IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2008-12-02

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aelknerignas: it seems i have a version of the schooltool.gradebook egg that thinks it has sampledata when it doesn't16:22
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aelknerConfigurationError: ('Invalid value for', 'factory', "ImportError: Couldn't import schooltool.gradebook.sampledata, No module named sampledata")16:22
ignasaelkner: switch off devmode, and i'll commit the fix to trunk16:23
aelknerhow's that?16:24
ignasin your instance16:24
ignashas devmode enabled16:24
aelkneryou're saying if i don't use cevmode, the bug won't happen16:24
aelknerthanks, that did the trick16:25
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aelknermattva01: i can't seem to stop jelkner's cando instance with the init.d script20:56
aelkneras the cando user20:56
aelknerhow do you use it?20:56
mattva01well I always used the script as root20:56
mattva01it autoswitches to the cando user when it starts20:57
mattva01let me give you sudo on that machine20:57
aelkneryeah i tried doing it iwth sudo20:57
aelknermattva01: will that take long?20:59
mattva01oh you have sudo, right20:59
aelknercando is not in the sudoers file.  This incident will be reported.21:00
aelknermattva01: do i need to log out and back in?21:01
mattva011 sec21:01
mattva01checking something21:01
mattva01cando should not have sudo21:01
mattva01aelkner should21:01
aelkneri don't know my password on that machine21:02
aelknercould you set it to match the one for cando?21:02
aelknermattva01: ?21:02
aelknerok, i signed in as aelkner21:05
aelkneri tried running21:05
aelknersudo /etc/init.d/cando stop21:05
aelknerah, it worked21:05
aelknermattva01: thanks21:06
mattva01should work as cando now as well21:08
mattva01without sudo21:08
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jstrawhi all23:06
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