IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2008-12-01

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peterahello from an irc beginner11:07
peteracan anyone help with importing sections please11:08
peteraI'm still just trying schooltool out, but cannot import csv section data11:09
peteraTrying several combinations, I always get "The first row must contain the timetable schema id"11:10
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th1aGood morning gentlemen.16:30
th1aThat is, aelkner, jelkner, ignas, yvl.16:31
th1aaelkner: Did you see your brother's bug last night?16:33
aelkneri didn't look at it yet, but he mentioned it to me on the phone16:33
aelknerit's a schooltool.gradebook thing16:33
ignasth1a: hi16:33
th1ahi ignas.16:34
yvlhi th1a16:34
th1ahi yvl.16:34
th1aaelkner: Can you push that to the top of your queue?16:34
aelknerwell, at the moment, jelkner's cando instance uses the egg for schooltool.gradebook16:35
aelknerand i'm not inm control of that egg16:35
jelknergood morning all16:35
* jelkner waits to see who is responsible for this16:36
th1aWell, how about if you fix the bug aelkner and we'll get the egg patched one way or another.16:36
th1aBut this should all be in bzr so I don't understand what the problem might be.16:36
aelkneri just need to know what branch of schooltool.gradebook to work on16:37
* th1a sighs.16:37
ignasif it's schooltool trunk16:37
ignasthen it's gradebook trunk16:37
ignasif it's schooltool 2008.10 then it's gradebook 0.316:38
* jelkner laughs (we elkners can be *so* slow ;-)16:38
aelknermyu sandboxes are hooked up to use the aelkner branch of schooltool.gradebook16:38
ignaswell - merge trunk to it, and you should be fine i'd guess16:38
aelknerignas, you've always merged to trunk when you were ready to release the egg16:39
th1aJust make sure you write tests that identify the problem before you fix it.16:40
ignasaelkner: yes16:40
th1ajelkner: I assume you need this yesterday?16:40
aelknerok, so i'll fix the aelkner schooltool.gradebook and write tests to identify the problem16:40
aelknerand let ignas know as soon as it's ready16:41
aelknerso he can merge to trunk to make the egg get built16:41
th1aOK, then after that working on the stuff you discussed with SLA last week?16:41
aelknerwell, wait a sec here16:42
aelkneri have tghe project of getting cando to work with school years16:42
aelknerthat has two phases16:42
aelkner1) get existing instance to work16:42
aelkner2) eventually redesign ui to be year and term-centric16:42
aelknerstep 1) i estimate to take a couple of days16:43
th1aPhase 2 is sometime in the distant future.16:43
aelkneri'd want to sit down with dwelsh to discuss the ui16:43
aelknermaybe later in this month16:43
th1aI don't think it really has to change much anyhow.16:43
aelknerwell, for now16:43
aelknerif we can allow the assumption16:44
jelknerquestion: only 1 is needed for replacefill's integration code to work, yes?16:44
th1aShould be.16:44
aelknerthe assumptions is as follows:16:44
aelknerat any given time, the user will see data for the "current" school year and term16:45
aelknerwhich will be caluclated on the fly16:45
aelknerfrom the current date and time16:45
aelknerignas and i discussed this some last wednesday16:45
aelknerbut i need to ask about some details16:46
aelknerif nwo is ok?16:46
aelknerso, i know that this could (and maybe should?) go in schooltool eventually16:46
aelknerbut i'd like to put the following logic into cando just for now16:47
aelknerso that i can get it to work without any need to wait for eggs, etc.16:47
aelkneri intend to replace all such code segments:16:47
aelkner    app = ISchoolToolApplication(None)16:47
aelkner    sections = app['sections']16:47
aelkner    term = ICurrentTerm(None)16:47
aelkner    sections = term['sections']16:47
aelkneralso, for courses, i will use the other adapter:16:47
aelkner    year = ICurrentSchoolYear(None)16:47
aelkner    courses = year['courses']16:47
aelknerthat assumes:16:47
aelkner       def ICurrentSchoolYear(ISchoolYear):16:48
aelkner            """Special interface for getting the current school year"""16:48
aelkner        def ICurrentTerm(ITerm):16:48
aelkner            """Special interface for getting the current term"""16:48
aelknerand that i write the adapters16:48
ignasnot that way16:48
ignascurrent school year16:48
ignasis already there16:48
ignasISchoolYearContainer has it16:48
ignasCurrentTerm should be in there as well16:48
ignasso just write the function that does what you need16:49
ignasand i'll merge it16:49
