IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2009-01-05

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jelkneris there a meeting this morning?16:06
ignasi am here16:07
ignasso I will be doing a meeting ;)16:07
ignasnot sure about others :)16:07
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jelknerwhere is our fearless leader?16:09
jelknerwho is supposed to pick up the bag of gravel16:09
jelknerwell, good morning and happy new year, ignas!16:09
jelkner (though for you i realize it is anything but morning)16:10
ignasjelkner: thanks, HNY to you too ;)16:10
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jstrawhi all16:25
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th1aOK... my return to a normal schedule was delayed an hour by an ice storm.16:31
th1aGood morning jelkner, ignas, aelkner, jstraw,16:32
th1aand happy new year.16:32
jstrawth1a: hi16:32
* th1a is trying to re-load SchoolTool into his main memory.16:32
yvlmorning guys16:32
yvland HYN :)16:33
th1aHi yvl.16:33
ignasyvl: HNY!16:33
th1aSo first off some good news, CanDo has been selected to exhibit later this month at the 12th Annual Congressional INternet Caucus Technology Exhibition and Reception at the Hart Senate Office Building in Washington.16:34
th1aThat's on the 13th.16:34
th1aSo that's pretty cool.  Exactly how useful remains to be seen.16:34
ignasAnnual Congressional internet circus technology exhibition?16:35
ignasany way we can help?16:36
th1aProbably not.  Keep writing software ;-)16:36
th1aSpeaking of which, that's the immediate concern for this group.  What software to write next?16:37
th1aIs aelkner with us?16:37
th1ajelkner: Have you seen your brother? ;-)16:38
th1aOK, so how's the gas pressure in Lithuania?16:39
th1aI guess your pipelines don't run through Ukraine?16:39
ignasthink so16:40
ignaswe still have gas though16:40
ignasother than that - seems like I have to start preparing for our sprint16:41
aelknerth1a: i'm here16:41
th1aaelkner: So... did anything happen with CAS at SLA over break?16:41
aelkneryes, we made the switch-over16:42
aelknerbut chris alfano is having problems with the cas server16:42
th1aYou know, it would even out my mood if you'd keep me informed about these things.16:42
aelknerhe reconfigured it to use an external database16:42
aelknerand it seems to be crashing once in a while16:42
aelknerbut he's looking into it16:43
th1aHow was it configured before?16:43
aelknerit was configured to use a local database16:43
aelknerbut he wanted to change it16:43
th1aSo you mean external to the physical host?16:43
aelknerit's his database to administer, so who am i to say different16:43
aelkneryes, the user database is not on the same machine16:44
th1aOK, well, perhaps we can talk about that in more detail later.  Are they using it in production?  Did school start today?16:45
aelkneranyway, i helped him set up moodle and drupal, and i set up schooltool16:45
aelknerschooltool is running fine16:45
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aelkneri'll forward you the email thread16:45
* th1a wonders why he is out of the loop.16:46
th1aaelkner: Do you have anything on your queue right now?  Shovel-ready projects?16:47
aelkneri think chris lehmann wanted to work it out internally16:47
aelkneri do have things on my plate16:48
aelkneri have the bug you assigned me16:48
aelknerand the cando bug16:48
aelkneri still need to do those16:48
aelknerbut do we have any projects on the gorizon16:48
th1aPrimarily I want you to focus on gradebook cleanups and improvements between now and the release.16:49
th1aSo we'll need to generate some plans for that.16:49
th1aI'll need a couple days to get that rolling.16:49
aelknerthat's fine, it'll take me a couple of days to address the bugs16:50
th1aignas: What are your thoughts at this point about next steps?16:51
ignaswell, resolve some issues with import (we had the report about it taking too long, also passwords)16:51
ignasredo buildbot configuration a bit16:51
ignasbecause at the moment it is not aware of our new release16:52
ignasand is a bit too convoluted to be useful16:52
th1aYou were thinking about a new release soon?16:52
ignasno, i am talking about 2008.1016:52
ignasthe idea of testing each package was good until we got to trunk + 2 release  version sets16:53
* jstraw agrees on buildbot16:53
ignasi think i'll just go back to bundles for every set16:53
jstrawit's totally impossible to read16:53
ignasjstraw: it would be better if it was listing packages top-down instead of right-left, but buildbot can't do that...16:54
ignasand start looking at specific tasks for our sprint16:54
ignaswe will have more development power with yvl coming along16:54
th1aI guess one meta-question is how much planning and how much development we are going to do at the sprint.16:55
ignasth1a: don't know at the moment16:55
th1aI think we've made some progress on planning the new demographics remotely (it is just more painful that way).16:55
jstrawth1a: is this educon or 6-8/Feb16:56
th1aAnd we can probably pound through 80% of it that way (I'm going to have to go back to the chat logs from two weeks ago).16:56
