IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2008-10-16

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fsufitchaelkner, th1a: ping02:15
aelknerfsufitch: ping02:40
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fsufitchaelkner: ping03:52
fsufitchyou still there?03:52
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aelknerfsufitch: ping08:20
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jelknergood morning!15:30
ignasjelkner: hi15:48
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fsufitchjelkner: hi :)16:07
fsufitchaelkner: ping16:07
fsufitchi need some info on how to make tjtalk a schooltool module16:07
fsufitchi tried to figure out myself yesterday, and i just screwed over a bunch of instances of schooltool and cando16:08
ignasfsufitch: hmm16:15
ignasfsufitch: tjtalk is a zope3 product?16:15
fsufitchignas: yes16:15
ignasfsufitch: as I we don't have an app startup event at this very moment16:16
fsufitchignas: all i'd need is to be able to access the info stored in ST right now such as people16:16
ignasi would add an "ADD TJ" view on the application16:16
fsufitchbut how to get it to recognize tjtalk as a valid object to add?16:16
ignaswell - everything is a valid object to add to app16:17
fsufitchso ISchooltoolApplication can contain everything?16:17
ignaswhat you do in the view, you do app = ISchoolToolApplication(None)16:17
ignasand app['unique.stuff.tjtalk'] = TJTalk()16:17
ignasor STTJTalk16:17
ignaswell app is a shared namespace16:18
fsufitchi know16:18
ignasso i prefer people calling stuff "schooltool.gradebook"16:18
ignasinstead of "journal"16:18
ignasbecause - you never know who else will decide to have a "journal"16:18
ignasbut tjtalk is pretty unique by itself16:19
fsufitchhow is cando contained?16:19
jelknerhi all16:19
ignascando has no "cando" module16:19
fsufitchjelkner: hi16:19
fsufitchignas: ohh16:19
jelkneri'm skyping w/replaceafill16:19
ignascando is a set of different modules like competencies and stuff16:19
fsufitchi see16:19
ignasso when you add the tjtalk module16:19
ignasyou will want to access it16:19
ignaswhich you can do by just doing localhost:7080/tjtalkid16:20
ignas(the id  of the container)16:20
ignasthough - in the perfect case you would add a traversal plugin16:20
fsufitchi see16:20
ignasthat traverses into a user friendly id16:20
ignaswhile hides the actual ID from the user16:20
ignasas it is an implementation detail16:20
fsufitchthat makes sense16:21
fsufitchbut right now i just need to get things like login and the internal plumbing taken care of16:21
ignaswhich is why I said "in the perfect case"16:21
ignasi know you want to get it working first16:21
fsufitchi'll do it sometime though, just for the sake of good practice16:21
ignasso when you have the object in there you can try traversing into it, and doing stuff with it16:22
fsufitchhow can i write the view though16:22
fsufitchlike where can i write it <_<16:22
ignaswell - i'd do it this way16:22
fsufitchand can i access the ZMI, because that would be the easiest way to do it...16:22
ignasno you can't do ZMIU16:23
fsufitchdarn :-P16:23
fsufitchdo i have to build that view into schooltool though?16:23
ignaslet me explain16:23
fsufitchokok, i'm listening :)16:24
ignasi'd checkout schooltool.stapp2008spring for example16:24
ignascopy it (without the .bzr dir)16:24
ignassearch and replace all the stap2008spring stuff with tjtalk16:24
ignasremove "entry_points" thing from setup.py16:25
ignasrename src/schooltool/stapp2008 to src/schooltool/tjtalk16:25
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ignasopen the configure.zcml in src/schooltool/tjtalk16:25
ignasremove all that stuff16:26
ignasok - actually, remove the src/schooltool/stapp200816:26
ignasand just add src/schooltool/tjtalk16:26
ignasadd __init__.py16:26
ignasin there, and configure.zcml16:26
ignasin configure.zcml register the view you will add to __init__.py16:27
ignasopen buildout.cfg in the place where you ran buildout last time16:27
ignasin it - in the develop line add path to schooltool.tjtalk thing16:27
ignasopen instance/school.zcml, and add <include package="schooltool.tjtalk" />16:27
ignasrun bin/buildout16:28
ignasand try make run16:28
ignasand check if you can see the view16:28
ignaskind of hazy, so if you get stuck or don't know for sure - ask16:29
* th1a will be happy to see schooltool.tjtalk...16:29
ignaswhat you need is that is talking about "schooltool.tjtalk"16:29
fsufitchignas: thanks :)16:29
