IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2008-11-24

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ignasth1a: is it just me, or did we skip a meeting because of my 3 weeks old email?17:29
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th1aignas: Apparently.17:29
ignas(the swap problem seems to have delayed a bunch of emails)17:29
th1aAlso, my wife is sick and I'm feeling pretty lousy so I was taking a nap.17:30
jelknerignas: what r u doing here? you're supposed to be on holiday17:30
th1aYou just missed the explanation for that, jelkner.17:30
jelknerdid they move the holiday?17:31
ignasjelkner: yeah, the date for the email about holiday was (Nov 3) or something around that17:31
jelkneri noticed that17:31
jelknerit got caught in a mail queue?17:31
jelknerso, i talked to aelkner today17:32
jelkneri mean yesterday17:32
jelknerahh, he is here17:32
jelknerso did we agree he will fix my critcial bug?17:33
jelknerand did we resolve how i update once that happens?17:33
th1aI just got up from a nap.  We've got a bug going around the house.17:33
jelknerth1a: well, assign someone to fix it17:34
aelkner_i am freed up from cando bugs17:35
th1aignas: Did you take a look at jelkner's bug report?17:35
jelkner(i don't mean to make light of your discomfort)17:35
jelknerit really is critical17:35
jelkneri can't add or remove persons now17:35
jelknerand i need to do that to get my grades in17:35
ignasjelkner: can you give more details please?17:36
ignasjelkner: like - which view you are looking at17:36
ignaswhat's the full traceback17:36
ignasif there is one17:36
jelknerhow can i get at that?17:37
ignashave you pasted everything that was on the page?17:37
th1aIn the Error log view?17:38
ignasand the place you are trying to look at - is the url17:38
jelknertell me about this pastebot thing again17:38
ignasbecause at the moment I don't really know whether you are looking at a single person or all the persons17:38
ignaslisppaste5: urlk17:38
ignaslisppaste5: url17:38
lisppaste5To use the lisppaste bot, visit and enter your paste.17:38
jelknerso i can paste it in17:38
ignasemm - it's not the way it works17:40
ignaslisppaste5: url - gives you the url of the paste bot page17:40
ignasthat you use to paste it17:40
ignasit's a help command for the bot17:40
jelkneri just found the link at the top of this session17:41
jelknerhold on17:41
jelknerok, i think i did it17:42
jelknerit tells me the paste will be announced on the channel17:42
jelknerbut i don't see it17:43
jelkneri titled it "can't access persons"17:43
ignasnope, it's not there17:43
ignasjust post the traceback in the bug report17:43
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lisppaste5jelkner pasted "can't access persons" at
jelkneri had to type "lisp" in the captcha17:44
jelknerdo u still what all that in the bug report?17:45
ignasjelkner: your can do was not updated17:45
jelkneris that the problem?17:45
ignasit's a cando problem, you have to fix one line in cando to make it at least start up school years17:45
jelkneraelkner_: is that something u can do?17:46
aelkner_i can fix any cando prob;lems with school years17:47
ignasaelkner_: it's the app['groups'] must be changed to IGroupContainer(app, {})17:47
ignasor something like that17:47
ignasproblem is - it has not been committed, because cando has to work without school years17:48
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aelkner_what do you mean?17:49
ignaswell - it has to be fixed in jelkners checkout17:50
th1aThere needs to be a branch for CanDo-with-years.17:50
ignasbecause if you will commit it to the refactoring branch - you will break it for everyone who is using cando but not school years17:50
ignasthat would be the best way to do it17:50
jelknerindeed, since i will be waiting for other changes as well17:50
jelknerthat everyone else won't want now17:51
aelkner_is there a way to fix the live cando to handle school years17:51
th1aI believe it falls upon aelkner_ to do that.17:51
aelkner_without breaking the old cando17:52
ignasaelkner_: hmm, yeah, probably you can17:52
ignasjust do  groups = app.get('groups', None)17:52
ignasif groups is None: groups = IGroupContainer(app, {})17:52
aelkner_ IGroupContainer(app, {}) wouldn't work?17:52
ignasor something along the lines17:52
ignasaelkner_: nope, it will give old cando an empty group dict every time17:52
