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fsufitchaelkner, ping01:53
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JohnnySTI have an question, we would like to contribute to Shooltool. Are there any possiblities to fund developers here to add certain features?10:24
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jelknerth1a: ping15:39
th1ahi jelkner.15:40
jelkneris now an ok time to call u?15:40
* jelkner reaches for his headset...15:41
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aelknerignas: i'm having a sandbox issue17:01
ignasaelkner: what kind of?17:01
aelkneri went back to the gradebook sandbox that i use from the battleground branch17:02
aelknerand tests pass17:02
aelknerbut make run fails as follows:17:02
aelknerImportError: No module named script.command17:03
aelknerthe rest of the traceback has to do with bin/start-schooltool-instance17:04
aelkneri was able to run this before17:04
aelknerbut since then, i've done various bin/buildout 0n17:05
aelknerignas: do i need to run a script to update start-schooltool-instance with a new path?17:06
ignascan you post the buildout.cfg17:07
aelknerwhy would it not be able to find such a common egg as the paste egg17:07
aelknerlisp paste submit is not working17:11
ignaswhich directory are you running "bin/buildout -n" in?17:15
aelkneri have a checkout of the new cando branch that is to work with yearss17:19
aelknerso i ran bin/buildout -n from there17:19
ignasand in that checkout you get the error?17:34
ignasuse something like pastey.net17:34
ignasand post the bin/start-schooltool-instance17:34
ignasbzr or svn info17:34
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dwelshth1a:  you there?17:35
ignasthe command you are trying to run and the error you are getting17:35
aelknerignas: i sent you an email17:41
ignasaelkner: thanks17:42
aelknerjust so you know, this is the sandbox that i set up for the battleground sprint17:45
aelknerand i've been using it since then to fix gradebook bugs17:45
aelkneri didn't so bin/buildout there yet17:45
aelknerbut it started failing now, so i thought maybe it was because i had done bin/buildout from another buildout17:46
ignasrun bin/buildout then17:46
aelknerand maybe the eggs got hosed?17:46
aelknerbin/buildout fixed the problem!17:48
aelknerbasically it generated all the scripts17:48
aelknerso i guess that fixed the path problem17:48
aelknerignas: so i guess my question would be17:50
aelknerwhy would bin/buildout need to regenerate scripts17:50
ignaswell - maybe you removed eggs from cache17:50
aelkneri copied the eggs to a backup directory, and perhaps i removed one schooltool egg17:51
aelknerbut that's all i can remember doing17:51
aelkneranyway, thanks17:52
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ignasaelkner: as always17:53
ignasbefore reporting the problem - update everything17:53
ignasand run buildout17:53
aelkneryeah, sorry to bother you beforehand17:53
aelkneri'm just nervous about the effects of running bin/buildout17:54
aelknerin this in-between state17:54
aelknerwhere some of my sandboxes need years and other not17:54
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aelknerignas: i have a fix for you to merge20:02
ignasaelkner: send an email with a branch url20:03
aelknerok, do you think you'll be able to get the egg built before you knock off today?20:04
aelknerignas: i sent the email20:06
ignasaelkner: emm, next time - branch from trunk before fixing20:10
ignasI got a conflict, it seems that your work is conflicting with something that Justas did20:10
aelknerif you look at my diff, it's pretty localized20:11
ignasit's not your change I am worried about20:11
ignasit's Justas change20:11
aelknercan you apply my change's diff to trunk?20:12
ignaswell - i am doing it, i mean - there is a conflict20:13
ignasJustas changed the same code20:14
ignasthat you changed in your patch20:14
ignasnow I must find out which one is correct20:14
aelknerhe changed the average calulation?20:14
ignaswhitespace fixes apparently20:15
ignasremoved trailing whitespace20:15
aelkneri wish he wouldn't cram up the revision history with that stuff20:16
ignasI wish you would not do trailing whitespaces so often20:16
aelkneri knew you'd say that :)20:17
ignasaelkner: egg released20:23
aelknerignas: thanks, i got the egg20:27
aelkneri see justus' changes20:27
aelknerhe added a fill feature20:28
ignassome features, don't know what ;)20:30
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fsufitchjelkner: hi21:29
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jelknerfsufitch: hey man21:41
jelknerfsufitch: r u still here?21:42
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