IRC log of #schooltool for Sunday, 2009-03-01

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Lumiereahh good to be back on irssi19:59
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Lumierereplaceafill: I'm still alive here ;)20:00
replaceafillLumiere, my commit attempt failed20:00
Lumierewhat message20:00
replaceafillsvn ci --username replaceafill -m "..."20:00
replaceafilli used username because my shell username is differente20:00
LumiereI wonder if you have to use an md5sum20:01
replaceafillthen it ask me for my password20:02
replaceafilland the says (translated from spanish): Authentication realm: <> Cando Repository20:02
replaceafillPassword for 'replaceafill'20:03
replaceafilland then again and again20:03
replaceafillsvn: MKACTIVITY ... failed authorization20:04
replaceafill(translated from spanish)20:04
Lumierelet me try something20:09
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Lumierehi ignas22:01
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