jstrawI think mostly development16:56
jstrawwe could do a bit of planning at Educon16:56
ignasi'll have to look at the code and chat logs to see how much are we still missing, and how much can we do16:56
ignasbut yeah, mostly development with some design/discussion in between16:57
th1aThe thing I haven't been able to move foward remotely is discussing how to organize reports.16:57
th1aThat's kind of big remaining thing #2.16:57
th1a(plus writing some more reports).16:58
th1aI just get blank digital stares when I bring it up...16:58
aelknerwe do need to whiteboard thing16:59
aelknerin order to see the full vision of our goals16:59
aelknerso the first day of the sprint for planning things seems reasonable16:59
aelkneror first half day16:59
ignasth1a: writing reports is too abstract for me to say anything, if you would start mentioning specific reports, maybe I could say more ;)17:00
yvlsame for me :)17:00
aelknerit's the general report system that th1a refers to i think17:00
th1aSpecific reports just have to be designed.17:00
ignasaelkner: while everyone will be checking out everything getting internet/sandboxes set up17:00
ignastests running and stuff17:00
aelkneryeah, then17:01
th1aWe really should make an effort to make sure everyone has a working sandbox BEFORE we get there.17:01
aelknernot a bad idea17:01
ignasth1a: do we have a full list of people coming anywhere?17:01
th1aBut anyhow, I mean, how reports are organized throughout the system.17:01
th1aWell, it is ignas, yvl, aelkner, jelkner, filip, probably Douglas.17:02
ignasth1a: it is a lot easier for me to think about this when there are actual reports, i mean just having the reports that Justas wrote for SLA, gave us quite a lot of insight into the problems we are facing17:02
jelknerDouglas will know 1/917:02
aelknerdon't forget ccarey17:02
th1aPresumably random other locals :-)17:02
yvlth1a, general organisation of reports looked non-trivial to me - at least when I did reporting for SLA17:02
th1aYes -- it seems to be non-trivial.17:03
aelkneryvl: the issue is that we all need to be on the same page abotu reports17:03
aelknerand how they are requested17:03
yvlor migth be requested...17:03
aelknerand we could even benefit with an infrastructure17:03
th1aI guess the immediate question is whether to work it out remotely or punt to the sprint.17:03
ignaspunt to the sprint17:03
aelknerat least for the general question17:04
aelknerwe can still write reports in the meantime17:04
th1aSo let's try to have a plan to hit the ground running on demographics and do planning at the sprint on organizing reports.17:04
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jstrawinternet will be handled ^^17:05
jstrawwhat may happen on the 6th is I work the morning with you guys then head to another job and let mattva01 take over for the afternoon17:06
th1aSounds fine.17:06
th1aSo do ignas and yvl have things to do the next couple days?17:06
yvlwell, I wanted to bring this up :)17:07
th1aIt looks like I have to spend the day sending 37,000 post-vacation emails and then get up close and personal again with our gradebook.17:07
yvlI fixed a bug regarding compacting links in section intervention views17:07
yvlSLA has one wishilst bug, and one that Alan works on17:07
aelkneryvl, let me know when it is merged17:08
th1aSo you need some new bugs right now?17:08
ignasaelkner: i'll let you know17:08
ignasaelkner: just subscribe to the bug17:08
yvlbtw, th1a, what's the hour budget for Jan?17:08
ignasaelkner: i'll put a comment on it, and set status17:08
yvlshould I aim for 20 hrs/week or ?..17:09
th1aThat would be good.17:10
yvlok, will do17:10
th1aWe can't keep that up all year.17:10
th1aAnd who knows what happens with the exchange rates...17:10
yvlI understand.. :)17:11 if they devalue the Lita, that has no effect on my budget, right?17:11
aelknerit's hooked to the euro, isn't it?17:11
ignasour salaries will not have effect on your budget after that :)17:11
ignaswell, ok, we are paid in euros17:12
th1aYou'll be RICH.17:12
yvlin toilet paper, pardon the expression :)17:12
ignasso - you want euro to fall down, like USD and GBP did17:13
ignasbut next year we should be thinking of a contract in Juans17:13
th1aNo, actually a low dollar is what we need, because the budget is in Euro.17:13
th1aIf the euro goes down the value of our budget goes down.17:13
ignasth1a: also - i think i might use up some yvl time planning the sprint17:14
ignasand drafting demographics17:14
th1aignas: That's fine.17:15
* th1a had to sign for a package.17:16
th1aAll right, I'm going to throw a few bugs from the tracker at Justas to keep him rolling for a couple days (or day).17:18
th1aThis is actually the first point in, maybe ever, when I can now look through SchoolTool myself and just rattle off the bugs I see.17:18
th1aI've avoided that because it pretty much feels like piling on when there are 20,000 things already on the queue.17:19
th1aI hope everyone had a restful break because 2009 is going to be a busy year.17:20
ignaslooking forward to it17:20
aelknerme too17:20