aelkneri looked and could'nt find any such thing16:49
aelknerin the egg at least16:49
ignaslook at ISchoolYearContainer16:49
aelknerwell, after the meeting, you could show me what i'm missing16:49
aelknerbut that's the basic idea16:50
aelknerbecause there is a lot of places in cando16:50
aelknerthat need to get the sections container16:50
aelknereven if that's not the best way to get teacher's or student's sections16:50
aelknerthat's the way it's coded in many places16:51
aelknerso better to change the way of getting the sections container16:51
aelknerand the rest of the code should work16:51
ignasyou should know that the way cando uses to get all the sections16:52
ignasfor students and teachers16:52
ignascan cause insane slowdowns16:52
aelknerhow so?16:52
ignasif you have a teacher teaching 20 sections16:52
ignasand have 100 teachers16:52
ignasso in IInstructor(person).sections()16:52
ignasyou get 20 objects16:53
ignasin the cando case16:53
ignasyou get 2000 sections, and then filter out the 20 sections you need16:53
aelknerlike i said, i realize that the method is not optimal16:53
aelknerbut i'm not worried about the user noticing the difference16:54
aelknerfor now, it would be the most practical step16:54
aelknerto get the existing code to behave with the new location of the containers16:54
ignasso just add a function getCurrentTerm()16:54
ignaseither to the school year container16:54
ignasor to cando16:54
ignasand use that function16:55
th1aAdd it to SchoolTool.16:55
ignasto SchoolYearContainer16:55
aelknerth1a: i refer you to my point about not wanting to wait for merges and eggs16:55
ignasso ISchoolYearContainer(app).getCurrentTerm()16:55
th1aaelkner: You're going to have to suck it up.16:55
aelknerignas already agreed to merge to schooltool after i have it ready16:56
aelknerth1a: he's the gatekeeper16:56
ignasaelkner: you will spend like 2-3 hours adding it and i'll spend like 5 minutes merging it16:56
aelknerright, so i'll add it to cando16:56
ignasI thought we said - add it to school tool...16:57
th1aAdd it to SchoolTool.16:57
ignasaelkner: but well - your choice, though I know how annoyed you are when you must change your code after I put such things in school tool16:57
ignasbecause you will have to change cando code as soon as I'll copy paste your function into school tool trunk16:58
aelknerignas: i wouldn't be annoyed at something that i would expect :)16:58
aelknerwe can discuss those details after the meeting as well...16:58
th1aAnything else aelkner?16:59
aelkneri didn't hear from chris alfano this weekend16:59
aelknerso i'll call him today16:59
aelknerthat's all for me16:59
aelkneroh, wait17:00
th1aKeep me updated on how things are going this week.17:00
aelkneri worked with jelkner this weekend17:00
aelknerto get his cando at least working schooltool-wise17:00
aelknerhe had a problem adding students to the persons container17:00
aelknerand it exposed a bug in schooltool17:01
aelknerschooltool/basicperson/browser/ (165)17:01
aelknerthe lookup for the groups is wrond there17:01
ignasnope, that was fixed a while ago17:01
aelkneri was able to help jelkner by directing him to avoid17:01
ignasor you mean - it does not work17:01
ignaswithout any school years17:02
aelknerspecifying the group when adding the student17:02
aelknerand using the edit groups later17:02
jelkneri have to go to class17:02
ignasin that case - yeah, I should add error handling17:02
jelknerdoes anyone need anything from me before i leave?17:02
aelkneryeah, it crahses there17:02
ignasaelkner: there was a bug, but it got fixed like a week ago17:02
ignasso - bin/buildout -n should have fixed it17:02
* jelkner , hearing nothing, leaves...17:02
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aelkneri can try that17:03
aelknerso that's it for me17:03
ignasth1a: sadly, not much to report17:04
ignasI have terms and school years importing17:04
ignasat the moment17:04
ignasbut that's it, I spent most of the time17:04
ignastrying to shoot too many hares in one shot17:04
ignas(write it so it would handle errors, be very easy to test and work)17:05
ignasso I had to shelve some code17:05
ignasand just do the "work" part first17:05
ignasthen I can add the rest of the stuff and make it with flowers and unicorns17:05
th1aI would imagine there is a nearly infinite regress of error handling possibilities.17:05
* th1a has seen the errors teachers introduce into his lovely spreadsheets.17:06
ignasso that's pretty much it17:06
th1aOK.  What's the eta for something we can push out in another "beta" release?17:07
