IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2009-01-27

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fsufitchaelkner: ping18:26
fsufitchignas: ping18:26
ignasfsufitch: yes18:27
fsufitchignas: do you know where aelkner pushed the changes to schooltool and schooltool.gradebook done at the sprint?18:27
fsufitchth1a would like to see them18:27
fsufitchit's apparently not the LP branches, so... :-/18:28
ignasthe sla_sprint branches18:28
ignasmerged to trunk18:28
ignasgradebook and schooltool18:28
fsufitchthey did?18:28
ignaslyceum.journal will have to get fixed18:28
ignasI did18:28
ignasbefore I merge it18:28
fsufitchi just tried pulling the changes, but i got nothing18:28
ignashmm, i have merged it like 2-3 hours ago18:28
ignaslaunchpad is mirroring after a significant delay18:29
ignas is always up to date though ;)18:29
ignassame for
aelknerhey ignas18:49
aelknerso i got your note18:49
aelkneri guess you should make whatever changes you think you should make to ccarey's code18:50
aelkneras long as it results in the same functionality that th1a requested18:50
ignasaelkner: i think you or ccarey should make the changes18:50
ignasas they know how it is supposed to look and work18:51
ignasI really don't have the time to do them and test them18:51
aelkneri'll forward you note to ccarey then18:51
ignasmerged the other two branches18:52
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aelknerignas: what should i give ccarey as the branch to branch off of?18:55
aelknermy branch looks like this:18:55
ignashe does not have ssh access18:56
aelknerbut i don't think ccarey has ssh access18:56
ignasis the public place of your branches18:56
ignasis the one he needs18:56
fsufitchignas: the schooltool staging ones arent giving me changes >_<18:59
fsufitchignas: check me on the revno19:00
fsufitch48 for schooltool.gradebook, 2456 for schooltool19:00
ignas bzr log -r -1..19:03
fsufitchrevno: 245619:05
fsufitchcommitter: Filip Sufitchi <fsufitch@charon>19:05
fsufitchbranch nick: schooltool19:05
fsufitchtimestamp: Sat 2009-01-24 10:47:42 -050019:05
fsufitchmessage: Made delete button RED to make tom happy19:05
ignasbzr info19:05
fsufitchfStandalone tree (format: pack-0.92)19:05
fsufitch  branch root: .19:05
fsufitchRelated branches:19:05
fsufitch    push branch: bzr+ssh://aelkner@
fsufitch  parent branch: bzr+ssh://
ignasso - it's not the trunk branch19:06
ignasit's your branch19:06
ignasyou should either branch from trunk a new19:07
ignasor you should pull trunk into your branch19:07
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aelknerfsufitch: what do you need?  the code for tom?19:09
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fsufitchaelkner, ignas: hi19:41
fsufitchmy connection died19:41
fsufitchso which branch should i pull from?19:42
fsufitchto have the latest sla work to show tom and the others?19:42
aelkneroh, sorry, ignas already merged19:43
ignasi merged everything except sla sprint lyceum branch19:44
aelknerignas: i made another sla_sprint branch, this time of schooltool19:49
aelknerit has my changes to remove the identifier field19:49
aelknercould you please merge that?19:49
ignasaelkner: one more?19:50
ignasaelkner: i mean - i have merged schooltool.gradebook_sla_sprint and schooltool_sla_sprint19:50
aelknerone more change, that is19:51
aelkneryou might have already merged it19:52
aelknerdid you do the merge just a couple of hours ago?19:52
aelknerof schooltool_sla_sprint, that is19:52
ignasyeah, think so, what did you add?19:52
ignasi merged courses form19:52
ignasas in - the removal of identifier field on the add/edit course form19:53
aelkneractually, it's all add/edit forms19:53
aelknerb ut the tests were only impacted in addCourse19:53
aelknerso yes19:53
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