IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2008-10-29

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th1ahi ignas.14:35
ignasth1a: hi14:36
th1aHow are things looking on your end?14:36
ignaswell - i am going to work trough some bugs14:36
ignastriage them14:36
ignassee if I can make sections14:36
ignasconnected between terms14:37
ignaswhat's the final deadline by the way14:37
ignasI thought it was yesterday ;)14:37
th1aOK.  That's an important one.14:37
th1aThe deadline is...14:37
th1aSame as Ubuntu.14:38
th1aNext release we'll need to do rc's, etc. btw.14:38
ignasth1a: if you will make the precise timetable i should follow14:38
ignasother thing i would like to fix is - date formats in term and school year views14:39
th1aignas: We need to update the version number in the footer.16:16
th1aignas: Also, is there some way to excuse absences in the Journal?16:20
ignasth1a: not at the moment i think, the bug is in the bug tracker...16:41
ignasi need to introduce a new view16:41
ignaswill look whether I can do it some way easy16:41
th1aignas:  I'm still working up the super-complete feature list -- just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something.16:46
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ignasth1a: i see16:58
th1aIt is also pretty helpful for us to see where we are.  Getting everything written down in one big document.16:59
ignaswriting down is always useful, I don't think there were many cases when we had too much communication in this project ;)17:39
th1aWell, I think it will make a big difference going forward now that all the big pieces have landed in trunk.17:40
ignaswell - from lithuanian standpoint - levels are still missing17:40
ignasand i'd consider it a big one17:41
ignasthough - from CanDo perspective17:41
ignaseverything is there i guess17:41
th1aLevels are important from everyone's perspective.17:42
ignasok, i'll have to go home now, I spent most of this day in a long and important meeting, so i will be commiting bugfixes i want to do tomorrow17:43
th1aOK. Thanks.17:44
ignasif you get the application to traceback of fail in a ball of fire, write an email ;)17:44
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