ignasworking on persons/groups/courses now17:07
th1aSoon is good.17:07
ignashmm, if I won't have everything importing on Wednesday - yell! ;)17:07
ignasso by friday it should be in deployable state17:07
ignaswithout much error handling, but good enough17:07
ignasto give people sample data17:07
ignasas long as they use our file17:08
th1aOf course.17:08
th1ayvl: How does your schedule look this week?17:08
yvlwell, I've assigned all my time to SchoolTool this week17:09
yvlso the plan is to go through SLA's high priority requests17:09
yvlthen addres the new stuff from Christoper (on email, 11-28)17:09
yvlif there's still spare time - go trhough Jeff's CanDo bugs17:10
yvlgradebook, as far as I remember17:10
th1aOK.  Make sure aelkner and I know when you start in on the new stuff so you don't do the same things.17:10
aelkneryvl: i should be doing cando stuff17:10
aelknerand for the sla stuff, i could be a guide17:11
th1aWhich bugs are we talking about?17:11
aelknerthe first one can wait for now i would say17:12
aelkneri mean, it's not urgent or anything17:12
aelknerthe second one, too17:12
yvlhmm, okay17:12
th1aNo, fix them.17:13
aelkneraren't the sla fixes more pressinf17:13
aelknerth1a: please try to isolate who's working on what17:13
th1aWe decided last week yvl was going to fix these gradebook bugs.17:13
aelknerif you have yvl working on cando, then i have to worry about what he's doing there17:13
aelknerwhile i'm doing other stuff17:13
th1aI don't have yvl working on CanDo.17:14
yvlth1a, should these fixes be a priority over SLAs narrative report grouping requests?17:14
aelkneri thought that's what you meant17:14
th1aGo ahead and fix the gradebook ui bugs we discussed last week.17:14
aelknerok, fine, i'll deal with it when the time comes17:14
aelkneryvl, what branch would you do it in?17:14
yvlgood question17:15
aelkneri'd prefer that you don;'t use the live branch17:15
aelknerthat one is tied to any live bug fixes i need to make on an emergency basis for dwelsh17:15
th1aThese are SchoolTool gradebook bugs, correct?17:15
yvlwait... that branch is for CanDo only?17:15
yvland gradebook is a completely separate thing17:16
aelknercando has a gradebook17:16
aelknerand jelkner's buf is regarding that17:16
th1aThat's not what we're talking about.17:16
aelknerso hwo about yvl works in the new branch that i'm working in17:16
th1aaelkner is smoking crack.17:17
aelknerthe one jstraw made for cando with school years17:17
th1aThese are gradebook bugs.17:17
th1aSchoolTool gradebook.17:17
aelknerif i am, i need a refund from my crack dealer17:17
th1aLook at the screenshots.17:17
aelknerok, fair enough17:17
th1aAlso, let's review the basic bzr workflow.17:18
yvlI'm just wondering which gradebook branch Jeff is currently using17:18
th1aAh, that's always a good question.17:18
th1aI think it is trunk.17:18
aelknerjelkner's using eggs17:18
aelknerfor schooltool and schooltool.gradebook17:18
th1aby good, I mean "hopeless."17:18
aelknerso if yvl fixes the trunk, then that'll work17:18
ignasyvl: trunk17:19
yvlgot it17:19
th1aRight, so the normal workflow is yvl branches trunk, fixes the bugs, ignas merges the branch.17:19
ignaswell - preferably yvl branches the split between trunk and release17:20
ignasso I could release it to ubuntu as well17:20
aelknerand i'll work on the aelkner branch for my own sandbox sanity17:20
ignasjust before I branched the release17:20
ignasfrom trunk17:20
ignasth1a, yvl: otoh - trunk will be fine17:21
ignasyeah, keep it simple, go trunk ;)17:21
th1aI'll make LP bugs for the SLA bugs so they can be assigned sanely.17:22
yvlI have a "small" TODO list which I can send you :)17:22
th1aOK. finally...17:22
yvlwith some questions...17:22
th1aOr you can file bugs yourself ;-)17:22
th1aI've sent Mark an email each of the past two weeks about next year.  Haven't heard back yet.17:23
yvlunder which project?17:23
yvl(sorry for interruption)17:23
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th1aWhichever applies.17:23
th1aI'll escalate to his assistant today; that usually works.17:24
th1aSo... I'm working on it.17:24
th1aAny last words?17:25
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:25
th1aHave a great week!17:25
yvlyou too17:26
aelknerthanks, you too17:26
ignasyou too17:26
aelknerignas: doing bin/buildout -n does not get me any newer schooltool egg than what i have17:27
ignasand what egg do you have?17:27
aelkner schooltool-2009.04.0dev_r2449-py2.4.egg17:27
ignasthe newest is 245017:28
ignaslet me see17:28
ignasi guess it's related to the setuptools problem17:28
