IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2009-01-09

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fsufitchcpcarey: hi21:26
cpcareyfsufitch: hi21:28
fsufitchcpcarey: so we need to talk about 1. how we're getting nhssl done on time and 2. intro to tjtalk for you21:28
fsufitchso yesterday ellie and i added a couple new blueprints for the stuff she needs done21:29
fsufitchonly the longer one actually matters though21:29
cpcareyon launchpad?21:29
fsufitchbasically what she wants is for nhssl to manage the individual service periods21:29
fsufitchthere are 4 for juniors (incl. hours for induction), and 2 for seniors21:30
fsufitchand she wants to be able to submit hours for each of these individually, even if they're overdue21:30
fsufitchbecause makeup is allowed21:30
fsufitchand to be able to see totals per period, and totals overall21:31
fsufitchjelkner: ping21:31
fsufitchjelkner: you should be listening too :)21:31
fsufitchso basically for that we'll have to rewrite some things21:31
fsufitchlike the monthly due hours21:31
cpcareyyou said it involves a Deadline and Event class correct?21:32
fsufitchwell the event class (namely ServiceEvent) is already there21:32
fsufitchthe thing is, since this is massive refactoring, it would also be a good time to refactor the service event types21:33
fsufitchright now there are 3 classes: IndividualServiceEvent, GroupServiceEvent and SchoolServiceEvent21:33
fsufitchthat's inefficient21:34
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fsufitchand if any school doesnt neex those exact 3, there needs to be a separate code branch for them21:34
fsufitchso what i'm thinking is one of us tackles that, while the other tackles the deadlines21:34
fsufitchtake your pick :)21:34
fsufitchi'm fine with either21:34
fsufitchim a little more familiar with the service event, since i worked with it before21:35
fsufitchso i could provide help if you want that21:35
cpcareyi think you understand the requirements for deadlines21:35
cpcareybetter than i do21:35
fsufitchwell yes thats true too21:35
fsufitchso i'll take that21:35
fsufitchand if you need some clarification about the events, i can help21:35
fsufitchalthough it's pretty straightforward21:35
cpcareywe're refactoring the three kinds of service event into one service event with an attribute that can determine if its an individual, group, or school?21:36
fsufitchor anything else really, make there an ability to edit what types there are21:37
fsufitcha class called ServiceEventType21:37
fsufitchand for the attribute to IServiceEvent:21:37
fsufitchzope.schema.Object(..... , schema=nhssl.interfaces.IServiceEventType)21:38
fsufitchyou can figure it out :)21:40
fsufitchsoo thats that21:40
fsufitchand i'll make the deadline work with the ServiceEvent class21:40
cpcareydo we have a deadline for this?21:40
fsufitchi won't even worry about the 3 subclasses21:40
jelknerfsufitchi: hey man21:40
fsufitchsemester end21:40
cpcareyi'm crammed this weekend21:40
fsufitchjelkner: it's21:40
cpcareysemester exam week21:41
fsufitchcpcarey: it's not this weekend that we need to have it by21:41
cpcareyoh phew21:41
fsufitchwe got 2 long weekends before then21:41
cpcareyi got a little scared there haha21:41
fsufitchjelkner: read up. cpcarey and i have been talking about what the tj nhs wants extra before using it this 2nd semester21:41
fsufitchcpcarey: heh i did at first too21:41
jelknerfsufitch: anyway, my misspelling of your name aside, you pinged?21:42
fsufitchjelkner: yes, because i wanted you to see how our meeting with ellie on wednesday went, too21:42
fsufitchand, did you manage to get in touch with said person?21:42
* fsufitch checks his email21:42
jelknerthanks for reminding me21:43
jelknerno, i haven't gotten to that yet21:43
fsufitchlol, okay21:43
fsufitchno pressure, nhssl-tjhsst won't be done for quite a little while21:43
fsufitchour deadline to do these changes they want is by 2nd quarter21:43
jelknerhow did the meeting go?21:43
fsufitchso basically by the philly sprint we'll be done21:43
fsufitchshe was overall impressed and happy with how it worked21:44
fsufitchbut the tj nhs chapter doesn't run on monthly deadlines21:44
jelknerno problem21:44
fsufitchthere are 4 deadlines for the juniors, and 2 for the seniors21:44
fsufitchso we need to implement that21:44
fsufitcha Deadline class and attribute, and the ability for the nhs to define those and assign deadlines21:44
jelkneragain, business logic will be different between the two organizations21:44
fsufitchand this is a more flexible way of doing it21:45
jelknerbut similar enough that only tweaks are needed21:45
jelknerlet ccarey know what you are doing21:45
fsufitchthis will be able to be configured client-side to work by months though21:45
fsufitchwhich is great21:45
jelknerafter he gets into nhs next year he can take over from you ;-)21:45
fsufitchand ccarey will be working on making that universal ServiceEvent class with different types21:45
fsufitchyep, we talked to ellie about that too21:46
jelkneroh, it is cpcarey21:46
cpcareyfsufitch: i might also make a few changes to the event attributes21:46
jelkneri did it again21:46
fsufitchcpcarey: sweet21:46
jelknerok, i have a bus to catch21:46
fsufitchjelkner: on an unrelated note about the meeting, we both found out we're in NHS21:46
cpcareylike some members suggested that "contact phone number" be switched to "contact email" or both21:46
cpcareyi should keep my nick ccarey btw21:47
cpcareyits just out of habit21:47
fsufitchless confusing ;)21:47
fsufitchwhere's the p from?21:47
fsufitchnice name ;)21:47
fsufitchim gonna get a middle name after college21:48
fsufitchPeter most likely21:48
cpcareyyou could go crazy21:48
cpcareyhaha exactly21:48
fsufitchnow, on to tjtalk21:48
fsufitchssh to ccarey@tjtalk.misato.us21:49
