IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2008-10-23

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th1aignas: Do you want a little patch to fix the sample student generation (you might be able to do it yourself easier than applying the patch...).15:53
ignasth1a: sample student generation is still there?15:55
ignasi mean - i have merged the date management branch15:55
ignasand sample data is disabled at the moment15:55
th1aAh.  I'm looking at the date management branch.15:55
ignasi gues i have left the UI in there ;)15:55
ignasi'd use a CSV with some students15:56
ignasi can even do one for you i think15:56
th1aActually, I should try updating an older Data.fs.15:57
th1aShould that work yet?15:57
ignaswait a sec15:59
ignasi am fixing some issues15:59
ignasthat i became aware of15:59
ignaswhen migrating CanDo database16:00
th1aPerhaps I should stick a Data.fs on the website until we get sample data generation working again.16:10
ignaswell - if our sample data will get evolved16:16
ignasth1a: i'd do a set of CSV's16:16
ignaswith instructions on how to import them into the system16:16
ignasjelkner: are you there?16:17
ignasjelkner: found what I was looking for, thanks ;)16:19
ignasi'll need cando migrated to school years to test their evolution properly :/16:22
ignasthough - their database helped me find a couple of bugs in my evolution script16:23
th1aWhat do you mean migrated to school years?  Adding some years?16:23
ignasnot to school years actually16:23
ignasi need cando migrated to requirements16:23
ignaswithout inheritance16:23
ignascando works without school years16:23
ignasi mean - that part of the evolution script works fine16:23
ignasbut I am not sure whether I can't see competencies because I have deleted a bunch of random Inheritance mentioning code16:24
ignasor because I broke the database ;)16:24
th1aI don't think they actually used inheritance at all in the competencies.16:25
th1aThat's why we could quickly rip it out.16:26
ignaswell - which is why it would be nice if it would get ripped out from cando too16:26
ignasnot just from schooltool.gradebook16:26
th1aI thought it was all in requirements anyhow?16:28
ignaswell - if some people would not be doing IInheritedRequrement.providedBy(competency)16:30
ignasall around the code16:30
ignasthen it would be so16:30
ignasbut - object oriented design is something you learn by doing16:30
th1aWell, you'll have to ask aelkner about that.16:35
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fsufitchhi all16:38
th1ahi fsufitch.16:38
fsufitchth1a, hi16:38
th1aHow comes tjtalk?16:39
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fsufitchth1a,  it comes well :)16:39
th1aIs it using SchoolTool now?16:40
fsufitchand it's actually user-aware! :)16:40
th1aAs opposed to?16:41
fsufitchas opposed to NYI16:41
fsufitch(not yet implemented)16:41
fsufitchwhich is what it was showing before in all those instances :)16:41
jelknerfsufitch: do you have a minute?16:42
fsufitchjelkner, sure :)16:42
ignasth1a: i'll make buildbot green16:43
ignasand tell you16:43
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ignaswhen you can update everything and see if everything works16:44
ignasyou should probably switch to schooltool trunk instead of date_management though16:44
ignasbecause I have merged everything to trunk16:44
fsufitchignas, how can i get tjtalk to show up in one of those top tabs of schooltool?16:51
fsufitchsuch as Home, Calendar, Manage, etc16:52
ignaswell - look for the place where "Reservations" tab is registered16:53
ignaslook at how it's done16:53
ignasimitate it16:53
ignas3. Profit16:53
th1aIs the "Reservations" tab still in trunk?16:53
th1aI thought we took that out.16:53
ignasit's not there16:54
fsufitchso then? ...16:54
ignas    <navigationViewlet16:54
ignas      name="manage"16:54
ignas      for="*"16:54
ignas      manager=""16:54
ignas      template="templates/"16:54
ignas      class=""16:54
ignas      permission="schooltool.edit"16:54
ignas      link="manage.html"16:54
ignas      title="Manage"16:54
ignas      order="200"16:54
ignas      />16:54
ignasthough - you might want to look at "Calendar" tab to see how to do a tab that is user sensitive16:55
ignasbecause this one is "global"16:55
fsufitchthis isn't supposed to be user-sensitive16:55
fsufitchi just need a link to http://localhost:7080/tjtalk16:55
ignasi see16:56
fsufitchso do i do <configure package=""> around that?16:57
ignasif you are using - schooltool.skin16:58