aelkneri changed my version as you suggestss to 6.917:28
aelknerwhich fixed the crash problem17:29
aelknerso i don't need to rename .svn17:29
ignasyour version - yes17:29
aelknerbut does it not get the latest now?17:29
ignasit's not on your side17:29
ignasit might be on buildbot side17:29
aelkneri see17:29
ignasbin/buildout -n now17:29
aelknergetting new schooltool...17:30
aelknerschooltool-2009.04.0dev_r2450-py2.4.egg :)17:30
aelknerignas: can we discuss the current term and year strategy a moment?17:31
aelknerso to get the current school year, i need17:32
aelkneryear = ISchooltoolApllication(None)['schoolyears'].getActiveSchoolYear()17:32
aelknerright so far?17:33
aelkneri'm just going by what you said17:33
aelknerfine, even better17:33
ignasor just plain ISchoolYear(ISchoolToolApplication(None))17:33
ignasshould work17:33
aelkneri should write in cando for now (which you will merge into schooltool later)17:34
aelknerthat will get the current school year usign above method17:34
aelknerand then find the current term within it17:34
ignaskind of, yes17:35
ignasthe rules are something like17:35
ignasif date is before school year17:35
ignasreturn the first term17:35
ignasif after - the last term17:35
ignasif in between 2 terms in this school year17:35
ignasreturn the first term before the date17:35
aelknerdon't you mean the "latest" term that falls before the date17:36
ignaswell last in the set of terms17:36
ignasor first counting backward from this date17:36
aelknerok, we're on the same page17:36
aelknerif there's nothing before, then the first one after the date17:36
aelknermeaning pointing to the future17:37
ignasthe important thing is - current or should it be "active" term should be from the active school year17:37
ignasfor terms by date we will add a function that retrieves a term by date17:38
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ignasand call it something else, like getTermByDate instead of getCurrentTerm17:38
ignasyou get today by using the DateManager utility by the way17:38
aelkneryes, i will always use the active school year to find the current term17:38
aelknerDateManager utility?17:38
ignasit has a current_term method, but it's not really good, and should not be used17:39
ignasit's there for backwards compatibility mostly17:39
ignasas it ignores active school year setting17:39
aelkneri'll carefully avoid it :)17:39
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mattva01aelkner,you there?21:14
aelknermattva01: i tried to call you today21:15
mattva01yeah, I actually went  to school today21:16
mattva01still feeling bad, but didnt want to make up work21:16
mattva01so the passwords don't work?21:17
aelknerok, well i'm having problems that are weird with jelkner's cando instance21:17
aelkneri copied the Data.fs file to my machine, and it doesn't accpet the same passwords21:17
aelkneralso, i don't see how schooltool.gradebook ever gets included in that instance21:17
aelknerit's not in the school.,zcml file21:17
aelknerand there are no plugins21:18
mattva01wait, which one are you looking at?21:18
aelknerso why does jelkner get the Gradebook tab?21:18
aelknerthe one we discussed this weekend21:18
mattva01ok let me verify something21:18
mattva01oh, did he tell you the
aelknerssh cando@acc.candoskills.org21:19
aelknerthat's how i get to the server21:19
mattva01ah thats not the right one21:19
mattva01they are basically identical though21:20
mattva01its cando@gradebook.apsweb.org21:20
aelknerah, i see21:20
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mattva01the other one is the official flagship cando , so I should probably change that password :)21:20
aelkneri'm confusing the one that welsh uses21:20
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aelknerso i need the password for cando@gradebook.apsweb.org21:22
mattva01its the same :)21:22
aelknerthe same as what?21:22
aelknercould you email it to my gmail account?21:23
aelknermattva01: ?21:26
mattva01the normal pass is not working for some reason, give me a sec21:26
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mattva01ah I disabled ssh for the cando user21:27
mattva01ok fixed21:28
mattva01its the zsxd..... and so on pass21:28
aelknergot it21:28
mattva01this is irc :)21:28
aelkneryep, with logs and all21:28
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mattva01I'm gonna change it right now and email it to you :)21:29
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aelknermattva01: i got in, thanks21:37
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