IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2009-01-26

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jelknerjstraw: morning16:29
th1aHi ignas, aelkner, yvl, jstraw, jelkner, fsufitch.16:29
jelknerdo you have any idea why i can't use regular irc tools today?16:29
yvlmorning th1a16:30
th1ajelkner: Too sleepy?16:30
jelkneri'm using mibbit web based irc since xchat (or irris) won't connect16:30
th1aHow'd the rest of EduCon go?16:31
aelknernow you're sounding like your son16:31
jelknerwe left later than i planned since the development work was proceeded apace16:31
jelkneraelkner was supposed to send an email to the list16:32
jelkneri guess he didn't ;-)16:32
aelkneri'll do that today16:32
aelknerth1a: shall i report now?16:32
aelknerso ccarey made the cosmetic changes to schooltool.gradebook to make it look more like cando16:33
aelknerhe also made similar changes to schooltool.lycsum.journal16:33
aelkneri had to do some work to get his patch to apply successfully to schooltool.gradebook16:34
aelkneri've gotten that pushed up to our sprint branch16:34
aelkneras for the lyceum changes, i thought i'd just send the patch file to ignas16:34
aelknerwould that be alright?16:34
ignaswill do i guess16:35
ignasa branch would make it easier for you to apply any fixes though16:35
aelknerit's only one patch, so i figured it would save me the trouble of creating a branch, pathcing it, publishing it16:36
th1aCan't you push the branch to Launchpad?16:36
aelknerif you insist, fine16:36
ignasaelkner: it creates the trouble when I say "where is the test for this code"16:36
ignasand then you send me one more patch and so on16:37
aelknerok, agreed16:37
aelknerin the meantime, filip and worked on changing the gradebook to traverse16:37
aelknerthough the current worksheet16:37
aelknerto allow us to have action links for adding activities to the gradebook16:38
aelknerwhile one was in the gradebook itself16:38
aelkneralso, we split up the activities overview to only allow for adding worksheets16:38
aelknerand created a worksheet overview for adding/editing activities16:39
aelknerwe ran into a snap with traversing from a worksheet to the gradebook16:39
aelknerit turns out that the adapterTraversalPlugin does not work with containers16:39
aelknerbecause ItemTraverser gets found instead16:40
aelknerso we had to write our own traversal adapter16:40
ignasyeah, you don't want to have both enabled16:40
ignasor you will get in trouble when someone will add an item with the name of your adapter16:40
aelknerwell, we coulnd't get into that kind of trouble16:41
aelknerbecuase it wouldn't even find our adapter16:41
aelkneruntil we explicilty wrote it16:41
ignasyeah, because IIRC pluggable traverser16:41
ignasis not enabled on containers16:41
ignasor on anything by default16:41
ignasif you want to use plugins you must tell zope that this class uses pluggable traverser16:42
aelkneri thought that your directive removed the need for that16:42
ignasit did not, and it shouldn16:43
aelknerah, so the reason travesal from a section worked without doing that16:43
aelkneris because you had done in in the course package16:43
aelknercool, i see now16:43
aelknerbut even so, we had to write our own adapter of IPublishTraverse to sort out the16:44
aelknersituation ignas mentioned with conflict between a __name__ and the adapter name16:44
ignaswell - plugins with names are given priority16:45
ignasover items in the container with that name anyway16:45
ignasbut priority is not enough16:45
ignasyou really don't want users creating items they can't traverse into16:45
aelknerbasically, as long as the worksheet names chooser doesn't allow 'gradebook' or 'mygrades'16:45
aelknerthen we don't have a problem16:45
aelknerright now it doesn't even have a names chooser16:46
aelknerso the default behaviour is to create names like 'Activity-75'16:46
jstrawjelkner: is too long... use us.freenode.net16:46
aelknerafter the fact that the class name is 'Activity' that's being added16:46
aelknerif we were to create a names chooser for worksheets16:47
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ignasaelkner: well, as long as you are sure there are no other ways to assign the id16:47
ignaslike xml import16:47
aelknerwe would need to code it to add a number after 'gradebook' or 'mygrades'16:47
ignasor csv, it should probably not break16:47
ignasmy solution most of the time is to add an intermediate traversal layer for container items16:47
aelknerusers should be concerned with ids16:47
aelknernor csv imports16:48
ignaslike section/worksheet/activities/activity-116:48
aelknerexcept in the case of person or section ids16:48
ignasthat is the safest way to do it16:48
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aelknerignas: i see16:48
ignasbut at the moment it works16:48
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ignasand is reasonably difficult to break16:48
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aelknerso anyway, filip and i managed to get all the navagation changes to work by the end of the sprint16:49
jelknerthanks, jstraw!16:49
aelknerso if ignas could merge my sla_sprint branch into trunk, then th1a could check it out16:50
ignasaelkner: th1a can check it out without merging ;)16:51
ignasbut yeah, send me an email16:51
aelkneri'll create the sla_sprint branch of lyceum journal16:51
aelknerand send you an email16:51
aelknerbefore i stop my report16:51
th1aaelkner needs another year or so to fully embrace distributed revision control.16:51
aelknercould we discuss the ids in add forms?16:51
aelknerth1a: haha16:52
th1aThere isn't that much to discuss... are you really against it?16:52
aelknercan i just feel free to change the schooltool add form page template and view base class16:52
aelknerto not have the id16:52
aelknerusers have reported confusion16:53
aelkneradn there doesn't seem to be a need for that field16:53
ignasi guess you can, we don't have many japanese and russian users anyway16:53
jelkneri for one would like it gone16:53
ignasand it's only useful when our namechooser fails16:53
th1aOK.  Fine.16:53
aelknerok, will do16:53
ignas(which it does with fully non-ascii titles)16:53
aelknerthat's it for my report16:54
jelkneri would like to add something16:54
jelkneron sunday, while ccarey, fsufitchi, and aelkner were working16:54
aelkneroh, and where do i send my sprint report to?
