IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2008-12-11

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aelknerhey ignas16:03
ignasaelkner: hi16:03
aelkneri sent you an email with details of a traversal problem i'm having16:03
ignasaelkner: do you have a functional test that is failing?16:07
aelkneryes, the skilldriver's test16:08
ignasok, i'll look at it16:09
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ignasaelkner_: solved it and committed16:51
ignasI will have to look at layers some time and solve these kinds of problems in one central place16:51
ignasbut not now16:51
aelkner_thanks a ton16:53
th1aThank you Ignas.16:55
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ignasaelkner_: cando skin is using z3c stuff17:12
aelkner_so that threw off the traversal?17:12
ignasand and z3c traversal adapter overrides the pluggable traversal adapter or something like that17:12
aelkner_that was a nasty one17:13
ignasi think adding a school tool layer17:13
ignasand moving all the schooltool stuff to that layer17:13
ignasand then taking care that schooltool layer always overlays all the zope3 and library layers17:13
ignasshould solve all of these problems in the future17:13
ignasbut that would require me to touch all the code17:13
aelkner_maybe at a sprint?17:14
ignaswhich is don't really want to do at least now17:14
ignasmaybe at a sprint17:14
aelkner_you're coming in feb, yes?17:14
ignasseems so ;)17:14
jstrawget a room? ;)17:15
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aelkner_th1a: what next?18:13
th1aOK, open a terminal.18:13
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th1atype "mail aelkner@localhost"18:14
aelkner_it asks for CC: then Subject:18:15
th1aYou're writing an email.18:15
th1aSo no cc and 'test' for subject.18:15
th1aOr whatever.18:15
aelkner_i did that18:15
th1aThen type a body.18:15
th1aHit return.18:15
aelkner_i did that18:16
th1aIn theory then ctrl-d, although that didn't actually work for me.18:16
aelkner_it still is expecting input18:16
aelkner_yeah, me neither18:16
th1aWell, type "mail"18:17
aelkner_no mail for aelkner18:17
th1aOK, the mails I successfully sent myself I guess came from Evolution.18:17
aelkner_sudo apt-get install evolution?18:18
th1aSo I got evolution sending but not receiving and vice versa.18:18
th1aYou should already have it.18:18
th1aErm.  I can't believe ctrl-d isn't working with mail.18:21
th1aThat's just bizarre.18:21
aelkner_i'm running evolution for the first time, and it has an Idenity Tab where it asks18:21
aelkner_Full Name18:21
aelkner_Email Address18:21
aelkner_what should i put for the email address?18:22
aelkner_server type?18:22
aelkner_local delivery?18:23
th1alet me restart evolution18:23
th1ait is a bit of a sledgehammer for this job.18:23
th1aYes, try that first.18:24
aelkner_it ask for a configuration18:24
aelkner_when i click on it, it calls up the file selection widget18:25
th1aYeah... bail out of this.18:25
th1aapt-get install mutt18:25
aelkner_or as aelkner18:26
aelkner_i'm going with sudo18:26
aelkner_ok, done18:26
aelkner_a text-based mail client18:30
aelkner_i get No mailbox is open18:31
th1aDid it ask you to create one?18:31
aelkner_it asked me to create /home/aelkner/Mail and i said yes18:32
th1atry to send a mail18:32
aelkner_Mutt: (no mailbox) [Msgs:0]---(threads/date)-18:33
aelkner_is at the bottom18:33
th1aI have /var/mail/hoffman18:33
th1aIs sendmail running?18:33
aelkner_i sent a mail from within mutt18:34
aelkner_is that what you meant?18:34
th1aI mean, is sendmail running?18:34
aelkner_root     18228     1  0 11:07 ?        00:00:00 sendmail: MTA: accepting connections18:35
th1aDid you send the mail to yourself?18:35
aelkner_i just did.  i forget to hit the 'y' key to finalize the sending18:35
aelkner_it says 'Sending message...'18:36
aelkner_but it seems locked up18:36
th1a(note here that this isn't a "sendmail is hard" problem but a "we forget how real mail clients work" problem)18:36
aelkner_the send completed18:36
aelkner_still says "No mailbox is open."18:37
th1aDoes /var/mail/aelkner exist?18:37
th1aI didn't do anything in particular to make mine work.18:37
aelkner_the mail i sent is there18:38
th1aOK... so you should see it if you do 'mail' again.18:38
aelkner_you mean, mutt, don't you?18:39
th1aI mean, we don't know how to send from mail but it should find the message.18:39
th1aWe just don't know how to use the *clients*.18:40
aelkner_got it18:40
th1aOK.  So in theory you should be able to send messages from your development schooltool and read them with mail.18:40
