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replaceafillaelkner, so it's safe to change:00:05
replaceafillcompetency = unwrapRequirement(compref.competency)00:05
replaceafillcompetency = compref.competency00:06
aelkneruse your sense of logic and ge the tests to pass, then send me the diff00:06
replaceafilli have no sense of logic ;)00:07
replaceafillok man00:07
aelkneri did mention above unwrap(x) = x00:07
replaceafilli know00:07
replaceafillsorry about that00:07
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replaceafillaelkner, done00:33
replaceafillaelkner, the tests pass00:33
aelknersend me the diff00:40
replaceafillaelkner, sent00:48
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replaceafillaelkner, midnight ping06:50
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ignasth1a: good morning15:56
th1aGood afternoon, ignas.16:12
th1aI was just wondering if CanDo's server might be running out of memory.16:13
ignaswell - at the moment Justas and I are wondering if it was a DNS set up problem...16:13
ignasand I am wondering if we can get someone on their side working on the problem, i mean - we can't really fix a problem on their server without someone with access to the server spending the time to help us...16:15
th1aYes, of course.16:15
ignaswe really start feeling the problems related to distributed development teams when solving these kinds of issues :/16:15
ignasand email seems to be just not good enough, especially if they want solution on monday, and not in 2 weeks...16:16
th1aYes... this is also the problem working with schools...16:16
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jstrawyvl: ayt?17:10
jstrawignas, aelkner, yvl: here?17:16
ignasjstraw: yep17:16
jstrawthe DNS issue yvl brought up shows up here, but I cannot track down *where* that IP is injecting into DNS from17:17
ignasjstraw: well - i know that it is causing us random slowdowns17:18
ignaslike - everything either works, or - takes 40-50 seconds17:18
ignasor times out completely17:18
jstrawI looked at the godaddy DNS listing17:18
jstrawand that IP literally shows up nowhere on that page17:18
ignasthe first ip (the 65... one)17:18
ignasis pointing to godaddy17:18
jstraw68.178.232.100 is the closest IP I see17:19
ignasthe 158... one is pointing to some server that has apache "It Works"17:19
ignasyeah 68...17:19
ignashttp:// is godaddy17:19
jstrawI am killing the .10017:19
jstrawTTL 1h17:20
jstrawok, it looks live here17:22
ignashow do i get to the cando on17:22
ignashttp:// ?17:22
jstrawyou have to go by dns17:22
ignasi see17:22
jstrawthe zope instance is localhost only17:22
ignasI see17:23
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replaceafillaelkner, you there?18:09
jstrawignas: dns change worked a bit18:17
ignasjstraw: cool, let me know how it goes18:20
ignasjstraw: and whether it fixed anything?18:20
jstrawit cut the times by a factor of like 1018:21
ignasjstraw: nice to hear it18:22
jstrawI still don't get why it was doing that18:22
jstrawthe @ record should not have bled into acc or acc0818:23
th1aignas: You know what is going to be fun?18:24
ignasth1a: what else?18:25
th1aWhen we have 100 schools trying to configure their own servers.18:25
th1aOr 1000...18:25
jstrawwe'll need a ./configure script18:26
jstrawthat makes an instance with includes18:26
ignasjstraw: and expect 1000 schools need the same setup?18:26
th1aWell, if this was a DNS problem we can't prevent that.18:26
jstrawthe DNS issue was very wierd18:26
ignasth1a: i guess you can look at moodle forums and mailing lists for a taste...18:27
th1aapt-get is as easy as we can get, but there are still lots of moving parts.18:27
ignashopefully every single school that will encounter problems will sign up for out mailing list18:27
th1aignas: Indeed.18:27
ignasand then they will start solving problems for each other18:27
th1aHere's an idea... a community of users...18:27
th1aMaybe they'll fix their own bugs too.18:28
ignasi am trying out
ignason schooltool-dev18:28
ignasmaybe we will be able to give it to users who are to lazy to do mailing list stuff18:29
ignasnot sure if this idea will work out though18:29
th1aOh yeah.  I think there are some other options for that as well.18:30
* ignas just read somewhere that forums are better for community building, than mailing lists, because of a different communication model ;)18:34
* th1a hates forums.18:35
ignasth1a: well - i am using some, and I can see how different they are for gathering information18:37
ignasand just communicating with people18:37
ignasi mean - mailing list is good for me and you because of IRC channel18:37
th1aI've had to get used to using them for Ushra'Khan.18:37
ignasthe IRC channel is the actual community18:37
ignasfor schooltool, while lists are for information exchange mostly18:37
th1aIs aelkner around?18:38
ignasdon't think so, he was pinged like 3 times today18:38
ignasand never replied18:38
th1aI haven't been able to get gradebook working.18:38
th1aI get a page not found error when I try to create a new worksheet.18:39
ignasth1a: well - it's going to get released in a week or so, so it would be nice to fix at least some parts :/18:39
th1aWe were able to use it at the sprint, so it seems like I'm setting it up wrong.18:40
ignasi know that there definitely are some bugs in some places18:40
ignasand it is not translatable18:41
th1aNow that the CanDo crisis has passed we should have more time to clean it up.18:43
ignasjstraw: do you have anyone who can do a small experiment on cando schooltool instance? (i need some one who can restart their instance, and some time when he can do that...)18:45
ignasi have a theory that (if it's correct) would speed up person views 3-10 times18:46
th1aignas: Is it worth a trip to Amarr to sell my lasers and Sansha tags (vs. Rens)?18:48
ignasnot really, Rens is good enough IIRC18:49
ignaswait a sec18:49
th1aHm.  The prices seem crappy, at least compared to the regional average.18:49