fsufitchyour password is that curvy yellow somewhat phallic fruit21:49
fsufitchmake sure to change it with passwd21:49
cpcareyok i'm in21:50
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fsufitchyou got sudo access fyi21:50
fsufitchand a server is running off my account21:50
fsufitchits stuff can be found in /home/fsufitch/schooltool/schooltool.tjtalk21:51
fsufitchalso nhs is found in /home/fsufitch/nhs-service-log/21:51
fsufitchthe server is just for when you dont have access to other comps21:51
fsufitchand for when you need to reset it when im not available21:51
fsufitchnow, to get your instance up21:51
fsufitcheither on the server, or ur craptop, whichever you prefer21:51
cpcareyi'll do it on the server for now21:52
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fsufitchso, mkdir schooltool21:52
cpcareykeep going ahead i'll follow your instructions21:52
cpcareyand i'm not signed up b block so i've got about 15 mins21:52
fsufitchhang on, im verifying im doing the right stuff first21:53
fsufitchso you'll be in the same room as me21:53
fsufitchgreat XD21:53
cpcareyno i'm signed up for something else21:53
fsufitchno wireless for u tho21:53
fsufitchdo this:
fsufitchand, just as the gradebook (for example) is set up, also do it for tjtalk21:54
fsufitchits lp branch is lp:tjtalk21:54
fsufitchhowever, put it in the dir called schooltool.tjtalk21:55
fsufitchand just go from there21:55
fsufitchremember, tjtalk is not in its own outer package like cando or nhssl, it's contained by schooltool21:55
fsufitchalso, the instance of the TJTalkApplication is not present from the start21:55
fsufitchyou need to go to dostuff.html on the server for it and click on the button for it to be created21:56
fsufitch(yes, dostuff. ignas would kill me.)21:56
fsufitchso yeah21:57
fsufitchu prolly dont have time to do it in 3-4 mins21:57
fsufitchbut the irc log is online21:57
fsufitchso there :-P21:57
fsufitchnow, about how tjtalk is structured21:57
fsufitchTJTalkApplication contains QuestionContainers which contain Questions which contain Answers (and later, Comments)21:57
fsufitchthe TJTalkApplication contains a short list of recently asked questions21:58
fsufitchwhich is updated with its questionAsked(q) and questionTouched(q) methods21:58
fsufitchQuestionContainers dont do anything special, except be able to recursively calculate their size21:58
fsufitchsize = # of questions21:59
fsufitchQuestions know who asked them, their title, their text, the time they were made, and are containers for answers21:59
fsufitchthe reason i dont display who asked them is because only privileged users (teachers, admins) have the zope permissions to view a BasicPerson's attributes (such as firstname,lastname, or username)22:00
fsufitchi need to make it display only for those who have the privileges22:00
fsufitchor we22:00
cpcareyah its about time for me to go22:01
cpcareybut keep logging22:01
cpcareywill read it once i get the chance22:01
cpcareyi've got the branch22:01
fsufitchhave fun wherever you go22:01
cpcareysee you on the bus22:01
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fsufitchso Answers have their text, answer, and score attributes22:02
fsufitchthe score can be changed via the vote method22:02
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fsufitchno, it doesnt have a score attribute22:04
fsufitchscore is a method masquerading as a property22:04
fsufitchit actually has a votes attribute22:04
fsufitchwhich is a dict of person->rating for those who voted22:05
fsufitchthe score is just the sum of all ratings22:05
fsufitchit tracks the person so that it doesnt allow them to vote twice for one thing, or allows them to retract a vote and cast it some other way22:05
fsufitchthat's basically it so far22:06
fsufitchthat, and the views associated with it22:06
fsufitchi've got unit tests for some stuff22:06
fsufitchftests are 022:06
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fsufitchtheres also the search AI that i need to implement22:07
aelknerfsufitch: hey22:07
aelkneri've been reading your log here with keen interest22:07
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aelkneryou know, we'll be sprinting together on this next weekend22:08
fsufitchaelkner: hey!22:08
fsufitchnext weekend?!22:08
aelkneroh, two weekends from now?22:08
fsufitchthe weekend after the next ;)22:08
aelknerah, yes22:08
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aelkneranyway, a question about the sandbox22:08
fsufitchso yeah, the tjtalk stuff is for you too ;)22:08
aelkneryou mentioned following ignas' sandbox instructions22:09
aelknerand adding the chekcout of tjtalk to it22:09
aelknerbut you didn't mention adding schooltool.tktalk to the parts in the buildout.cfg22:09
aelknerwell, maybe you implied it by saying "jsut as with the gradebook"22:10
fsufitchcuz cpcarey had to go22:11
fsufitchand that was mainly for him22:11
aelknerso is TJTalkApplication a replacement for SchoolToolApplication?22:11
fsufitchSchoolToolApplication contains TJTalkApplication22:12
fsufitchi will probably later make it be a Site itself22:12
fsufitchso that i can make a standalone tjTalk22:12
fsufitchbu right now i'm happy with this as is22:12
aelkneroh, i see22:13
aelknerok, that's all the questions i have then22:13
fsufitchyagni style ;)22:13
aelkneryou'd make jelkner proud with that kind of talk :)22:13
fsufitchtoo bad he left22:15
fsufitchaelkner: so any other questions?22:17
aelknernot for now, i'll have more when i've created my sandbox and looked at your code22:17
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jstrawhmm *tries to find an xls file*22:42
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* balor hands google to jstraw23:09
jstrawbalor: fail23:10
jstrawbalor: it's something I need from ignas23:10

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