IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2008-10-15

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jelknerhey tom!00:25
jelkneri'm here chatting with a visitor from aruba00:25
jelknerwho just happens to be looking for a school information system00:25
jelknerth1a: r u here?00:26
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jelknerfsufitch: i need to run00:37
jelknercan i call you this evening?00:37
fsufitchjelkner: sure!00:37
fsufitchttys :)00:37
jelkneractually i have 10 minutes now00:38
jelknercan we skype?00:38
jelknerfsufitchi: can we?00:39
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th1aHm... I think I need some ZCML-foo to get the gradebook_battleground package working.17:46
ignasthere is no school setup that does that17:46
ignasso remove the old instance17:46
ignascreate a new one17:47
ignasopen instance/school.zcml17:47
ignasand add <instance package="schooltool.gradebook" />17:47
th1aor "schooltool.gradebook_battleground"?17:49
ignasand in buildout.cfg17:51
ignasin develop =17:51
ignasput a path to your battleground checkout17:52
ignasinstead of your gradebook checkout17:52
ignaslike ../schooltool.gradebook_battleground17:52
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ignasfor example17:52
th1aOK.  That makes sense.17:52
ignaszcml declarations are python path based not system path...17:53
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fsufitch_aelkner: ping18:18
fsufitch_th1a: ping18:19
fsufitch_jstraw: wrong person ;) but maybe u know the answer18:25
fsufitch_does schooltool know how to integrate with kerberos?18:25
ignasfsufitch_: no18:29
fsufitch_gah >.<18:29
fsufitch_let me put it a broader way: if i wanted to let schooltool use the logins that the school already has for people here, what would i have to provide it with?18:30
fsufitch_here = TJ (my high school)18:30
ignasi would suggest either looking at LDAP18:32
ignasand schooltool.ldap18:32
fsufitch_i think out school supports ldap18:32
ignasthough - that's kind of unstable18:32
fsufitch_not fully sure though18:32
fsufitch_then wat else?18:32
ignasor - you can look at rubycasserver18:32
ignasor the java CAS server18:32
fsufitch_CAS = ?18:32
ignasand see what kinds of credential authentication systems they support18:32
ignasCentral Authentication Service.18:33
ignasthere are 2 servers ja-sig one18:33
ignasand a ruby one18:33
ignasand both of them support external databases for authentication18:33
ignaslike SQL database18:33
ignasor LDAP18:33
ignasor whatever else is that they support ;)18:33
ignasso you set up CAS server18:33
fsufitch_and there's like a schooltool.cas?18:34
ignaspoint it at your login storage thingie18:34
ignasit's more stable, because aelkner has to deploy it for SAL18:34
fsufitch_i see18:34
ignasso it must work, while schooltool.ldap - should work ;)18:34
fsufitch_i know how it goes :-P18:35
fsufitch_XP and all18:35
ignasnah, just - no one is using LDAP18:35
ignasand i don't have the time to maintain something no one is using18:35
fsufitch_well yeah, there's no client to provide bug reports18:35
fsufitch_anyway, yeah, i'll look into that18:36
fsufitch_one more question18:36
fsufitch_i am currently uberconfused as to how buildout works >_>18:36
th1aWe NEED people to try LDAP.18:36
fsufitch_th1a: LDAP for TJ could be somethign i could focus on at the end of the year, but atm i need to focus on just getting it working and get my project up and running18:37
ignasth1a: you can do ldap through CAS18:37
ignasand CAS servers support LDAP better18:37
ignasnot just considering bugs18:37
ignasbut configuration options as well18:38
th1aAh... That makes sense.18:38
ignasth1a: i am having problems making ldap packages apt-get able too18:39
th1aIn what sense?18:39
ignaswell - there is this "python-ldap" thing that needs specific openldap versions to get built18:40
ignasso making python-ldap egg (i can't even recall if there was an egg) buildable as a deb package18:40
ignaswell - i could not create it in a straightforward manner18:41
ignas6 months ago18:41
ignasand 3 months ago18:41
ignasand had no time to do it in a non-straightforward manner yet18:41
th1aOK.  Don't sweat it.  Anyone doing LDAP pretty much by definition has a sys admin who can follow instructions.18:41
th1aWhich someday we'll have to write.18:41
th1aThat is a good call on CAS vs. LDAP.18:43
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aelknerth1a: i see you had trouble with what to put in your school.zcml file19:05
aelknerthe answer is <include package="school.gradebook"> and <include package="schooltool.requirement">19:07
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th1aaelkner: Have you looked at yvl's branch?20:01
th1apatch, whatever.20:01
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