th1aThe tag prices in particular.18:49
ignasth1a: well - my rule is this - if it's within 10% (for small stuff) - sell it, if not - look at the prices and set something sane18:50
ignasbut well - i have 21 possible orders18:50
ignasfor big stuff (arbalest cruise launchers) - 10% might mean a lot, so i will put them up on a delayed market order18:51
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th1aAh.  OK.  I hadn't tried that part of eve-market.18:51
th1aThis helps.18:51
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ignasalways look at the list of items on sale though, sometimes you see 90%, but when you look at the marked - all the sale orders are 150%, so you can do 140% and expect to sell it quickly anyway18:52
ignasjstraw: i think that the function that is slowing CanDo person views down is18:53
ignas    def groups(self):18:53
ignas        groups = []18:53
ignas        for id, group in self.groupContainer().items():18:53
ignas            if len(group.members) > 0:18:53
ignas                groups.append({'id': id,18:53
ignas                               'title': "%s (%s)" % (group.title, len(group.members))})18:53
ignas        return groups18:53
ignasin src/schooltool/person/browser/person.py18:54
jstrawoh that would do it18:55
ignasif you would replace the code in it with return sorted([{'id': id, 'title': group.title} for id, group in self.groupContainer().items()])18:55
ignasor something like that which works18:55
ignascan't test it at the moment18:55
ignasso it might not even compile18:55
ignasthe important thing is - avoid enumerating and counting of group members in the person filtering widget18:56
ignasbecause you have a group that has 9K members in it18:56
ignasand every time you look at the view, you are showing 10 members, and counting the other 900018:56
jstrawI can't do it today18:57
jstrawbut monday afternoon I should be able to18:57
ignasbah, some people are way too serious about their weekends :P18:58
jstrawI didn't get one last week18:58
jstrawI worked 26 / 48 hours18:58
ignasyeah, i understand18:58
th1aYes, jstraw put in his time last weekend.18:58
th1aignas: So just using a list comprehension would be that much faster?18:59
ignasas you can see - the number of members in the group18:59
ignasis gone18:59
ignasthe member count is the part that is slowing it (my guess)18:59
th1aBecause you look it up twice?18:59
ignasuse a profiler if you don't believe it ;)18:59
ignasno, because I look it up at all19:00
th1aOh, I see.19:00
ignasjust loading 9K relationships can put quite a lot of load19:00
jstrawthis is when some of these classes should really keep *track* of its membership <_<19:00
ignasthey do keep the TRACK19:00
ignasthe number of relationships is not important19:00
jstrawexcept to display the number of relationships... which is unneeded19:01
jstrawin most cases19:01
ignasi mean - if we will ever need it - we can add caching of the count and stuff19:02
ignasbut - we don't really need it19:02
ignasand it is the most probable cause19:03
jstrawit would be nice for the page on the group19:03
jstrawto know how many people are in it... but you can live with a short delay there19:03
jstraw(and you only do it for 1 group instead of all of them)19:03
ignasthat view is not being used every day by everyone19:03
ignasour group views are not paged at all :/19:03
jstrawthe Person chooser is used all the time19:03
jstrawis there an application that (with a howto) that can browse and time?19:04
jstrawor a firefox extension that displays load time19:04
ignasfirefox can only tell it's own time19:05
ignasno, don't use ab please19:05
ignasthere should be wsgi middleware19:05
ignasthat does that19:05
th1aYahoo released a plugin for performance analysis.19:05
jstrawthat means using wsgi ;) I am on ProxyPass still19:05
ignasth1a: well - some parts might be http related, though in our case it's the server side code, which yahoo can't help us to fix19:06
jstrawI checked load and memory on the system19:07
jstrawload avg = 0 0 019:07
jstrawover 1g mem free19:07
ignasyeah, it was a DNS problem19:07
jstrawyea, I just wanted to diagnose all the non-zope problems I could19:07
jstrawso it isn't SSL or the box it is running on19:08
ignasnice of you doing that, it was my "theory number 2"19:08
ignasbut then - we tried pinging the server :)19:08
jstrawoh don't even bother XD19:08
jstrawping is blocked globally on 158.59.127/1719:08
ignaswell - we saw that it either responds, or it does not19:08
ignasand then noticed that it depended on the IP19:08
jstrawyea... the real server won't respond to ping at all19:08
ignasand that there were 2 ips!19:09
jstrawI *still* don't see why it was happening19:09
jstrawthe only IP in my godaddy config that was close19:09
jstrawwas @19:09
jstrawwhich wasn't even the same fracking IP19:09
th1aFor $9.99 a month I don't expect these kind of crazy frackups!19:10
th1aStill, not as bad as when ServerPronto was billing me for the traffic on an entire switch instead of just my box.19:11
jstraw9.99 a mo?19:13
jstrawthis is included in the price of my domain registration19:13
jstrawso I think it works out to 2 a month19:13
th1aEven better.19:13
ignasschooltool evolution script is going to be very tricky19:44
ignasthe school tool part - is tricky19:45
ignasthe gradebook stuff is insane :/19:45
ignasI will assume that - if you are using schooltool.gradebook, you are not using timetables19:49
ignasth1a: are you using schooltool.gradebook and timetables together by any chance?19:49
ignasth1a, write me an email, please, I must run now19:54
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jstrawhi jeff21:12
jstrawhappy half day!21:12
jelknerjstraw: i'm waiting for the hb students21:21
jelknerso it really isn't a half day for me ;-)21:21
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jelknerrba: what is your skype name?21:26
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