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jstrawignas: in term creation, we need to fix the date fields00:01
jstrawto be like all the others00:01
jstrawshould be 2008-12-1200:02
aitch100s76as in YYYY-MM-DD?00:02
jstrawright now it seems to be a couple choices00:02
aitch100s76Depends where you are and you "locale" setting00:03
jstrawignas: also, terms should overlap... Fall, Spring, Year-Long00:03
jstrawaitch100s76: I know00:03
ignasjstraw: i have fixed it already00:04
ignasjstraw: now it's locale specific in both views00:04
ignasjstraw: no, terms do not overlap00:04
ignasjstraw: ever00:04
jstrawok, can one course be in 2 terms?00:05
aitch100s76Ignas: what about at a college when a "incomplete" is in play due to an unexpected medical proble for a student?00:06
jstrawaitch100s76: they're still on the last term00:06
ignasjstraw: Courses are in school years00:06
jstrawthe question I have is about classes that span an entire yera00:06
ignassections are in terms00:06
jstrawok, a section that spans 2 terms00:06
jstrawor 4 terms00:06
ignassections will be connected if users will want between terms00:06
ignasso it will be 4 different section objects00:07
ignasthat are referring each other00:07
ignasjstraw: overlapping terms are too difficult to manage code wise (you can't map dates to terms, you suddenly can have conflicting/overlapping timetables, and you must have some terms "more important" than others...), sections spanning multiple terms just add to that confusion, because you suddenly can't map section to term, moving sections between terms becomes just an issue of scheduling, and having some sections "term" based and some "mul00:11
ignasti term based" is too complicated...00:11
ignasas for dated - I am open to suggestions, as the current situations is a *mess*00:12
ignasi mean - we are formatting dates by locale00:13
ignashaving locale specific entry00:13
ignasmeans - you can copy paste dates in the system00:13
ignasthough - we only have data pickers for ISO date format YYYY-MM-DD00:13
aitch100s76Ignas: Suggestion for the date problem...  Why not have a "hint" that displays next to the data entry box that shows what format that box expects the data in?00:14
ignasaitch100s76: well - there is such a field "description" that is displayed next to the input00:15
ignastrouble is00:15
ignasit's pretty tricky making it locale specific too00:15
ignasbecause you want it not translated00:15
ignaswhich is easy00:15
ignasbut rather localized, so you want to have a printable date format representation, or an example date in a description00:16
ignaswhich Zope3 does not really make easy to do00:16
ignasso choices are00:17
jstrawI suggest killing off locale specific dates00:17
ignasISO date formatting when date format is set to "short" and ISO date entry everywhere00:17
ignas+ picker00:17
aitch100s76ok it was an idea, having not explored Zope3 that much I was not aware of the difficulties00:17
ignasor working on locale specific pickers00:18
jstrawand force YYYY-MM-DD00:18
ignaswe must keep locale specific medium and long formatters00:18
ignasas they include month / weekday names00:18
ignasth1a, jstraw: i guess we could think of a solution during our Monday meeting or after it00:21
aitch100s76I can live with YYYY-MM-DD system wide00:24
aitch100s76otyher d00:24
jstrawignas: I think bringing things in in multiple formats is ok, but we should store it all as YYYY-MM-DD00:24
jstrawand then re-display as that00:24
ignasjstraw: we are not storing strings anywhere00:24
ignaswe are storing dates ;)00:25
aitch100s76other data bases that i work with are YYYY-MM-DD-HH-mm-ss00:25
jstrawignas: yea00:25
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