IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2009-01-08

aelknerreplaceafill: btw, nice work on this00:02
aelknerit's very clearly written00:02
jelkneraelkner: i only have time to test it by using it00:07
jelknerand that is the most effective way for me to test it anyway00:08
jelknerwith real data in real time ;-)\00:08
aelknerwhy do you mention that now?00:08
jelknercause i was away00:10
jelknerand just catching up on the conversation now00:10
aelknerwell that subject is ages old00:11
aelkneronly kidding00:11
aelknerreplaceafill: it looks like you00:11
aelknerare ready to move onto the cando part00:11
aelknerany qquestions on how to proceed?00:12
replaceafilla lot of! :D00:12
aelknertry just one for starters00:12
replaceafillfirst: IExternalActivity provides attributes and one method00:12
replaceafillit's not just a marker, right?00:12
jelkneraelkner and replaceafill: i have a bus to catch00:13
aelknerthe only time i've heard the term "marker" in zope is with marker interfaces00:13
jelkneri'll talk to you tomorrow00:13
aelknerjelkner: talk to you later00:13
replaceafillok see u jelkner00:13
*** jelkner has quit IRC00:13
aelknerwhat marker interface do you think you need?00:13
replaceafilli ask that because jelkner said it was going to be really easy00:14
replaceafilljust to apply a marker on cando00:14
replaceafillbut i guess we need a new class there00:14
replaceafilli mean a component00:14
aelknerhe says things are easy often00:14
aelknerespecially when he has no idea what he's talking about :)00:14
replaceafillshould adapters work for this?00:14
aelknerbut let's start fresh00:14
replaceafilladapting the skilldrivers maybe?00:15
replaceafillu guide00:15
aelkneryou need to provide the utility on the cando side that you schooltool.gradebook code is looking for00:15
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replaceafillbut that utility should return a list of (regular objects or adapters)?00:16
aelknerwhat does your stub utility do?00:17
replaceafillreturns a list of [externalutilitystub] objects00:17
replaceafillit returns a list of externalactivitystub objects00:18
replaceafillwhich i crafted too00:18
aelkneri'm referring to the specific utility stubs00:18
aelknerSomeProductStub, for example00:18
aelknerit has getExternalActivities00:19
aelknergetExternalActivities(self, section)00:19
replaceafillit implements the IExternalActivitiesUtility00:20
replaceafillbut what does getExternalActivities(self, section) returns?00:20
replaceafillobjects or adapters?00:20
aelknerso the question is: how does that method get the external activities to return to the user, right?00:20
replaceafillit has the section00:21
replaceafilli thought about using the cando gradebook?00:21
replaceafillthe cando gradebook has the students and the getEvaluation(student) method00:22
aelknercando has sections, adn IGradebook(section) creates a temporary object that's used in the view00:23
aelknerthat object is not persisted to the db00:23
replaceafillthat's another question i have, what happens when the server shuts down00:24
replaceafillon restart all this external activites has to be recreated00:24
aelknerthat's why we need a persistent object that specifies the existense of the external activity00:24
aelkneryou see, the user needs to tell cando00:24
aelknerfor instance00:25
aelknerwe have sections that cando can grade00:25
aelknerwe have skill drivers, too00:25
aelknerbut not all of them are available as external activiies00:25
aelkneronly what the user asks to publish should be available00:25
aelknerso if the user can say00:26
aelknersectionA, skilldriver1 is an external activity00:26
aelknerthen cando's utility can find all for the given section00:27
replaceafillso, not all skilldrivers will be available as extact00:27
replaceafilli understand00:27
aelknerotherwise, schooltool.gradebook would have WAY to many choices available00:27
aelkneri'b be curious about jelkner's thoughts on that, but i think i have the right instincts on this00:28
aelknerso the user action would be:00:28
aelkneron the cando side, publish a skill driver00:28
aelkneron the schooltool.gradebook side, find it and use it00:29
replaceafillwhen the user publishes it, it get stored in a persistent container00:29
aelknercould you send an email to jelkner asking him if that makes sense to him?00:29
replaceafillso, in a restart it's stored00:29
aelkneryes, it needs to be persistent00:29
replaceafillget it00:29
replaceafilldamn, this sounds much more complicated :)00:30