ignasbecause the app -> Group container adapter is not there17:53
aelkner_if the adapter is not there, then i can't use it17:53
jstrawignas: can you check my command form e17:53
jstrawsvn copy
jstrawbefore I break anything ;)17:54
ignasjstraw: emm, sorry, I haven't tried doing that much17:55
ignasseems ok17:55
jstrawyvl seems to have done a lot of it ;)17:55
jstraw*crosses fingers and knocks on wood*17:56
jstrawaelkner_: branch cmr-6-plus-schoolyears to let you make those little edits17:56
ignasjstraw: now explain jelkner how to do an svn switch17:56
jstrawwhy? I'll just get mattva01 to do it17:57
aelkner_ignas: so i can assume that the adpater exists while i work on the new cando branch, right?17:57
ignasaelkner_: yes17:57
ignasjelkner: :)17:57
ignasjstraw: because the issue is urgent17:58
th1aI think explaining it directly to mattva01 would be more efficient.18:00
th1aTaking a look at the larger issue in CanDo:18:00
th1aI would say there are two levels here: "years-compatibility" and "years-integration"18:01
th1aYears-compatibility means CanDo works exactly as it did before, except it knows there are years.18:01
th1aI mean,18:01
th1aIt doesn't crash.18:01
* jelkner leaves to attend to incoming students...18:02
th1aBut it doesn't "know there are years."18:02
th1a"years-integration" knows about years and uses them.18:02
th1aSo you could, say, generate a report of scores from a given year.18:02
ignasindeed, two different problems18:03
th1aWe don't care about years-integration.18:03
aelkner_yeah, we don't need to worry about the second problem first18:03
th1aWe just need years-compatability.18:03
ignasat the moment crashes are related to assumptions about some global containers being there18:03
ignasand that should be easy enough to fix18:03
th1aI don't see any reason why CanDo shouldn't work fine once we do that.18:03
th1aAs well as it did before.18:04
aelkner_so it's just adding the IGroupContainter adapter usage first off18:04
ignasaelkner_: yep18:04
aelkner_now, the only reasone i'm going to see the bug before making the change18:05
aelkner_is that the new eggs will expose it18:05
aelkner_so a fresh checkout of the new cando branch and make will get me to the bug, right?18:06
ignasaelkner_: yeah, they should18:06
aelkner_ok, i'll look into this today18:06
th1aSounds good.18:07
* th1a has to go get some medicine.18:07
th1aLet's meet at the regular time tomorrow.18:07
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jstrawaelkner_: I svn switched elkner's gradebook to cmr-6-plus-schoolyear18:21
jstrawlet him know when he can run updates ;)18:22
aelkner_of course18:23
jstrawI am making an update to that branch btw... to make it so it uses the latest eggs18:23
jstrawoh wait nm :) (I never pushed that change18:24
aelkner_yo're changing the new branch, right?18:25
ignasfull export of our sample data18:43
ignas(without calendar events)18:43
ignasjstraw: can you look at the export and see if you could generate something like that if they would make you to ;)18:49
jstrawignas: I think so... would it actually be xls?18:57
ignasjstraw: yep18:57
jstrawthat's the hard part18:58
jstraware the colors important?18:58
ignasand why is it the hard part?18:58
ignasgnumeric and oofice18:58
ignascan do it18:58
jstrawyea they can18:58
ignasyou can also do csv18:58
jstrawit's just generating it programmaticly18:58
ignasand just open it in oofice18:58
ignasand copy the 3-5 sheets18:58
ignasinto one document18:58
ignasuploading 1 document is a lot easier to do right ;)18:59
ignasnow that I have the export i can start working on importing it18:59
ignasso we would have sample data generation in the new release18:59
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th1aignas: Do you think you'll have import working in a week?19:34
ignasth1a: not sure, but i'll surely try19:34
ignasworking - probably yes19:34
ignasbut fully tested - probably not19:34
ignasthere are a lot of sneaky edge cases19:34
ignasi am aiming to have the sample export imported first19:35
ignasand then will be taking care of the rest19:35
th1aOK.  Actually, I guess I have enough to start writing documentation.19:37
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ignasth1a, ayt?20:48
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th1aignas: I am here.21:24
ignasth1a, look at private ;)21:32
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