IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2008-12-05

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th1aignas: hola.15:39
ignasth1a: hi15:39
ignasfixing export/import, merging to trunk, fixing dates, merging to trunk, releasing15:40
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fsufitchjelkner: hi16:38
fsufitchi got your email16:40
fsufitchabout the nhs service log, because of rather stupid apache server configuration, the slash at the end of the URL is vital16:40
fsufitchso, it should be:
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th1aignas: ayt?17:14
ignasth1a: yep17:15
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dwelshaelkner:  you there?17:15
th1aIs there anything I should know about the Lithuanian economy while writing my budget proposal for next year; e.g., runaway inflation?17:15
th1aOr deflation?17:16
ignasth1a: well - Litas is tied to Euro17:17
ignasso it's not going down, at least not soon17:17
th1aOK.  Thought I'd check. ;-)17:17
aelknerjelkner: ayt?17:30
jelkneri am17:31
jelkneri'm skyping th1a17:31
jelkneraelkner: u here?17:41
jelknercan u call me again?17:41
jelknerdwelsh is with the superintendent17:41
jelknerfsufitch: u here?17:42
jelknerdid u see my email?17:42
fsufitchjelkner: hi17:47
jelknerhey man17:47
jelknerdid u see my email?17:48
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ignasth1a: fixed terms, added import + example file, making packages will be uploading to PPA then21:41
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