aelknermaybe we should consider the other option00:30
aelknerall skill drivers are automatically published00:30
replaceafillthe automatic one?00:30
aelknerjust skill drivers, not sections as a whole00:31
aelknerou understand the diference, right00:31
aelknersections have their own set of competencies00:31
aelknerskill drivers are specific00:31
aelknerif we go with the automatic way, it's simpler, true00:31
aelknerand no need to persist anything00:31
aelknerwe just assume that the user on the schooltool.gradebook side wants to choose from all skill drivers for the section00:32
aelkneractually, that wouldn't be too long of a list00:32
replaceafilljust the ones for THAT section00:33
aelkneron the schooltool.gradebook side, we already have a speciific section as the context00:34
aelknerso if jelkner is ok with limiting the list of available00:34
aelknerexernal activities to all skill drivers for that section, we're in business00:34
replaceafillthe cando user wouldn't need to do anything00:34
aelknerskill drivers and only skill drivers00:34
replaceafillno cando publishing00:35
aelknerthat's what you should ask jelkner in the email00:35
aelknerno cando publishing, right00:35
aelknerit's much simpler, but i'd like to see jelkner's opinion on that00:35
replaceafillyes, he's the one in the ground00:35
replaceafilli liked the jonnhy example before00:36
aelknerwhat's that?00:36
replaceafillnm, just the example that jelkner gave u for not updating all the external activities00:36
replaceafillhe made a good point00:36
aelkneroh yeah00:37
aelknerbut that was on the schooltool.gradebook side00:37
aelkneranyway, let's do this00:37
aelkneryou write jelkner the note asking him if it's ok to assume00:38
aelknerthat all skill driver's for the section are available as external activities00:38
aelknerand only skill drivers00:38
aelkneri'll get some dinner00:38
replaceafillok man00:38
replaceafillthanks again for the time00:38
replaceafilltake care, i'll keep u informed00:38
aelknerand say, an hour from now, we'll meet with jelkner to discuss00:39
aelknerhe'll be homw and probably ready00:39
replaceafilli'll be around then00:40
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jelknerjcrowley: hi21:44
jelkneryou quit right when i joined ;-)21:44
jelkneri was thinking you were avoiding me21:45
jelknerand you have an away message on skype21:45
jelknerwe need to talk21:45
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jelkneraelkner: u here?22:25
jelknerreplaceafill: u here?22:26
jelknercan you repeat what you said to me about cando being broken?22:27
th1aI am here.22:27
aelknerit ain't broken22:27
jelknerth1a: can we get cando moved into launchpad?22:28
replaceafilljelkner, the branch works22:28
replaceafilljelkner, your instance don't22:28
jelknerthat is aelkner's responsibility22:28
jelknerso we need to resolve that22:29
* th1a accidentally poured himself a real beer instead of a root beer with lunch.22:30
jelknergive a man a beer, and he's idle for an hour22:30
aelknerroot beer is real22:30
th1aSo who can update jelkner's instance?22:31
aelkneri can22:31
jelknerok, i was confused (as usual)22:33
jelkneraelkner is working on getting my cando up to speed22:33
jelknerreplaceafill: you have what you need to finish the integration, yes?22:34
replaceafilli just asked jason for a copy of the cando branch22:34
th1aCan't you check it out?22:42
replaceafilli thought so, but aelkner recommended a "svn copy" of it22:43
th1aI would think you'd be better off just getting to work rather than waiting around.22:43
replaceafillmeanwhile i'm using the current branch :)22:44
aelknerth1a: he needs a branch made for him, and jason is the only one who can make it for him22:44
replaceafilljust to work locally22:44
aelkneryou could work locally22:44
aelknerwhen jason makes your branch, you can apply the diff22:45
aelknerjelkner: you're up and running22:57
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jelkneraelkner: great, bro!23:08
jelknerdoes replaceafill have all he needs now?23:08
*** danielfolsom has joined #schooltool23:09
jelknerdanielfolsom: meet douglas cerna (replaceafill)23:09
replaceafilldanielfolsom, hi man23:09
jelknerreplaceafill: daniel is one of the students who are exploring grok23:10
jelknerhe had a few questions23:10
danielfolsomI'm having some problems with missing directores - and a few files23:10
replaceafillwe go private23:10
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