IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2009-01-28

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* th1a needs a sick day.17:12
th1aaelkner: ayt?17:12
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jelknerfsufitch: i tried to call you this morning20:53
jelkneri think your grandmother hung up on me..20:53
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jelknerfsufitch: please give me a call at 703-228-5771 when you see this.20:58
jelkneri want to talk to you about pycon20:58
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jelknerfsufitch: still waiting to here from you...22:01
fsufitchjelkner: wow nice timing22:02
fsufitchi just woke up :)22:02
fsufitchsince school was cancelled today, I slept a realllly long time22:02
jelknercan u call me at 703-228-5771?22:03
fsufitchin a couple minutes22:03
fsufitchim a mess right now22:03
jelkneri won't see you22:04
jelkneri don't care ;-)22:04
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