aelkner_when i typed mail, it gave me a terminal-based view of my inbox18:40
aelkner_i'll try that out now18:41
th1aafk for a minute.18:42
th1aaway from keyboard = pooping.18:49
aelkner_thanks for the EXTRA info18:50
th1aYou're welcome.18:51
th1aThere's more where that came from if you're interested in the details.18:51
aelkner_sure, go ahead, i dare you18:54
th1aAh, aelkner_ has called my bluff.18:55
th1aThat's why he plays poker and I do not.18:55
aelkner_th1a: i successfully sent an email from the intervention system to my local email19:00
th1aBy manually starting the server?19:00
aelkner_what server do you mean?19:00
th1aThe SchoolTool server -- the bug is that it only works when you manually start/restart it right?19:01
aelkner_yeah i got it19:01
aelkner_yes, so far only manual19:01
th1aHopefully it fails in the same way :-S19:01
aelkner_i will try to run schooltool in the backround now19:01
aelkner_th1a: i started schooltool with & and shut down the terminal session19:04
aelkner_i then sent an email from the intervention center19:04
aelkner_and it arrived!19:04
aelkner_so that's bad news, right?19:04
aelkner_actually, that's now a complete reproduction of the sla environment19:05
aelkner_i would need to use my startup script19:05
th1aThat will also tell us if the startup script is the problem.19:07
* th1a 's magic eight ball says "Signs point to yes."19:08
aelkner_i used the startup script, and it still delivers19:11
aelkner_i feel vindicated that it's not my startup script19:12
aelkner_it's good new, and it's bad news19:13
th1aThe bad news is its completely inexplicable.19:14
aelkner_and undebuggable19:14
th1aWell... ok.19:14
th1aNow, here's the thing.19:14
th1aUm... try this.19:15
th1asudo /etc/init.d/sendmail stop19:15
th1aAnd see if the mail still goes through.19:15
th1aSounds stupid but I'm not 100% sure the local mail is going through sendmail.19:15
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aelkner_i stopped sendmail, and now the mail is blocked in the queue19:17
aelkner_so that's a good indicator19:17
th1aIs that the same place it is blocked on the SLA server?19:17
aelkner_yeah, in the mail-queue directory of the schooltool instance19:17
aelkner_you know, when i told chris alfano of this problem19:18
th1aAnd you restart *schooltool* and the mail goes through?19:18
aelkner_his first instinct was to think there was something wrong with sendmail19:18
aelkner_i'll try that19:18
th1aNo, I mean, on the SLA server, that's what you do?19:19
th1aYou're not restarting sendmail.19:19
th1aOr the entire server.19:19
aelkner_i understood what you meant19:21
aelkner_so i restarted schooltool on my machine19:21
aelkner_and since sendmail is not running19:21
aelkner_it gives an error message19:22
aelkner_error: (111, 'Connection refused')19:22
aelkner_and that's in a separate thread19:22
aelkner_because schooltool is still running19:22
aelkner_that basically is a pretty close reproduction of the problem19:22
aelkner_if i were to bring sendmail back up19:22
aelkner_it would deliver the stuck message19:23
aelkner_i just verified that19:25
th1aOK, well, I guess you should fill in Chris.19:25
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th1aIt is hard to imagine what unsticks the message when you restart schooltool.19:26
aelkner_i can't19:26
th1aDoes schooltool resend the messages?19:29
aelkner_it doesn't resend anything19:30
aelkner_it only sends what was never sent in the first place19:30
aelkner_does that answer you question?19:30
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th1aUm... schooltool knows if sendmail has delivered the mail?19:39
aelkner_oh, yes, once schooltool is able to send the mail, it gets cleared from the queue19:52
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th1aaelkner_: Does schooltool have a queue?20:23
aelkner_th1a: yes, the directory structure is as follows:20:33
aelkner_better yet, the directory off of schooltool's instance directory (side by side with var where Data.fs is)20:34
aelkner_is mail-queue20:34
aelkner_therein is a new directory which contains the queued mail20:35
aelkner_one file per email20:35
aelkner_when zope.sendmail is called as i did in the intervention package20:35
aelkner_a file is added to the new directory20:36
aelkner_i'm guessing that another thread picks up on that file's presence20:36
aelkner_and send the mail to the mail server20:37
aelkner_if successful, the file goes away20:37
aelkner_i will look into the details of zope.sendmail's code and report back to you some more informed insights20:39
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