IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2008-11-26

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aelknerignas: ayt?16:30
ignasaelkner: yep16:31
aelkneri have some questions about using the new school years16:32
aelkneri created a school year starting 8/1/08-7/31/0916:32
aelknerthen i go to add a term16:32
aelkneri put in 8/1/08-10/15/0816:33
aelknerit tells me  the dates are invalid16:33
aelknerdoesn't tell me why16:33
aelknerum, why would it fail?16:34
ignasaelkner: because i have not had the time16:36
ignasto fix datetime widgets16:36
ignasterms use the old date format16:36
ignaswhich is iso one16:36
ignasso for terms - enter 2008-01-0816:36
ignasor something like that16:36
aelkneraug/1 2008 would be 2008-01-08?16:37
aelknerthat worked, thanks16:39
aelknerignas: so what does the evolution script do with existing sections?16:42
ignasaelkner: adds a new school year16:43
ignaswell ok16:43
ignasit depends16:43
ignasif there are no terms and no timetables16:43
ignasadds a school year, adds a term, moves sections into the term16:43
ignasif there are terms and timetables16:43
ignasmoves all terms into a school year16:43
aelknerhow am i supposed to change the logic of looping though sections?16:44
ignasmoves sections into terms that sections were scheduled for16:44
ignasif a section is in more than 1 term - it get's cloned so you get 2 copies of it in different terms16:44
aelknerfor section in ISchoolToolApplication(None)['sections']:16:44
ignasaelkner: well - why are you looping through sections?16:45
aelknermany reasons16:45
ignasi mean - i want to know the logic behind it16:45
aelknerfirst example16:45
ignasbecause it affects the solution16:45
aelknerto find all the sections that a teacher teaches16:45
aelknerin cando's case, for example16:45
ignasemm, IInstructor(teacher).sections ?16:45
aelknerso you added that logic?16:46
ignasit was there since last year16:46
ignasthe - get all sections someone is teaching16:46
aelknerhow does it know what term to look for?.16:47
ignaswell - ok I added it "2008-03-20"16:47
ignasteacher has a bidirectional relationship16:47
ignaswith sections he is teaching16:47
ignasso as section knows it's instructors16:47
ignasteacher knows the sections16:47
ignasso you will get *all* the sections16:47
ignasif you only want sections for some school year16:48
ignaslike - the active school year16:48
ignasor some term16:48
ignasyou will have to filter them after that16:48
ignasbut that will be enormously more efficient/faster16:48
ignascompared to "let's go through all the sections in the system"16:48
aelknerhow about all the sections for a student?16:49
ignasi think16:50
aelknerok, thanks16:50
aelknerignas: i just used the Data.fs from dwelsh's instance to see how it handle the evolution16:56
ignasi did that some time ago too16:56
aelkneri created a school year that starts sep27/0816:56
aelknerand ends jan25/0916:56
aelknerand then a term that spans that whole period16:57
aelkneris that the behaviour you expect16:57
ignasyou created?16:58
ignasor - "it created"16:58
aelknerit ceated16:58
aelknersorry for the mistype16:58
ignasyeah, i mean - if you have no terms and no school years16:59
ignasi just make some stuff up16:59
ignasyou should be able to edit the term and the school year to make more sense16:59
aelkneri see you can edit the school year, so that's cool16:59
aelknerand the term as well17:00
aelknerso how do i determine how to filter the sections17:00
aelknerhow do i test "does this teacher's section"17:00
aelknerbelone to the "current" term?17:00
ignaswell - what is the current term?17:00
aelknerthe cando interface has no concept of terms17:01
ignasyeah i know17:01
ignasso - if you could define what is the "current" term for you17:01
ignasI could probably add the getCurrentTerm function to the school year container17:01
ignasat the moment i think it's missing17:01
aelknerwhatever term falls on today's date?17:01
ignaswell - and what if17:02
ignasthere are no terms for todays date?17:02
ignaswhat if it's the first day past the last term17:02
ignasshould you get the last term?17:02
ignasor should you get None ?17:02
aelknerare you asking me?17:02
aelkneri duuno17:03
ignasit will be easier for you to talk to jelkner and dwelsh17:03
aelkneri'm not used to think in terms17:03
ignasand tom17:03
ignasif you don't need terms17:03
ignasthen just use "all the sections"17:03
ignasand that's it17:03
ignasthat will get "fixed" some time later, by making relationships track17:03
ignaswhich data is current and which data is not17:03
ignasbut we can take care of it then17:04
aelknerok, so that sounds like a plan for the future17:04
ignasi mean - you don't have to think about terms17:04
ignasto make it *work*17:04
aelknerfor now i should just loop though all sections for teacher or student17:04
ignasthough if you want to make cando support school years and integrate with them17:04
aelknerand use all of the,m17:04
ignasyou will have to think about it a lot17:04
ignasaelkner: yeah, that will work17:04
ignasaelkner: and it will work just like it used to work before, so people will not really see any difference17:05
ignaswe have an active school year17:05
ignasso it might be nice to move some views17:05
ignasand make them school year specific17:05
ignasnot app specific17:05
ignasbut even that is optional17:05
aelknerso i have quite a bit of work to do to get cando to work with school years17:06
ignaswell - to work, not so much probably17:06
ignaschange a bunch of urls and some code that accesses data17:06
ignasto support - it's a lot of work17:06
ignasbecause you suddenly must think about what users want and when17:06
aelkneryeah, for instance, urls17:07
aelknersome of cando tests have things like'localhost/sections')17:08
ignaswell - that's easy to fix17:08
ignasyou just make sure you have school year setup in your setup code17:08
ignasand replace all that with17:09
ignasfor example17:09
ignassearch and replace is easy17:09
ignasthinking how it should work now is hard17:09
aelknerhow would my test know what school year to use?17:09
ignasit's you who will add it17:09
ignaslook at setUpBasicSchool17:10
ignasfunction in school tool17:10
ignasit adds 1 school year named 2005-2006 and 2 terms spring and fall17:10
ignasso you just use them in all the functional tests17:10
aelkneri see17:10
aelknerstill seems like a lot to do17:11
aelknerthis should keep me bust for a while17:11
ignaswell - learn regular expressions ;)17:12
aelknerwhat does that have to do with anything?17:13
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ignasmakes a task like "replace all the localhost/sections" with "localhost/schoolyears/2005-2006/fall/sections" in all the tests17:14
ignaseasier ;)17:14
aelknerreplacing strings is not the issue17:15
aelknerthat would be easy with or without regexes17:15
aelknerit's setting up all the tests to have the school years and terms17:15
aelknerand the implications of that on the rest of the tests17:15
aelknerthat seems like a lot that needs doing17:16
aelkneri'll see as i go17:16
aelknerenough said about that for now17:16
ignasuse "setUpBasicSchool" in all the functional tests, it sohuld make it easier17:16
aelkneri will17:16
aelknergot to shower and head to sla now17:16
ignasand keep in mind that addSection and addCourse17:17
aelknerthanks again17:17
ignasnow take year and term ids17:17
ignasor was it titles17:17
ignasas parameters17:17
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