th1ayvl: One thing you might want to put on background (or just do if you want to) is a customizable header.17:21
th1aFor printed reports.17:21
yvlah, ok17:21
yvlit currently concerns only SLA?17:21
aelknerthat sounds like a general report system issue17:21
th1a*Minimally* customizable is ok for starters.17:21
th1aWell, yes, but it can be moved easily enough.17:22
yvlas schooltool itself has only calendar PDF, and I have no idea if it works...17:22
yvlok, th1a17:22
yvlI'll think about it17:22
th1aI don't think the school use case is any different than the general organization use case for a report header.17:23
th1aKnow what I mean, yvl?17:23
th1aLike, logo, name of school, space for principal's name, etc.17:24
yvlah, yes17:24
th1aThat would go on the top of most reports.17:24
th1aSo that implies we need to be able to import a school logo...17:25
th1aI should add that as a bug.17:25
jstrawthe calendar PDF works17:25
jstrawalthough it is all agenda view17:25
yvlthough I admit I hanven't got a clue how the "correct" organizational report should look like... yet17:25
yvlI mean the layout17:25
yvlwhere should the logo go, correct spacing, etc.17:26
jstraw(it would be nice to have a set of calendar pdf views that were a day/week/month)17:26
yvlI can browse through the internet for an example, of course :)17:27
yvl(and most likely I'll do that)17:27
th1ayvl: Right.  Yes, pretty much looking at examples.17:27
yvlgot it17:27
th1aAlso, it is the kind of thing which will become more and more elaborate over time.  We just need something simple to start.17:28
th1aAny last words?17:30
th1aHave a great week, gentlemen!17:30
yvlyou too17:30
jstrawanyone want to buy me
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:32
th1ajstraw: That is one wacky machine.17:32
yvlsee you guys later17:32
jstrawlol it's my own personal sci-fi coming to life17:33
yvlgood luck ;)17:33
ignasI want one without the extra monitor thingie17:33
jstrawthat exists already17:34
jstrawone of my favorite anime... has a computer with a folding screen17:34
jstrawyou can make the screen 5x normal size17:34
jstrawso this is like the first step to that17:35
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ignasreplaceafill: hi20:28
ignasreplaceafill: looking at your emails at the moment20:28
ignasreplaceafill: trying to understand which branches and which configurations are bugged at the moment20:29
replaceafillignas, ah sorry i didn't specify that :(20:29
replaceafillit's the schooltool.gradebook branch20:29
ignasas in - the trunk one20:30
replaceafillignas, is it possible to create a stub for a functional test outside the doctest txt file?20:34
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replaceafilli see the functional test setup is using collect_ftests and i don't know how to specify a setUp for it20:35
ignasyou can "import" in a functional test20:41
ignasso just add it in some place20:41
ignasbut why do you need a stub in a functional test?20:42
ignasyou are doing unit tests in txt files20:42
ignaswell - you can also import in them20:42
* ignas does not do txt doctests for unit tests ;)20:42
replaceafillthe unit test has a setUp20:42
replaceafillthe functional ones use collect_ftests20:42
ignasso what do you want?20:43
ignasa setUp for a functional test?20:43
replaceafilli need a stub for a functional one20:43
ignaswhat stub? a stub of what?20:43
ignashow is setup related to a stub?20:43
replaceafilli need to simulate a module providing external utilities20:43
replaceafilli mean20:44
replaceafillexternal activities20:44
ignasso add a module20:44
mgedminsys.modules['something'] = ModuleStub()20:44
replaceafillfor the gradebook integration20:44
mgedminin setUp20:44
ignasadd it to your ftesting.zcml20:44
ignasand tada20:44
ignaswrite a real module20:44
mgedminwhich can be passed to collect_ftests(), no?20:44
mgedminor do the stubbing in the .txt itself20:44
ignaslook at layers20:44
ignasdon't stub anything20:44
ignasjust do a small module20:44
mgedminbut generally, yes, if you can stub something via the component arch, that's nicer than stubbing something in sys.modules20:45
replaceafillthanks guys20:46
ignasgradebook ftests.py20:46
ignashas a layer set up20:46
ignasand layer set up is getting ftesting.zcml as a parameter20:46
ignasso if you want to simulate a plugin - just write one20:46
replaceafilland include it using <include package="schooltool.gradebook.browser.somepackage" />20:49
replaceafillor <include package="schooltool.gradebook" file="browser/somepackage" />20:50
ignas<include package="schooltool.gradebook.browser.somepackage" />20:51
ignasreplaceafill: commited a fix for schooltool.gradebook20:59
ignasas for your work - yes you should branch the trunk and work on your own branch20:59
ignaspush it to launchpad so others could see it20:59
ignasand I could merge it when you're done20:59
replaceafillis it possible to "copy" the trunk branch into one of mine?21:00
replaceafillor i have to download the trunk one and the push it to my own21:00
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ignasyou can pull trunk21:16
ignasinto your branch21:16
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