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sstevenshey, does anyone know the state of the RESTive interface in the current schooltool trunk?15:46
th1asstevens: I would say "deprecated."15:46
th1aIt could be revived someday.15:46
th1aIt was too much developer load to maintain.15:47
sstevenshm, do you have any idea how out of date it is? if it could still be started and used in its current state?15:49
ignassstevens: nope15:49
th1asstevens: Why do you need it?15:49
ignassstevens: gone, completely in the last refactoring15:49
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sstevensmy final project for university is looking at developing a thick desktop client as a registration system15:50
ignassstevens: do you want full access to everything15:50
ignasor just persons for example?15:50
* ignas does not know what a "registration system" is15:51
balorignas: It's for marking students absent or present in class.15:51
ignashmm, attendance can be "marked" using ajax15:52
ignasthe missing part in schooltool.lyceum.journal is15:52
ignasthe list of possible meetings, and the list of students in the section15:52
ignasyou could technically gather meetings by using ical export of the section calendar i would guess15:53
ignasso the bare minimum is adding a view of your choice that lists all the students in a section, and loads the existing data in some way15:53
balorignas: So there's an AJAX interface but it's just not RESTful?15:53
ignasbalor: well in that particular place - yes15:54
ignasbalor: not everywhere, just like REST never did attendance for us15:54
ignasfrom what I can recall15:54
balorignas: And creating a new "Student List" view will allow AJAX querying of such a list?15:54
ignasbalor: it is doable, i mean - it's just a view15:55
balorignas: Great15:55
ignasthough you should probably look at schooltool.lyceum.journal first15:55
ignasand see if it works for you15:55
ignasand see what information you need15:55
ignasand what you want to "input"15:55
balorsstevens: For the start you could assume that you have "Student A" and "Student B" in a class and mark them present or absent.  Then you could exteend schooltool.lyceum.journal with the Student List view.15:56
balorsstevens: That'd give you what you want.15:56
ignasthe data structures are like that:15:57
ignasa list of all the sections or a list of sections for a teacher15:57
ignasa list of students in a section15:57
ignasa list of meetings for a section15:58
ignasattendance or grades are in the intersections student vs meeting15:58
sstevensRight, ok, that makes sense, so this is coming at it from a different way than before, hm.16:00
ignasdifferent from what?16:02
th1aOur REST interfaces are in part a product of their own ambition.  Originally SchoolTool only worked via REST.  Then we started doing an HTML UI.  So we had two complete, separate interfaces, so we ended up running two different servers to keep them straight (since HTTP Accept: doesn't really work the way it should)...16:02
sstevensignas: oh apologies, the way I was considering approaching it before16:02 now we're at a point where if you can't start the REST server you can't use ANY REST.16:03
th1aIn most cases, people would have just kept these views mixed in with their other ones, which is technically incorrect, but they're just views.16:04
th1aSo, correct me ignas, if you wanted to you could pull out some of the old code and patch it  in.16:04
ignasth1a: two servers were because it is difficult to do PUT and DELETE requests in Zope3 as normal views16:04
ignasso we would have had the views in the same place too (probably), but could not do that without 2 different publishers properly16:05
ignasthe biggest underestimation was the fact that you must provide a full library for REST access, or else - it's easier to write the import/export code in schooltool directly rather than use REST16:06
ignaswhich means - less work, faster operation16:06
th1aRight -- we approached it as an all or nothing thing.  Most people don't do that.16:07
sstevensthank you for the history, it's very helpful. Initially the vague plan was to have a thick desktop client pulling its information down from the REST server and looking into a method to put information in the zodb16:07
ignasadding the 3-4 views for attendance <-> fat client integration is easier than parsing all the XML's most of the time16:07
th1aignas: Yes, that's my point.16:07
sstevensOh, ok, sorry that point rather missed me. It makes sense now.16:09
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dwelshth1a:  you there?16:17
ignasdwelsh: anything I could help you?16:24
aelknerignas: i'm getting an Assertion Errror when i run bin/buildout16:33
ignaspictures or it didn't happen16:34
aelknerNameError: global name 'log' is not defined16:34
ignasin other words - could you please post/email/send the full traceback to me16:34
ignaslisppaste5: url16:34
lisppaste5To use the lisppaste bot, visit and enter your paste.16:34
lisppaste5aelkner pasted "bin/bujildout error" at
ignasok, seems like your sandbox was not isolated from system packages properly16:36
ignasaelkner: which branch are you doing this on?16:36
ignaspost me the url that svn info gives you16:37
aelknerit happens with all my sandboxes16:37
ignashmm, very interestinf16:37
aelknerPath: .16:37
aelknerRepository Root:
ignasbecause make16:37
ignasshould be workingf16:37
ignasi mean - in a clean repository16:37
aelknermake works16:38
aelknerbut bin/buildout fails16:38
aelknerand when i ran make, it didn't like it got the latest eggs16:39
ignaspost me bin/buildout16:39
aelknerimport sys16:39
aelknersys.path[0:0] = [16:39
aelkner  '/home/aelkner/.buildout/eggs/zc.buildout-1.1.1-py2.4.egg',16:39
aelkner  '/home/aelkner/.buildout/eggs/setuptools-0.6c8-py2.4.egg',16:39
aelkner  ]16:39
aelknerimport zc.buildout.buildout16:39
aelknerif __name__ == '__main__':16:39
aelkner    zc.buildout.buildout.main()16:39
ignashmm, trying it on my machine16:40
