IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2008-12-09

jstrawbudgester_: you'll need to ask ignas in the mid-day your time00:14
jstrawor try aelkner00:14
budgester_ok, I'm looking at trying to help out with school tool and what with a two week holiday coming up I'm likely to have a bit of time on my hands00:15
budgester_jstraw, are you a user or develop of schooltool00:16
jstrawI am a sysadmin for a couple instances and a project manager for the CanDo Competency Tracking module of SchoolTool00:17
budgester_I'm  a network manager for a secondary school in the UK00:18
budgester_Done a bit of coding in my time00:18
budgester_But the code for schooltool is really difficult to get you head around00:18
budgester_I've kept looking at it for about 3 years now, and every time I walk away.00:20
budgester_I would love for the project to succeed but I just don't see it happening without making the development a bit more accessible00:21
budgester_or the management of students and contacts usefull00:22
budgester_I live in hope, so maybe throwing a bit of time at schooltool I can help overcome what many people see as it's limitations00:23
jstrawwell, a lot of it is coming along00:37
jstrawbut zope3 has a steep learning curve00:37
jstrawfor sure00:37
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th1a_budgester_: You still around?01:57
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dwelshth1a:  can you talk?17:03
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th1aI can talk.17:10
jelkneri'm coming down...17:10
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budgester_th1a, i'm around now23:32

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