IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2008-10-28

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ignasth1a: gutsy, hardy and intrepid in place, working on deploying of bugfixes16:29
th1aignas: Cool.16:40
* th1a is wondering why is so slow.16:41
ignasemm :)16:48
ignasbecause I am trying to build a bugfix release package16:48
ignasnow it should be back to normal ;)16:48
ignasthere is one cruicial bugfix that I want released16:57
ignasand it will be done16:57
th1aNo biggie.17:00
ignasa biggie, error handling in add school year form ;) i am glad Justas has a knack at breaking software, else - i would have missed it17:03
th1aIt is good to have someone like that around.  I'm going to be spending more time trying to break SchoolTool now as well.17:04
th1aI haven't spent time dredging up issues since we've had plenty on our plate as it is.17:12
th1aDon't need to go looking for trouble.17:12
ignaswell - fixing bugs in a release is easier than making a release ;)17:18
th1aIt is also easier to fix bugs when you aren't re-arranging the entire application, or starting a whole new component from scratch.17:28
ignasok, released bugfixes to hardy17:51
ignasseems like they are working OK17:51
ignasso copying to intrepid17:51
ignaseverything should be ok17:52
ignasrelease is out, test it, report bugs, prioritize bugs, make plans for our full release ;)17:59
ignasI was thinking of adding levels for our next release, though - unless you have better ideas, or more important things18:00
ignasmy English broke18:00
ignasth1a: could you try apt-get updating and apt-get upgrading from our PPA18:01
ignasok, I am going home, email me if anything happens ;)18:18
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