baloraelkner: It's considered good manners to use a pasetebin.  i.e. copy-n-paste your code onto a site like and then to post the url to that.16:40
baloraelkner: Think of it as youtube for code snippets.  Rather than send a video you'd post it to youtube.16:41
aelknerit was just ten lines, so i didn't bother that time16:41
ignasaelkner: i have made a clean install and it worked for me...16:41
aelknercould it have to do with the permissions setting on /var/log/shooltool16:41
ignaswhat does svn st say?16:42
aelknerever scince i apt-get installed schooltool, i've have nothing but problems with the log dir16:42
ignasis it a completely clean checkout?16:42
aelkneryeah, i just did it16:42
aelknerbut bin/buildout also fails on my older cando checkout16:43
ignascan you edit buildout.cfg and add "eggs-directory = eggs"16:43
ignasaelkner: i'd guess your egg cache should be wiped clean16:43
ignasand you should do make clean; make16:43
ignasyour egg cache is probably in .buildout/eggs16:43
ignasor somewhere around there16:43
aelknerthere's a ~/.buildout/cache16:44
aelknerthat has a dist dir in it16:44
aelknerthere is no clean rule in the make file16:45
ignascache dist is for egg tarballs16:45
ignasto save download time16:45
ignas~/.buildout/eggs is for eggs16:45
aelkneri did an find . -name '*.pyc' | xargs rm16:45
ignasso they could be shared on your system16:45
aelknerin the eggs dir16:46
ignasand I want you to remove everything16:46
aelknersay again16:46
ignasit will take time to rebuild it again, but it should fix up any problems with eggs you currently have installed16:46
ignasrm -rf ~/.buildout/eggs/16:46
aelkneri backed that dir, so i can do that16:47
ignasjust remove it, you should not have any valuable content in there16:47
ignasproblems appear because of valuable content in it most of the time ;)16:47
ignasthen in your cando checkout16:48
ignasrm -rf python develop-eggs bin parts .installed.cfg TAGS tags ID16:48
ignasand run16:48
ignason my machine doing clean eggs failed for example because you have setuptools egg set in buildout.cfg, so you will probably have to delete the [versions] sections from buildout.cfg in the checkout16:52
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jstrawhi all16:54
ignasjstraw: hi16:54
ignasaelkner: anything happening?16:56
aelkneri finished16:56
aelknerso now it have the latest schooltool egg, right?16:57
ignasbin/buildout works16:57
ignasbin/buildout -n - fails16:57
aelkneri can try that16:57
ignasubuntu updated svn16:58
aelkneryes, svn16:58
ignasand it's incompatible with setuptools again16:58
ignasso - mv .svn .yuck16:58
ignasmv .yuck .svn16:59
aelknerdo that now?16:59
aelknerafter it already worked?16:59
ignasrun bin/buildout16:59
ignasit will fail now16:59
ignasmost probably17:00
aelknerbin/buildout does not fail anymore17:00
ignasbin/buildout -n ?17:00
aelknerah, yes that fails17:01
aelknerwith the original Assertion error17:01
ignascould you please try out the workaround17:01
ignaswhich is:17:01
ignasmv .svn .svn.bak17:01
ignasbin/buildout -n17:02
ignasmv .svn.bak .svn17:02
ignasand if it works17:02
ignaspost the assertion error17:02
ignasand the workaround17:02
ignason the schooltool-dev mailing list17:02
ignasso that everyone else who will encounter the problem would know what to do17:02
aelknerwhen you say post to schooltool-dev, you mean write and email to that address?17:04
ignasdid it work by the way? ;)17:09
ignasthe workaround17:10
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jelkneraelkner: ping17:10
aelknerjelkner: you don't answer your [phone17:11
jelkneri stepped away from my desk and got you message when i got back17:11
jelknercan u call now?17:11
ignasaelkner: the long term solution17:25
ignasopen buildout.cfg in your cando checkout17:25
ignasand replace:17:25
ignas setuptools = 0.6c8 with setuptools = 0.6c917:25
ignasthat should fix the problem for everyone with a fresh checkout17:25
ignaspeople with old checkouts might have to "make clean" or something like that17:26
aelkneri made a note of it17:27
aelknerignas: i found and fixed the cando bug17:27
aelknerso i'll be releasing that to jelkner this afternoon17:27
ignasclose it in launchpad too17:27
aelknerafter they have it workin, i will17:28
ignasor even better - move it to cando bugtracker on launchpad and then close it ;)17:28
aelknerok, i'll move it now17:28
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ignasaelkner: commited the make clean to that branch17:30
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ignasth1a: for documentation purposes17:58
ignasth1a: is an example of all the timetable schemas that we have in our functional tests exported into an excel spreadsheet17:58
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th1aaelkner: ayt?18:44
th1aDo you have something to do this afternoon?18:45
aelknerafter working with jelkner on cando, no18:45
aelkneri could start to look into the sendmail problem18:47
th1aOK.  Do you still need to get a test server running on your box?18:47
aelkneri can install postfix as per the instructions in the book i bought18:48
th1aOK.  Let me know if you get stuck.  I should be around.18:48
th1aaelkner: So basically, we think CanDo runs with the new SchoolTool.18:52
th1aAfter your fix.18:52
aelkneras far as i know18:53
ignasth1a: I think cando still does not work with school years19:14
ignaslinks like go are pointing to the global section container19:14
ignasthat does not exist anymore19:14
th1aAh.  You paying attention to this aelkner?19:14
aelkneryes, i'll look into it19:15
th1aOr, we could just let the users find the bugs ;-)19:15
aelknerwell that to19:15
th1aPoke around a bit though.19:15
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mattva01aelkner, standard update procedure... (svn up, buildout)?20:54
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ignasmattva01: will probably work, if not - see schooltool-dev mailing list21:08
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