IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2008-12-12

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th1aignas: Has yvl returned to the living?15:29
ignasth1a, seems not15:30
ignasI have seen him reply to an email yesterday, I think15:30
ignasbut haven't seen him in person15:30
ignasth1a, hmm, seems like aelkner_ is not a member of schooltoolers team15:54
th1aWe'll have to get everyone moved.15:56
th1aI sent an email about the new dev list.16:02
ignasth1a, hmm, a new group? i mean we had schooltool-owners16:11
th1aYes but that's a closed group, right?16:12
th1aThat's for people who can check into the PPA.16:12
ignasoh, yeah, now that i think about it - indeed our dev list is open16:12
th1aUnfortunately we seem to have used schooltool-dev for something else.16:12
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ignasjinty: hi18:06
jintyhoi ignas!18:06
jintybeen a while18:07
ignasaccomplish much?18:07
* jinty sheepishly confesses that it took a zope foundation meeting to get him on IRC again18:07
jintyextroadinarily busy18:07
jintyis more or less taking up masses of my time18:08
ignasis it making masses of money too?18:09
jintynot sure I should really answer that ;)18:10
jintygoogle is watching us18:10
jintyI see schooltool seems to be picking up lately18:11
jintyor at least more people actually installing the releases18:12
ignasyeah, I have noticed18:13
th1aWell, we didn't really want them to install them for a while.18:28
th1aUsers are such a pain.18:29
th1aEspecially when you don't have time to fix any of the bugs they report.18:30
th1ajinty: Nice looking site!18:33
* jinty didn't do any of it !18:33
th1aWell, hiring the right people is most of the battle.  ;-)18:34
jintybut we have a pair of really good designers with us18:34
jintyactually, they're partners, but finding the right partners....18:37
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th1aaelkner_: Any news on the sendmail front?21:45
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jstrawaelkner_: cando upgrade in 523:28
jstrawdwelsh checked through our test23:29
jstrawand if your around you can join in on the quick test of the full upgraded instance23:29
jstrawignas: ayt?23:38
jstrawfor setting user in paste23:38
jstrawis it [exe]23:38
jstrawuser = username23:38
ignasjstraw: yes I am23:38
jstrawI had hacked the egg to do it23:39
jstrawbut I'd rather get it into the ini file proper23:39
jstraw(this really needs to be in the book)23:42
ignasjstraw: not sure i understand what you need from me...23:45
jstrawwhat do you use in schooltool.ini23:45
jstrawto set the username that schooltool is run as23:46
ignaswe su to schooltool user in init.d script23:46
jstrawI guess I am hacking the egg again then23:46
ignaswhy egg?23:46
ignasthe ini file23:46
ignasis in instance/23:46
ignasso you should customize it per instance23:46
jstrawI know23:48
jstrawbut I can't figure out how to pass it in the ini file23:48
jstrawto paste23:48
jstrawso I am hacking it for now23:48
jstrawto get my instance back online23:48
jstrawi looked23:48
jstrawit's totally worthless23:48
ignasis the place for documentation23:48
jstrawI know, but they have almost nothing on the config files23:49
jstrawplenty on if I wanted to make my ini file an exe23:49
jstrawbut I don't really want to23:49
ignasyou can add PasteScript to buildout.config eggs or script section23:50
ignasand use bin/paster directly23:50
ignasto start up schooltool23:50
ignasthen you can pass more parameters23:50
ignasI think it should work23:50
jstrawyes, but in the end start-schooltool-instance and schooltool.ini should accept a user23:50
ignasyeah should23:52
ignaspatches welcome ;)23:52
ignasyou can find the implementation of start-instance script23:52
ignaswith all the hacks to accept parameters23:52
ignasin src/schooltool/paste23:52
ignasin schooltool egg/checkout23:52

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