ignasif not - then nothing ;)16:58
fsufitchyep, i found it in app too16:58
fsufitchwait, what's
ignaswell - it's a template :)17:10
ignasthat displays the link :)17:10
fsufitch... then i'll use it :)17:13
fsufitchignas, when i do a tal:repeat="category context" why do i get the string key index of the category and not the objects themselves?17:21
fsufitchi dont remember repeats doing this before17:22
ignascontext is a dict17:22
ignasiterating through dict gives you keys17:23
ignasand gives them in random order17:23
ignasif you want values17:23
ignasiterate through context/values17:23
ignasbut still - they will be unsorted17:23
fsufitchyeah, but context should be a container, not a dict...17:23
ignasso you might want to do /sort_by:title or whatever it's called17:23
ignascontainer is a dict17:23
fsufitchohcool, u can do that?!17:24
ignasdict like17:24
ignasat least17:24
fsufitchi didnt know about sort_by :)17:24
ignas"obj objects/sortby:title"17:25
fsufitch  TypeError: iteration over non-sequence17:26
fsufitch tal:repeat="cat context/values/sortby:title"17:26
fsufitchthat's bad?17:26
fsufitchoh, cause values is a method17:26
ignastal:define="categories context/values"17:27
ignastal:repeat="cat categories/sortby:title"17:27
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fsufitchi have to go to my next class now17:30
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th1aignas: Has there ever been a remote exploit of Zope 3 (since 3.0)?17:40
ignashmm, REST text related17:42
ignasi think17:42
ignasnot sure if it was remote exploit17:42
th1arestructured text?17:42
ignasth1a: all is commited, bzr up everything17:46
ignasand try it out17:46
ignas(backup your database before trying)17:46
th1aWhich packages do I need now (are gradebook and journal still separate checkouts)?17:47
ignasbut the eggs should be there17:47
ignasafter you upgrade17:48
ignasif evolution goes through nicely17:48
ignasi'll tell you how to enable gradebook17:48
ignason your gradebookless database17:48
ignas(if it's gradebookless)17:48
th1aI noticed my instance_type is stapp200718:08
th1aWhere do I change that?  Do I need to?18:08
th1aignas: What should by generation be?18:09
ignasnope, no need to, your instance should keep working even if it's 2007 one18:10
th1aI have a feeling my bzr up didn't really take.18:10
th1aI'm at generation 26.18:10
ignashmm, what did you bzr up?18:10
ignasand where from?18:10
ignasif launchpad, then you will have to wait for them to mirror18:10
th1aI can do a fresh checkout -- from where?18:11
ignas has the list18:12
ignasthe convention is18:12
ignasfor trunk18:12
ignasso you do bzr co schooltool18:12
ignasbzr co schooltool.gradebook18:12
ignasbzr co schooltool.lyceum.journal18:13
ignasfor example18:13
ignasas for upgrades from 2007 to 200818:14
ignasi need to make schooltool.lyceum.journal work as a plugin18:14
ignasand you will be able to switch by changing the site.zcml to point to the right place18:15
th1aignas: Do I need an stapp?18:21
ignasnope if you have stapp2007 config18:22
ignasthen you don't need it18:22
ignasi mean - you need everything your buildout.cfg wants in develop = ...18:23
th1aIf I'm starting fresh I do though.18:23
ignasyeah, would be nice to test the 2008 configuration18:24
ignasbut i will do that myself i think18:25
ignasi'll just generate the full 2008 sample data18:25
ignasand try upgrading it18:25
ignasso just check if your databases in use or testing work18:26
ignasok, must run now18:28
ignasso see you either tomorrow or in like 3 hours18:28
ignaswrite an email if it breaks ;)18:28
ignasso I could fix it tomorrow morning18:28
ignasbecause I will work on packaging now most probably (will polish and fix bugs from launchpad after packaging)18:29
ignassee you18:29
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jelknerreplaceafill: hola21:28
replaceafilljelkner, hey!21:30
jelknermattva01 is hear trying to help me resolve the checkin issure21:30
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jboisturereplaceafill: jelkner tells me you can help me with uploading a file22:52
jboistureto the nhs service log22:52
replaceafilljboisture, sure22:52
jboisturegreat I currently have a page where you can select the file but thats about it I'm not sure how I can get it into the python importer I have written22:54
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replaceafilljboisture, can you see my private messages?22:57
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