jstrawwould it be possible to return it by locale or if namechooser fails?16:54
th1ajelkner: I think I'm just going to stay at the Days Inn tonight and come to the Career Center tomorrow morning.16:54
th1aaelkner: sure.16:54
jelkneri began moving all the items from the gradebook checklist document to a spread sheet16:55
jelkneri'm almost finished16:55
jelkneronce that's done, we can have a "gradebook for the gradebook"16:55
ignasjstraw: how do you detect if namechooser has failed?16:55
ignasjstraw: before user submits the form16:55
jelknerth1a: how do you want to proceed with aelkner's work?16:56
th1aYou mean, what do I want aelkner to do next?16:56
jelknersince we will have that whole checklist16:56
jelknerwe need to prioritize16:56
jelknerand figure out what gets done first16:57
jstrawignas: after16:57
jstrawif namechooser fails there will be an error16:57
jelknerth1a: what time to you arrive?16:57
ignasjstraw: nope, there will be an id that looks like "------b------a---"16:57
ignasor "---------2"16:58
dwelshmorning all!16:58
ignasdwelsh: hi16:58
th1ahi dwelsh.16:58
dwelshcouple of quick things...16:59
dwelshcoffee and mixing tomorrow am is 8:30-9a16:59
dwelshinitial speeches are 9-9:30a16:59
jstrawignas: eww16:59
th1aOK.  I'll be there.16:59
dwelshtwo panels after that -- students first and teachers second16:59
dwelshTim Kaine (VA Governor) still confirmed for 11:45a17:00
dwelshCanDo will have spotlight roughly 12-12:15p17:00
dwelshfive other states there17:00
dwelshMinnesota immediately interested in CanDo17:00
dwelshreps. from VA pilot sites will be there too17:00
dwelshthey may have some questions for them17:00
ignasjstraw: which is why most of the containers allow unicode ids, so we could have "ąžuolas" as an id for a section17:01
dwelshall there will get the CanDo brochure Tom and I just ginned up17:01
dwelshcan we get the VA State pilot server running with eight instances by a week from TODA17:02
dwelshThat would be Monday, Feb. 2nd17:02
dwelshWe should have data to input by then -- courses, students, sections for the eight school districts17:02
dwelshth1a and jstraw:  Monday, Feb 2nd???17:03
th1ath1a: Don't ask me.17:03
* th1a is talking to himself.17:03
dwelshjstraw then... Monday, Feb. 2nd17:03
ignasnot sure Tom or I can do anything about it, though - I can provide all support that jstraw will need17:04
jstrawI'll get back to you tomorrow on it17:04
ignasif any17:04
dwelshgreat.  there to support.  that's what I'm hoping for.17:04
dwelshmy last issue...17:04
dwelshwe had good conversations about where the CanDo thinks CanDo09 and SchoolTool should go for our 09 release17:05
dwelshI can work on writing that up and sharing it shortly17:05
dwelshbut in short:  1) CanDo09 incorporates core academic competencies (not just technical skills)17:06
dwelsh2) gradebook integration continues17:06
dwelsh3) new module for rubric-based grading of hi-level projects gets added17:06
dwelshmore specific specs to come17:06
dwelshthat's all I have.  see alan and th1a tonight/tomorrow morning.17:07
th1ais yvl around?17:07
yvlyes :)17:07
th1aWhat's your status?17:08
yvlsadly, things are moving quite slow17:08
yvlbasically did spirnt planning with Ignas17:08
yvl(seems that we'll have quite a ride :) )17:09
th1aI've got two things in mind now:17:09
yvland did the report header customization thing17:09
yvlwhich I'll commit tomorrow17:09
th1aah, that's one of them.17:09
th1aaelkner & jelkner: We're going to be turning the ship toward generating report cards from gradebook soon.17:10
jstrawmy suggestion on that is that we make something that can be customized somewhat easily (every school wants their own look and feel to report cards usually)17:11
yvlth1a, what else?17:11
ignasjstraw: making customizing easy is difficult ;)17:12
th1aignas & yvl: I would at least like to consider jamming out the feature request for reserving a resource for each meeting of a section,17:12
th1asince 95% of the time you want to reserve a room for every meeting of a section.17:12
ignasth1a: this can be included in the sprint i'd say17:12