ignasand src/schooltool/tjtalk with from schooltool.stapp in src/schooltool/16:30
ignasand __init__ and configure.zcml in src/schooltool/tjtalk16:30
ignasthese are the vital parts of an egg+Zope3 package16:30
ignasthen you register the egg in buildout.cfg (by adding it to develop, and probably all the places you see "eggs=")16:31
ignasyou add path to (without the filename of course) to develop16:31
ignasand add the name of the egg (schooltool.tjtalk) to all the eggs parts16:31
ignasthen you want to make schooltool aware of your new zope3 package16:31
ignaswhich you do by adding <include /> directive in school.zcml of the default instance16:32
fsufitchignas: there is no instance/school.zcml16:36
fsufitchwas i supposed to run make after checking out?16:36
ignaswell - bin/make-schooltool-instance instance/16:38
fsufitchthere's no bin ;)16:39
ignaswhere are you looking for bin/ ?16:39
fsufitchin the stapp checkout16:39
ignasyou said - you broke some schooltool instances16:39
ignaswhere did you break them?>16:39
fsufitchnono, those are deleted now16:39
fsufitchnow i did a bzr branch lp:~schooltool-owners/schooltool/schooltool.stapp2008spring tmpstapp16:39
ignaswhat checkouts do you have now?16:39
ignasyou don't do anything in there :)16:40
fsufitchjust one checkout in tmpstapp of schooltool.stapp2008spring16:40
ignasyou find your old stapp16:40
ignaswhere you already had schooltool running16:40
ignasand register your new package in there16:40
ignasthe idea is this16:40
ignasyou can have multiple buildouts16:40
ignasso you could have a buildout in there too16:40
ignasbut it is more convenient to have only one buildout16:40
ignasand configure it in some way when working16:41
ignasat least to me16:41
fsufitchyeah i see16:41
fsufitchwell, buildout detected schooltool.tjtalk so that's good16:44
fsufitchnow to write that view16:44
ignaswell - you know how to write a view in zope3?16:45
ignasand you know how to register it so it would be in schooltool_actions16:45
ignasin schooltool for ISchoolToolApplication?16:45
ignasand not an adding view16:45
ignasa "do anything view"16:45
ignaswell - you can add a button "Do the stuff"16:46
ignasso you will be able to change the code to delete the tjtalk if you mess it up for example16:46
fsufitchwell shouldn't i just do a <tal:block condition="view/runstuff" /> ?16:46
ignasi would do tal:condition="view/request/UPDATE"16:47
ignasand a form with a button "UPDATE"16:47
ignasand then add view/doStfu16:47
ignasthat returns the status16:47
ignasand shows it16:47
ignasthat should kind of work16:48
fsufitchi know :-P16:48
ignasmost of the stuff i am telling you are quick hacks to get it up ;)16:48
fsufitchi can tell :-P16:48
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ignasfsufitch: good, because some people can't...16:49
fsufitchwhere is the ISchooltoolApplication interface?16:50
fsufitchi can't find it >.>16:50 ?16:51
ignaswhere did you expect?16:51
fsufitchoh whoops, i was looking for "ISchooltoolApplication" not "ISchoolToolApplication"16:51
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fsufitchignas: do i need to include a layer?16:52
ignasIDefaultBrowserLayer will do16:53
ignasyou will take care of the layers when it will be working16:53
fsufitchwhee this looks so beautiful, with schooltool being referenced inside of tjtalk ^_^16:57
fsufitchi feel... complete16:57
fsufitchit's like i know what i'm doing again16:58
fsufitchignas:  ConfigurationError: ('Invalid value for', 'package', 'ImportError: Module schooltool has no global tjtalk')17:26
fsufitchdarn...17:26 in src/schooltool/17:26
ignasin the tjtalk module?17:26
fsufitchit has __import__('pkg_resources').declare_namespace(__name__) in it17:26
ignasis the tjtalk module in the list of paths in bin/start-schooltool-instance ?17:26
ignasif not - buildout.cfg has no tjtalk egg set...17:27
ignaslisppaste5: url17:28
lisppaste5To use the lisppaste bot, visit and enter your paste.17:28
ignasyour buildout.cfg please ;)17:28
fsufitchclass is sortof over <_<17:29
fsufitchi'll eb quick17:29
ignaswell - i'll be gone in 1 hour17:29
ignasso you have some time left, but not much ;)17:29
lisppaste5fsufitch pasted "buildout.cfg" at
fsufitchin the eggs for the schooltool.stapp2008spring part?17:31
ignasall of the places you see eggs17:31
ignasadd (in the next line)17:31
ignas   schooltool.tjtalk17:31
ignasonly in [scripts] if you are feeling lazy17:31
ignasand run bin/buildout17:31
