IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2008-10-22

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jelknergood morning15:41
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th1aaelkner: How's it going?17:06
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ignasjelkner: how's the speed of cando?17:22
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th1aignas: If they aren't complaining it must be better ;-)17:33
* ignas likes optimization tasks very much ;)17:34
ignaswant's some more :D17:34
th1aI'm sure there will be plenty.17:34
th1aignas: Did you check for my EVE contract?  I see it on my side.18:27
jstrawignas: we'll be looking this afternoon18:27
th1aAlso, is there a branch I should be using to start making some intrepid screenshots, ignas?18:28
ignasth1a: will look at it18:42
ignasth1a: the date_management branch is the one18:43
ignasi have mostly finished working on plugins18:43
ignasso I will  be merging it as soon as I get my hands on a CanDo database18:43
ignasto check if my evolution script works on it18:43
ignas(i want a serious test case)18:43
ignasjstraw: can you give me the access to CanDo database in some way? gpg encoded, sftp or whatever...18:44
ignasjstraw: so I could start up a mirror instance on my machine, and you or someone else could confirm that it works and has all the parts you'd expect18:45
ignasjstraw: or should I just ignore you and wait for you to upgrade some day and start running in circles yelling - what happened to our data and how do we switch buildout to previous schooltool version ;)18:45
jstrawignas: I was in a class19:07
jstrawignas: send me a ssh key19:07
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th1ahi tyrion-mx.19:46
tyrion-mxI was here to ask help, but I just saw, so I am reading here :)19:48
tyrion-mxHowever it's not easy to find it (from
th1aI'll make it more prominent when I re-do the front page for our release next week.19:53
th1aI'll also be adding more to it once the last reorganization for the beta is checked in.19:54
tyrion-mxthank you19:57
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