ignasor you want it sooner?17:12
jstrawI know17:12
th1aIf yvl can do it.17:12
th1ajstraw: Customization is good, but just something that works is the first step.17:13
ignasOf course he can! He can do everything ;) yvl - do you want to do it?17:13
yvlI don't see why not...17:13
jstrawth1a: I just want to remind people that people love their custom report cards17:14
ignasyvl: i'll point you at the code that you have to copy paste ;)17:14
yvlok :)17:14
th1aI think you'll just need a new view that lets you reserve, unreserve for every meeting of the section and warns you if there are conflicts.17:14
ignasth1a: emmm17:15
ignasth1a: and suddenly you have increased the ammount of work 4 times17:15
ignasthe conflicts bit might be tricky, well - not tricky but at least slow17:15
th1aOr ignore conflicts?17:15
ignasi'd say - ignore them at the moment17:15
ignaslater we will have 2 directions to grow17:15
ignas1 - conflicts, 2 - fine grained booking17:16
th1aYou're right.17:16
th1aCan you do me a favor and put a warning about that in the text of the form?17:16
th1aYou'll do this in the add and edit section forms?17:17
ignassection booking view17:17
ignasi'd say17:17
ignasbecause it's like a relationships view17:17
th1aOh... "book for every meeting" option?17:17
ignasyou go, pick a resource from a list, click "book", you see it in the booked resources list17:18
ignasthat list is showing all booked resources (booked on at least 1 meeting for this section)17:18
th1aOK.  That makes sense.17:18
ignaseasy to do, we have 70% of the code for such an operation17:18
yvlsounds good17:19
yvlignas, I'll poke you tomorrow about this17:20
th1aignas: What else is up?17:20
ignasth1a: talked to yvl about the tasks, made mostly sure he understands what's involved, he made sure *I* understand what's involved17:20
ignasand then I started working on indexing backend storage17:21
ignasto see how it might look and work17:21
ignaswhen I will have it working, or at least will have a good idea about how it will look like when finished17:21
ignasi'll do the same with demographics17:21
ignasalso - we got tickets17:22
ignasTHU 05FEB 1700 Dulles17:22
ignasTHU 05FEB THU 05FEB Dulles for our trip back17:23
ignasso all we have to do is fill out the helpful DHS web application forms17:24
ignasand that's everything17:24
th1aOK.  Thanks.17:24
th1aaelkner: So what's on your todo list for this week?17:24
jelknerth1a: can we talk about that first?17:25
aelkneri dunno17:25
aelkneryou tell me17:25
jelknerthat is what i was saying about meeting with you this evening17:25
jelknerso we can go over the list and prioritize17:26
aelknerin the meantime, there are some bugs on my pate that i could look into17:26
aelknerplate, not pate'17:26
th1aSuch as?17:26
aelkneri'll check launchpad17:26
aelkner1) i could do the remove id thing17:27
aelkner2) i could apply my gradebook validation code17:27
aelkner3) i have this outstanding problem with sla not being schoolyears compatible17:28
th1aOK.  Those are good things to work on.17:28
ignasaelkner: while removing the ID, could you also look at the ids generated when you pass a bunch of japanese/chinese/russian or other non-ascii characters in the forms that had the ID field?17:29
ignaslike "ąąąąąąą" being written into the title field17:29
jstrawif you need UTF japanese characters17:30
jstrawI can help ;)17:30
ignasjstraw: :D17:30
th1aOK, I think we're done.17:31
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:32
jstrawignas: I mean.. they'll be anime song titles... but it will work ;)17:33
ignasjstraw: good enough, schooltool is seriously undertested when it comes to non-ascii characters17:34
jstrawignas: should we do something like take a bunch of the tests17:41
jstrawand replace all the text with unicode?17:41
ignasjstraw: we should17:41
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fsufitchhey guys21:59
fsufitchheh i just woke up a little while ago21:59
fsufitchapparently i missed a great meeting22:00
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