fsufitchi gotta dash to my next class17:33
fsufitchcya! :)17:33
fsufitchi'll get it working!17:33
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th1aaelkner: ayt?17:45
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th1aHow was your trip home replaceafill?18:13
replaceafillth1a, good no problem at all thank God :)18:13
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aelknerth1a: ayt?19:29
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th1aaelkner: ping19:41
aelknerth1a: ping19:49
aelknerfor some reason, my notification sound doesn't always work19:49
th1aMine never works, aelkner.19:55
aelknerso the ball's in sla's court as far as getting CAS going19:56
th1aPerhaps we should talk on the phone.19:56
aelknerok, ki'll call19:56
th1aGive me 10 minutes.19:56
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ignasth1a_, ayt21:23
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ignasjelkner, hi21:24
jelknerhi ignas!21:27
jelknerthanks for helping fsufitchi this morning21:27
jelknerwe should edit that conversation into a small tutorial21:28
ignaswell - I should add bin/make-schooltool-plugin21:30
ignasthat would just do it21:30
ignasmost of it21:30
ignasand then add a tutorial on enabling it21:30
ignasbut - no time...21:31
ignasby the way - know any details about CanDo schooltool slowdons?21:31
ignasmaybe even URL's on things that are extra slow21:31
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jelknerignas: do u want me to write up a blueprint?21:38
ignasan email will do21:38
jelknerblueprint is better21:38
jelknerwe can forget about it for now21:38
ignasit might be that i will only need like 5 minutes to say what will have to get fixed21:38
ignasabout tutorial21:39
ignasor about slow downs?21:39
jelkneri'm talking about make-schooltool-plugin21:39
jelknermattva01 is working on slow downs21:39
ignaswell - you can write a blueprint if you want, but I am not sure it's worth you spending time on it21:39
ignasbecause it's part of my plan to have21:39
jelknerok, as you wish21:40
ignasnext to make-schooltool-instance21:40
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fsufitchignas: success!! :)22:29
fsufitchhttp://localhost:7080/tjtalk now references my tjtalk instance22:29
fsufitchand schooltool.tjtalk is now a schooltool module22:30
fsufitchjelkner: ping22:30
fsufitchjelkner: when you get back could you go to my project's launchpad page and put your desires for what tjtalk should do into a blueprint?22:32
fsufitchaelkner: ping22:35
aelkneryou rang?22:40
aelknerfsufitch: ping22:43
fsufitchaelkner: i have to go now, school's over22:51
fsufitchi just wanted to warn you that now that i got tjtalk working as a schooltool module, i'll be bothering you a lot about how to use schooltool :)22:51
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replaceafillaelkner, you there?23:20
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aelknerreplaceafill: yes23:40
replaceafillaelkner, i'm getting an import error with the cando refactoring 6 branch23:41
replaceafillaelkner, from schooltool.requirement.requirement.unwrap....23:42
replaceafillaelkner, i deleted my old eggs and i'm trying again23:42
aelknerno, it's not the eggs23:43
aelknerit's the fact that you're using the latest schooltool.gradebook23:43
aelknerand cando is not ready for my removal of inheritance23:43
replaceafill:O right!23:43
replaceafillshould i use some version directive or something?23:44
aelknerfor now, could you just remove all references you find to things like that23:44
aelknerif you find for instance23:44
aelknera use of IInheritedRequirement.providedBy()23:45
aelknerjust assume no and get rid of the reference23:45
aelknerunwrap is not needed anymore as no requirements are ever wrapped anymore (no inheritance)23:45
aelknerso you can just assume unwar(x) = x23:46
aelknerunwrap(x) = x23:46
aelkneri think that's all you'll find23:46
replaceafillso any reference i find, i change the code23:46
replaceafilllike the unwrap imports23:46
aelkneryeah, could you take a crack at removing all unwraps and IInheritedRequirement.providedBy calls23:47
aelknerand make one clear checkin out of it23:47
aelkneri think that would be best for us to track it in the future23:47
aelkneryou could send me the diff before committing if you'd like23:47
replaceafillso, i remove all the references and imports until tests pass, right?23:48
replaceafillget the diff and send it to u23:48

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