ignasis the place where translation should be done17:52
th1aSo now we need to switch that.17:55
ignasswitch what?17:56
th1aThe recommended series on Launchpad.17:57
th1aOr did you remove the others on LP?17:57
ignasno, I didn't17:57
ignasso yes, if our recommended series is not pointing there17:58
ignasit should17:58
th1aI just forwarded an email to you, ignas.17:59
ignasth1a: hmm, bzr up in stapp2008spring directory18:02
ignasand make run18:02
ignasor bin/buildout + make run18:02
ignasshould fix it18:02
ignasok, must run now18:03
ignasbe back in 2 hours18:03
ignasor more18:03
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th1aUh oh.18:21
th1aMy Thinkpad seems to have died.18:21
Lumierethat would be bad18:22
th1aIt is completely lifeless.18:23
th1aLumiere: I'm not particularly worried that dwelsh is going to find other people who allow teachers to set student passwords on their SIS.18:25
Lumiereth1a: imo we have an XP problem18:28
th1aXP development?18:28
Lumierewhich is our "customers" don't match the people who will actually RUN schooltool18:28
Lumiereno offense to jelkner or dwelsh, but the customer of a SIS is not a teacher18:29
Lumiereit is an independent school or district18:29
th1aThis is more annoying to you than me, since I don't work for them.18:31
LumiereI don't work *for* them either :) I work with them18:31
Lumiereth1a: lenovo x200s for $150018:34
Lumierelooks decent18:34
th1aWell... once this dies I've decided I18:36
th1a'm downgrading to a netbook.18:36
th1aSo I don't want to rush into that.  ;-)18:37
Lumiereyou might not be too happy with a netbook18:38
Lumiereif you do any video or processing18:38
mgedminooh, I read today that lenovo x301 uses ~7W of power18:38
th1aI have a desktop.18:38
mgedminmy laptop eats ~20W18:38
Lumiereth1a: for sprints?18:38
th1aAnd walking around the house.18:39
Lumiereth1a: I test ran the dell mini 12 for APS with the supervisor of ITS18:39
mgedminpeople say the dell mini 9 is nice (and comes with ubuntu preinstalled)18:39
Lumiereit wouldn't play video full screen at all18:39
Lumierethe mini 9 is better because it has less resolution18:39
* mgedmin yesterday tried to connect an asus eee pc 900 to a 1920x1080p TV18:40
Lumieremgedmin: eep18:40
mgedmincompiz 3d effects were fine, but totem played video at around 1fps18:40
Lumieremgedmin: that was the issue we had18:41
mgedminmplayer was a bit better, but anyway I couldn't read the text in xterms from my couch so I switched to 13??x7??18:41
mgedminworks fine, except when the flash plugin crashes and takes my firefox with me18:41
mgedminI need to upgrade from hardy to something more modern18:42
mgedminwaiting for jaunty final right now18:42
* th1a reseats his memory and hard drive.18:42
mgedmincorrection: normal youtube is fine, HD youtube is, again 1 frame per second18:42
th1aHey, it is under warranty.18:47
th1aGood thinking th1a!18:47
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th1aThomasKarlRichte: Hi!  Any luck?18:58
* th1a has to take his laptop to the repair center now...19:01
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th1aWell, it should be completely covered.19:34
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Lumierehi replaceafill20:27
replaceafillhi Lumiere20:28
replaceafillsorry i was away20:28
replaceafillweird bug, uh?20:28
Lumierewhihc one :)20:28
replaceafillthe section without course20:28
Lumierefor the time being... I think skipping the section is the best choice20:29
th1askipping the section?20:30
Lumiereth1a: in the administrative report20:30
Lumiereby division20:30
Lumiereor instructor20:31
Lumiereit crashes if the section has no course20:31
Lumiereor if the section has no instructor20:31
Lumierethe no instructor one is easy20:31
th1aSo: step 1 - catch the error and skip to the next one?20:31
replaceafill            course = list([0]20:31
replaceafill            division = self.getDivision(course)20:31
replaceafill            person = list(section.instructors)[0]20:31
Lumierejust show "No Instructor"20:31
Lumierereplaceafill: that is horrible code20:32
Lumiereignas wants to kill someone for it20:32
* Lumiere too... 20:32
replaceafillignas taught me that a section could be in several courses and that one has to do "for course in courses"20:32
Lumiereit assumes too much20:32
replaceafilland iterate through all the courses20:32
Lumierethe problem is also that divison = self.getDivision(course)...20:32
LumiereI bet it assumes course title = course title in comp tree20:33
Lumierewhich is a really, really, really shitty assumption20:33
replaceafill    def getDivision(self, course):20:33
replaceafill        comps = self.getCoreCompetencies(course)20:33
replaceafill        if comps:20:33
replaceafill            try:20:33
replaceafill                return comps[0].__parent__.__parent__.__parent__.title20:33
replaceafill            except:20:33
replaceafill                return ''20:33
replaceafill        else:20:33
replaceafill            return ''20:33
Lumiereomfg <_<20:33
* mgedmin teaches replaceafill about pastebins20:33
replaceafillmgedmin, oh sorry20:33
* mgedmin then looks at the code and stabs his eyes out20:33
Lumierereplaceafill: yea... ask lisppaste520:34
Lumierefor a url20:34
Lumiereoh... where's lisppaste20:34
* mgedmin recently discovered sudo apt-get install pastebinit20:34
mgedmincombine it with xsel, and voila: select text, open terminal, xsel | pastebinit20:34
th1aHey!  __parent__.__parent__.__parent__.title -- that's how my first big Zope 2 app worked!20:35
Lumieremgedmin: or... in irssi alias pastebinit xsel | pastebinit ?20:35
Lumiereth1a: that's better then my first big Z2 app20:35
Lumieremy first big Z2 app had no python code20:35
Lumiereor almost none20:35
mgedminth1a: only zope chose the correct number of __parents__ automatically ;)20:35
Lumiereit was all written as ZClasses and dtml20:35
th1aWell, I meant the equivalent in DTML.20:36
* mgedmin remembers the testsuite talking to the shared DB machine in the office20:36
Lumiereoh... lol20:36
th1aZClasses!  That's what we need.20:36
replaceafilli never did my first Z2 app :(20:36
mgedminwhy do my tests fail? is anybody else running the tests at the same time???20:36
* Lumiere stabs th1a 20:36
replaceafillLumiere, could an import create a section without a course?20:37
Lumierereplaceafill: it is possible20:40
Lumierewe need to test and find out20:40
Lumiereand uh... we need to figure out which importers can and can't20:41
Lumiereand just after 1.020:41
* replaceafill is reading yesterday's conversation :)20:41
Lumierewe need to get down to 1 standard way of doing everything20:41
Lumiere1 export system20:41
Lumiere1 import system20:41
th1aWell... that's not going to happen.20:44
th1aWe'll need to do the opposite.20:44
th1aBut we need to make sure they're all sharing the same code to check for bad things.20:44
Lumiereth1a: I said system20:45
LumiereI understand taking the system and extending it as needed20:45
th1aWe're on the same page then.20:46
Lumierebut there should be an import and export API20:46
Lumiereth1a: btw... "Jason, we should do our research on Blackboard. You are being non-rigorous20:47
Lumiereugh <_<20:47
Lumierethe person who runs Bb for APS was the one who told me APS policy on it20:48
replaceafillth1a, these are the templates to translate now, right?20:54
Lumierereplaceafill: it should also be the suggested template20:55
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