IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2008-12-04

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th1aignas: ayt?17:16
ignasth1a: yes17:19
th1aShould I just point people to the 2008.4 translations for now?17:21
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ignasth1a: yeah, i guess so, I will work on them as soon as I get the import cleaned up a bit and commited17:22
fsufitchhey guys17:22
th1aignas: OK.17:22
th1ahi fsufitch.17:22
ignasth1a: I have managed to import the xls file of our sample data17:22
fsufitchth1a, hi17:22
ignasthere is one thing missing from it, so i'll look whether I can put it back in there ;)17:23
ignas(resource booking for section activities)17:24
th1aignas: awesome.17:24
ignasi will release it even though it is quite likely to barf when passed anything except the file we have...17:25
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jstraw'morning all17:32
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