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th1aaelkner: How's the CanDo work coming?16:26
aelkneri'm on the phone with chris alfano16:27
ignasth1a: just a note - users can delete school years, as long as school years are not marked as "active"16:28
ignasth1a: problem for that user was - he had the school year he wanted to remove marked as active16:29
ignasth1a: and you can only activate school years *after* the active school year (his sample data was imported a year before)16:29
th1aThat's the right way to do it.16:32
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th1aignas: I'm overdue for actually announcing this update.  How do I determine what's in it?17:12
ignasthis update? you meen the Friday one?17:15
th1aI mean, if I should just be looking at the checkins to trunk, I can do that.17:16
ignasth1a: not trunk, and release branches are not mirrored on launchpad17:16
ignasth1a: let me look at it17:16
ignasasssemble a list17:16
ignasand give it to you17:16
ignasthen I will add the same list to users-guide17:16
ignasth1a: sent17:38
th1aignas: Let me know when you push the change to the book.17:39
ignasth1a: i sent it to you as an email17:39
ignasnow adding to the users-guide17:39
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ignasth1a: commited to users-guide17:55
ignasth1a: also, when you will make some kind of release announcement, we should point people to the sample data file, either in17:58
ignasor on the web (we could upload it somewhere)17:58
ignasbecause the current place of the file is not really user friendly17:58
th1aignas: Not friendly in the sense that we don't tell them where it is?18:17
ignasth1a: not friendly in the sense that it is difficult to browse to that place in firefox18:18
ignasand it's readonly by default18:18
ignasso users kind of have to copy it to some place of their own18:18
th1aPutting it on the web would make sense as long as we keep it up to date.18:19
ignasi mean - Justas had some trouble remembering the whole path, as he tried to navigate to it using mouse instead of trying to copy and paste18:19
th1aWe can just put it in as a link with a note that it will only work if you're on the server.18:20
ignasth1a: hmm, don't think it's a good idea, we want people able to access the file without school tool installed i'd think18:21
ignasin the next release18:21
ignasI can make it a checkbox18:21
ignasinstead of a file to upload I guess18:22
ignasso we would have a "Link to a sample data file" and "check this if you want us to upload the file to ourselves"18:22
ignasso users can download/modify/upload18:22
ignasor "check checkbox" to upload it unmodified18:22
th1aYes... something like that.18:23
ignasworking around the whole keeping up to date and easily accessible issue18:23
th1aYes... if you put it on the web you might have version problems.18:23
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jstrawth1a: ayt?18:25
th1aI am.18:25
jstrawI'm having problems getting on the schooltool mailing list18:25
jstrawI subscribed, but got no email from mailman and when I try to log in to look at the list18:26
jstrawI get an authentication error18:26
th1aOK.  I need to switch us to Launchpad.18:26
th1aOr am I imagining that LP does mailing lists now.18:27
th1aAh, we do it through groups.18:27
th1aI will set that up this week.18:27
aelknerignas: ayt?18:41
ignasaelkner: yep18:42
aelknerhow do i change buildout.cfg to get it to use the non-schoolyears schooltool and scbooltool.gradebook eggs18:42
aelkneryou said i could change that or setup.cfg either way18:44
ignasthere is no such thing as a setup.cfg18:44
aelkneri meant setup.py18:45
aelknerbut what would you recommend i change, and how?18:46
ignaslooking for it18:46
ignasthough it is probably easier for you to find the current installed version18:47
ignasby looking at the start-schooltool-instance script18:47
ignasfor schooltool and schooltool.gradebook pythonpaths18:47
aelknerok, i'll look18:47
aelkner  '/home/aelkner/.buildout/eggs/schooltool-2009.04.0dev_r2449-py2.4.egg',18:48
aelkner  '/home/aelkner/.buildout/eggs/schooltool.devtools-0.5.2dev_r18-py2.4.egg',18:48
aelkner  '/home/aelkner/.buildout/eggs/schooltool.gradebook-0.4.0dev_r42-py2.4.egg',18:48
aelknerdoes that seem like pre-schoolyears versions to you?18:49
ignascan you lisppaste me the buildout.cfg18:50
ignasthat they are currently using18:50
aelkneri'm guessing so because i haven't done a bin/buildout -n lately18:50
lisppaste5aelkner pasted "buildout.cfg" at
ignasremove setuptools from the [versions] block18:55
ignasand add:18:55
ignasschooltool = 2009.04.0dev_r244918:55
ignasschooltool.gradebook = 0.4.0dev_r4218:55
ignasto it18:55
ignasand it should be ok, though I suggest you test it in a separate checkout/copy18:55
ignasto see if the right eggs get downloaded18:55
ignasyou should probably add schooltool.lyceum.journal18:55
ignasin there if it is used in start-instance script18:56
aelknerok, thanks18:59
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ignasth1a_: ayt?23:01
th1a_ignas: I am here.23:21
ignasth1a_: what do you think if we/I tried to get up a forum for schooltool as an experiment?23:21
th1a_We actually did that once.23:22
th1a_I'm not against it.23:22
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ignashmm, where is that forum now?23:22
th1aWell, there might be some debris somewhere on
th1aAs I recall bskahan set it up.23:24
ignashmm, can't find anything there, i guess i'll talk to mgedmin and alga and see which one is easier to set up and use23:25
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