IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2008-10-24

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fsufitchaelkner, ping03:27
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th1aignas: Did you try updating from generated sample data?15:30
ignasyep, found the bugs15:30
ignasfixed them15:30
ignasfixing some more small issues15:30
th1aaelkner: ping.16:15
th1aignas: let me know when you commit17:07
ignasth1a: evolution script is commited already17:25
ignasth1a: i am just fixing section view functional test, though that should not affect anything that you do17:25
ignasbecause the view works17:25
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th1aignas: Nice.17:59
ignasth1a: commited some fixes to the section view17:59
ignasand to the calendar overlay portlet17:59
ignasso now - it shoud work the way it's supposed to18:00
th1aYes.  Thanks.18:00
ignasi'll proceed to packaging now (cando database seems ok too)18:00
th1aExcellent.  Good work ignas.18:00
ignasi only had to change their code in one place, and it started working with school years18:00
ignasthough - they'll probably need more extensive packaging18:00
th1aThere isn't a zope 3 equivalent of pep 8 is there?18:30
ignascan't recall now18:32
ignasi mean - zope corp has it different from POV ;)18:32
ignasschooltool is using mgedmin coding style (pep 8 with some minute modifications iirc)18:32
ignasor at least was using18:32
ignasbefore hurricane Martijn and typhoon Stephan ;)18:33
th1aOK.  I'm writing a long form of all SchoolTool features.  I guess I'll just leave it at PEP 8.18:33
th1aAre we going to use version numbers like 8.10.0, 8.10.1, etc.18:35
ignasyeah, same as with 2008.0418:47
ignasthough - I am still thinking whether i'll make stapp2008fal18:47
th1a2008.10.0 then.18:48
ignasor just leave it at stapp2008spring18:48
ignasand add gradebook to it18:48
ignas(because package users are installing is schooltool-2008)18:48
ignasas for 2008.10.018:48
ignaslast release started from 2008.10.2 i think ;)18:48
th1aI think next year it will need to be separate packages for spring and fall.18:48
ignashmm, i can probably do stapp2008fall in schooltool-2008 if there were no configurations before that18:49
ignasi'll see for sure when i'll be doing that18:49
th1aI don't think it matters this time around.18:50
th1aBut I'm definitely putting down as a feature that major upgrades don't happen automatically -- that a new package is installed and you move your db when you're ready.18:51
ignasproblem is18:52
ignasif schooltool gets school years18:52
ignasyour configuration stays the same18:52
ignasas in - lyceum.journal and basicperson18:52
ignasbut - you still get school years because that's core functionality that you can't opt out from18:52
ignasand won't be able to, unless we try to support 100% identical look and feel (which might be inferred from a phrase - major upgrades don't happen automatically)18:53
th1aI'm not sure what you mean -- I'm saying that when a new release comes out it gets its own database and own /etc/schooltool/...18:54
th1arather than overwriting.18:55
th1aSo you have to manually copy things.18:55
th1aYour current version continues to run exactly as before until you manually make the jump.18:55
ignaswhat do you mean "exactly as before"18:55
ignasif you upgrade schooltool to 2008.1018:56
ignasyou either evolve or don't run18:56
ignasthere is no way on ubuntu to keep schooltool 2008.0418:56
ignasat the same time :/18:56
th1aIf they were two separate packages -- apt-get install schooltool-2008-0418:57
ignasubuntu can only have 1 version of the egg in there18:57
ignasok we can conflict18:57
ignasso yeah, probably it is possible18:57
th1aNo, I see what you're saying.18:57
th1aI'm looking at it too simplistically.18:57
ignasthere are 2 packages - python-schooltool (2008.04) which will become python-schooltool (2008.10)18:58
th1aAlso, I'm forgetting this corresponds to Ubuntu versions.18:58
ignaswhich is a library18:58
ignasand another package (schooltool-2008)18:58
ignasthat installs the schooltool library + schooltool.stapp2008spring configuration18:58
ignasand creates the neccesary configuration in /etc/schooltool/schooltool-2008 + /etc/init.d/18:59
ignasto run that configuration18:59
ignaswhat we can 100% promise is that we will honour their configuration, what we can't promise is - that we will release schooltool-2008.04 on Ubuntu8.1018:59
ignasmaybe next year if you really want to19:00
th1aYes... I forgot about interacting with the underlying distribution.19:00
th1aOK.  Gotcha.19:00
th1aI got a little over-excited.19:02
ignaswell - what you want is technically possible, but technically difficult ;)19:03
th1aI've heard that before.19:05
th1aHow do you say that in Lithuanian?19:05
ignasdon't know really :)19:09
ignasI am thinking in English when speaking in English for a long time now, so you can treat me as a native speaker with poor vocabulary ;)19:10
ignasok, I must run now (must pay the money for the place I am renting) will be online in like 30-40 minutes and start uploading packages for ibex19:11
ignasif they will work - I will make the release and upload the new packages for ibex19:11
ignaspackage them for gutsy and install them on my machine19:12
ignasthen - i will look at how one backs up the database before upgrading...19:12
ignassee you soon19:12
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