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th1aHow we doing, ignas?14:51
ignaswell - i will release Alan's and Justas fixes14:58
ignasand add a couple of mine14:58
th1aignas: Could you replicate that journal comment bug?15:03
ignaswell - if you click "update" the boxes for descriptions disappear15:07
ignasif that is your bug - then yes15:07
th1aI was getting a completely blank page.15:10
th1aBut, probably it is the same bug.15:10
ignasnot really15:10
ignascan you post the url15:11
ignasof the empty page?15:11
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ignasif you hit "refresh"15:15
ignaswhat happens?15:15
ignashmm, i am getting traceback on that page15:17
ignaswhich is quite disturbing15:17
ignasthat's because I have removed a section meeting15:17
ignasand it had grades15:17
ignasone more bug15:17
th1aAh.  I get a refresh warning from firefox (do you want to resubmit the data) and then I get the page.15:19
th1aIf I hat the update button, it works.15:20
th1aIf I add a comment in the second box and hit the update button, blank page.15:20
ignasvery strange15:20
th1aSorry to wait for the last minute to discover this sort of thing.15:21
ignasthe problem with this is that I can not reproduce it in any way at the moment15:22
th1aThis is on intrepid.15:24
ignasif you do view source on the blank page15:25
ignasdo you see anything?15:25
th1aIt also happens if I update an existing comment.15:27
th1aWe might just have to add this to the tracker and move on for the moment.15:27
ignasnope, this thing works for me with the same URL15:28
ignasand mostly same database15:28
ignasso yeah15:28
ignasyou should add it to the bug tracker, but I can't fix it without you15:29
th1aRight.  Are you trying this on Intrepid?15:29
th1aIt could be some new Firefox behavior.15:29
ignasnope, i am still using hardy15:29
th1aThat seems like the most likely explanation to me.15:30
ignasi guess i'll try that out after upgrade15:30
ignasso yeah15:30
ignaspost the url in the bug description and assign it to me15:30
th1aActually, let me try accessing from another computer.15:30
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th1aYeah, it is definitely the new browser.15:33
th1a'cause it works from my desktop.15:34
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mgedmindoes anyone know a tool for making screencasts?16:16
ignasi couldn16:18
ignast find a tool for processing screen casts too16:18
ignaslike - compressing them to some sane size for example16:18
th1aI thought there were more options for linux now.16:19
th1aI remember reading something about using blender, actually.16:20
ignasblender? wow, i thought it only did 3d editing16:20
ignasmodeling that is16:20
th1aI might be hallucinating.16:21
mgedminquick! how many fingers am I holding up?16:22
* mgedmin surrepetitiously checks for hidden webcams16:22
ignaspsychic powers often come with hallucinations, maybe you are becoming aware of your true potential ;)16:23
th1aPerhaps I will spend the next six months coming up with a perverse way to make screencasts with blender.16:24
ignasi think these are called "Artists impression" ;)16:25
th1aignas: So my corp just announced a program to buy an Apocalypse for anyone who'll train to fly it.16:27
th1aSo I should be flying a golden banana with frickin' laser beams soon.16:27
ignasi have spent so much time in a Purifier and a Curse that i now feel unsafe flying battleships16:28
th1aYes, one gets spoiled by cloaking.16:29
ignasand 6 second align time16:30
th1aU'K needs to be able to bring a little more heavy metal if we're going to go back onto the offensive against CVA, so we need to be pushed out of our skirmish ships.16:31
ignasmetal is good :)16:33
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th1aYes.  Also, ultimately simpler, which is appealing to me.16:33
ignassimpler :)16:38
ignasnot after the speed patch ;)16:38
th1aIn what sense?16:38
ignaswell - battleships will become a little bit more complicated16:40
ignasnot much16:40
ignasbut still16:40
th1aBecause they're even slower?16:41
ignasi am pretty sure I should give you the "information"16:41
ignasbut I am not sure I want U'K to have it ;)(16:41
th1aWe've got other people working on these issues...16:43
ignasok :)16:43
ignasa simple test on SISI16:44
th1aI don't understand the difference between the Raven and the Purifier shooting missiles at the Malediction.  Do missiles add the speed of the firing ship?16:47
ignasPurifier has a bonus to the explosion radius of cruise missiles16:47
ignasraven - missiles fly 20% faster (velocity bonus)16:48
ignaspurifier - missiles are like 5 times smaller (explosion radius)16:48
ignaswhich is why malediction can outrun cruises from a purifier, but when they hit - well you saw it ;)16:48
mgedminyou're certainly talking in some code, but what are you discussing?16:49
mgedminsecret plans for world domination?16:49
th1aUniversal domination!16:49
ignasth1a: point is - battleships are slower a bit, on the other hand relatively to missile explosion speed - they are 7 times faster now...16:50
th1aOh, right.  Because the whole missile system has been re-done?16:52
ignasnot redone, forumulas are the same, though they went medieval on the koeficients ;)16:53
th1awhat's the first number in your tables, before %?16:53
ignaspurifier shooting a malediction that is still does 223 damage, a raven does 20.716:55
mgedminit's an Internet law: every speling correction must have a typo16:57
th1aI think the big concern in U'K is what happens to everyone's precious Vagabonds.16:58
ignasmy main concern is - how much havoc can we cause knowing that stuff in advance ;)16:59
ignasand vagabonds at least with AB will be getting like 10% of the usual damage16:59
ignaswhich means - they will be cool, but not immortal16:59
th1aVs. missiles.17:00
ignasyeah, they will be still immortal vs guns ;)17:00
th1aAs long as Ravens don't become for PvP what they are for PvE, I think we'll be happy.17:00
ignaswell - it's a raven nerf17:01
ignasi mean - you saw the numbers17:01
ignasmissile pilots (the ones that can think) are crying ;)17:01
ignasthe rest can't think, thus are not crying yet ;)17:01
th1aI'm looking forward to some interesting uses of the un-nerfed Black Ops.17:02
ignasyeah, at the moment Rab is using it as a giant stealth bomber :)17:02
th1aYou have to be quite rich to do that ;-)17:03
ignasand quite careful17:04
th1aignas: Where are you with the package updates?17:41
ignaswell - i can release some of them now if you want me to17:41
ignasalan fixed some stuff, i fixed a couple of small bugs17:41
ignasand justas fixed some stuff as well17:41
ignasand i will definitely have some small bugs to fix tomorrow, so - i can do as many releases as you want whenever you want me to ;)17:42
th1aThat is a very good thing.  I would say make a run now.  Make sure it says 2008.10 in the footer ;-)17:43
ignasok, thanks for reminding me ;)17:44
ignashope can handle the load17:45
th1aOf building packages?17:46
th1aSo people upgrading SchoolTool on a hardy system can just apt-get update, or do they need to install something like schooltool-2008.10?17:47
* th1a can't remember.17:47
ignasjust update17:47
ignasschooltool-2008 now points to our new configuration17:47
th1aYou don't need to start schooltool-2008.10?17:48
ignasyou are the only who saw 2008.10 thing17:48
ignasth1a: as i have to release all 3 packages, and upload all of them to PPA, and then copy them to all the distributions it will take a while ;)17:53
th1aNo problem.17:53
th1a(for me)17:53 could definitely use another gig of RAM18:09
ignasit only has 51218:09
th1aHm.  We're just using it for the builds because it is an official neutral site?18:16
ignasbecause it's the only server Schooltool project has that we can run web services on :/18:17
ignasand host stuff on18:18
ignasok, uploaded to PPA18:27
ignasmust go afk now, will copy and test in a couple of hours18:27
th1aOK.  Thanks!18:27
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