IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2008-10-21

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jstrawaelkner: here?04:56
aelknerjstraw: sitting down for dinner05:04
aelkneri'll ping you wheen i'm done05:05
jstrawI got your email05:05
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aelknerjstraw: did you respond?05:27
jstrawnope was going to just chat about it05:27
jstrawgiven that it changed today05:27
jstrawwe activated the init script and daily backup script05:28
aelkneri'll go sign in05:28
jstrawyou won't be able to run the init script yet05:29
jstrawI need to figure out how to make that work for the cando user05:29
aelknerin the meantime, what should i do?05:30
jstrawI ran updates today05:30
jstrawto push the optimization05:30
aelkneri saw your email05:32
aelknerso are you saying that i can't do updates for a while then?05:32
jstrawjust let me know05:33
jstrawI'll get to it as soon as I can05:33
aelknerso far now, i'll email you and welsh when there's a new update05:34
jstrawI'll put this on the tracker for us, I gotta figure out a fairly secure way to let the init script be run05:34
aelknerit should be runnable with sudo05:35
aelknerand switch to the cando user itself05:35
aelknerso that you or i or any other sudoers could use it05:36
aelknerand not have to su cando05:36
jstrawthe cando user is what people login as05:37
jstrawand I hacked the schooltool egg05:37
jstraw<_< to make the paste script run it as cando05:37
aelkneroh, that's right, sorry05:38
jstrawI need to talk to ignas05:38
jstrawand get him to add --user to the list of options05:38
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jstrawignas: can you add --user to the paste scripts (and start schooltool instance)14:49
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ignasjstraw: don't really know15:13
jstrawignas: well, I know it is possible (I added it to 's extra options15:14
ignasi see15:14
jstrawbut I can't make a permanent change to that file15:14
ignasyou asked me if *I* could add them, not if *you* could add them ;)15:14
* ignas was doing it through paste.ini15:15
ignasin instance15:15
jstrawhmm I didn't see it in the ini file spec... that could work too15:15
jstrawyea, I just misread it15:29
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th1aQuestion: is "Boot-Up Manager" installed by default on Ubuntu (it is under System>Administration).19:40
th1aI can't remember if I installed it separately.19:46
aelknerth1a: I don't have it in System>Administration, so that would indicate that you installed it20:09
aelknermind you i'm running hardy20:10
th1aThanks aelkner.20:19
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ignasaelkner: is there a way to get my hands on a CanDo database?21:21
ignasthe acc08 one21:22
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fsufitchth1a, ping21:24
ignasaelkner: write me an email if you can, I must go home now21:26
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th1afsufitch: pong.21:49
fsufitchth1a, given that my computer is on the school network, how would i go about opening my 7080 port so that other computers can see schooltool?21:50
th1aIs this on a more or less stock Ubuntu box?21:51
th1aSo you probably don't have a firewall running.21:53
th1aSo you should just need the IP.21:53
fsufitchdoesn't work...21:54
fsufitcheven from the local machine to itself21:54
fsufitchi need to use localhost to access it21:54
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jstrawaelkner: update run21:54
jstrawth1a: we should add how to set the user it runs as21:58
jstrawand apache config21:58
th1aYes... if someone tells me how I can write it up.21:59
jstrawignas should be best for the user config :)21:59
jstrawI can work on ProxyPass for you21:59
fsufitchth1a, thanks :)22:19
th1afsufitch: No problem.  Now I just have to a) finish more documentation (once ignas gets years in) and b) get people to use it.22:20
fsufitchi'm actually hoping some people will look around at the other features of schooltool when they use tjtalk :)22:21
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