IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2009-01-06

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ignasjstraw: hi16:53
th1aYes, talk to jstraw ;-)16:54
ignaswhat would I do without management ;)16:56
* jstraw pulls out an axtinguisher on th1a16:57
jstrawwe need to add 1 piece of data to the spreadsheet16:58
jstrawthe Student Testing Number16:58
th1aThat's what I said!16:58
jstrawyes, but mine is more clear16:58
ignasyeah, th1a missed the "added part" thus I got confused17:01
ignasso yeah - the spreadsheet is the format that should be used17:01
ignasoverriding the import view and using a different Student importer for cando should be pretty straightforward17:02
jstrawthe other pieces I talked a bit with th1a about, but in the end it comes to either me/mattva01 or the project writing an init script that can deal with multiple instances17:10
ignasdepends on how you are deploying everything17:10
jstrawand then me updating my backup scripts to do multiple instances17:10
ignasbut yeah, I guess one script for all instances is probably the best way17:10
jstrawwell, that's why I am bringing it up, I was thinking that a standard method was the best choice17:11
ignasare you going to deploy it using debian/ubuntu tools (package debs) or as a checkout + multiple instances created using make-schooltool-instance17:12
jstrawignas: preference would be dpkg, but I can make my checkout + multiple instances to use the dpkg deployment locations17:14
jstraw(or at least, I can make it all *work*17:14
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ignaswell - cando is not a deb at the moment17:16
ignaswhich can be fixed I guess17:16
ignasbut integrating postinst scripts with multiple deployments might be quite tricky17:16
ignasas I didn't really think about that usecase/ nor am aware of how it's usually solved17:17
ignasare there any debian server packages that support multiple separate instances of the same server?17:17
ignaspostinst scrtips matter because they  stop all servers, backup data.fs, start all servers17:17
ignasjstraw: as for export/import - either ask them to provide excel spreadsheets, or ask them to provide some data in formats that they can (like csv) and reformat it into excel (easy to do using xlwt) to get it imported using standard import views17:21
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dwelshth1a:  you around?17:21
ignasdwelsh: he was here 20 minutes ago17:21
dwelshHappy New Year to everyone!17:21
ignasHappy New Year to you ;)17:22
dwelshLooking forward to seeing the gang in Feb.17:22
jstrawignas: buildbot?17:25
jstrawand for import, we're thinking that we'll give them the spreadsheet and ask them to fill it in17:26
th1adwelsh: th1a is out of the shower.17:26
ignasjstraw: I am not considering buildbot  (you are running another twisted server! maybe I have failed to shut down last time properly?) a good example ;)17:27
jstrawignas: heh17:27
jstrawI have a lot of twisted things... that twisted server is just one ;)17:27
jstrawjelkner seemed to think it happened all the time with z2 stuff17:28
jelkneron ubuntu it does17:30
jelkneryou create instances and they automatically get started by the init.d script17:30
ignasjelkner: hmm, but what about evolution and backups?17:37
ignasi guess i'll have to look at it17:37
ignasjstraw: if you would prototype something like this it would be kind of cool17:38
ignasjstraw: you and Mathew have more experience running web servers than I do...17:39
jstrawand the ssl thing that dwelsh posted... that's an apache issue17:40
jstrawMatt and I need to figure out how to get 8 ssl encrypted instances on 1 IP to do ssl properly17:40
ignasyeah, schooltool is not really involved in that17:41
ignasjstraw: if Cando could finance either Mat or you looking at schooltool server packages (schooltool-common, schooltool-2008) and maybe even fixing them and making them good - it would be fantastic, as I am really struggling with debian/shell/server stuff most of the time17:44
jstrawI think we need to do it anyways17:45
jstrawcause if schooltool-cando is ever going to get released17:45
jstrawwe'll need to do that stuff17:45
jstraw(and Matt is an accomplished ubuntu packager... so he should have some idea on where to go)17:45
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ignasjstraw: FYI - import code handles updating for most of the simple objects too19:36
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ignasjstraw: so if they get info like gender later - you can just import the new persons spreadsheet on top of the old data and get everything updated19:37
jstrawhow's export coming ;)19:37
ignasjstraw: it's there and it's working, but i am slowly rewriting it and making it more testable19:41
jstrawI can't imagine that reading an xls file is easy to test19:42
ignaswhich is why I am comming up with an intermediate format of some kinf19:45
ignasthat is easier to display in text mode19:45
ignas(the styles are the tricky part)19:45
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dwelshth1a:  you there?21:34
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