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replaceafillaelkner, u there?04:20
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dwelshyvl:  good morning13:25
dwelsher... morning for me, afternoon for you13:25
yvlhi David13:26
dwelsham hoping we can post the two updates today....13:29
dwelshremove competency list and get bugs out of java script13:29
dwelshthose are the two that are affecting teachers using CanDo13:30
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yvlYes, roughly in afternoon your time13:37
yvldwelsh, can you send me the xml files you used to import the custom ACC competencies?13:37
yvlthere is an unicode error - and I'd like to test it on my machine13:38
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dwelshyes, I'll send you some files via gmail...14:21
dwelshok.  they're sent14:24
dwelshheaded away from computer until 9am my time...14:24
dwelshtalk to you soon14:24
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dwelshyvl:  howzitcoming?18:23
th1aignas: Did you get my patch?18:41
ignasth1a: yeah18:42
ignasthough thinking about it18:42
ignasisn't it better to have a linkt o Persons18:42
ignasin person views18:42
ignasfor manager18:42
yvldwelsh, pretty well, currently testing the competence deletion18:42
ignasrather than add other person one?18:42
th1aWell... we should have an add button for this specific use case.18:43
th1aBut also perhaps we should have a standard "up one level" button for when you're in a container like that.18:44
th1aOr at least deal with that issue consistently.18:44
ignasth1a: in the perfect world i would have "next" "previous" "up" buttons in person/group etc. views when they are being viewed by the administrator18:44
ignastied to current batch/filter settings18:45
th1aAnyhow, that is a separate question, I'd say.18:45
th1aI think mine is a passable hack for now.18:46
ignasthough - I don't think your patch will work18:47
ignasor does it?18:47
th1aIt did for me.18:47
ignasthe code seems a bit off, as it should try to add the person to the person18:47
ignasnot to the person container18:48
th1aWell, perhaps I just checked to see if the button appeared ;-)18:48
ignasi mean - the button will be there18:48
ignasbut it will not work18:48
th1aLet me see...18:48
th1aNot surprisingly, you're right.18:52
ignasi'll look into it18:52
th1aHopefully it is easily fixed.18:52
ignasi mean - you have to register an actionViewlet18:52
ignasinstead of a new view18:52
ignasand in the template of  that viewlet show a link to __parent__ of the context18:53
ignasor something like that18:53
ignaswith @@add.html added in the end18:53
ignaspermissions will still be off, but well - a hack is a hack, most of the time if you can edit person you can add more...18:53
th1aWell, just consider my patch a mock-up then ;-)18:54
th1aUnless it would be equally easy to add a "submit and add" button to the add form.18:57
th1aThat just cycles you back to the add form.18:58
th1aThat's probably the better solution anyhow, ignas.18:58
ignasth1a: yeah, that's easy too19:00
th1aDo that then.19:00
th1aThen perhaps I can copy that pattern to similar places.19:00
ignasas soon as I am done with most of the groups functional tests19:01
th1aYes, of course.19:01
ignasok, rather - most of the functional tests, because group refactoring broke pretty much everything ;)19:02
th1aI was *trying* to prevent you from having to worry about this.19:02
ignasheh :)19:02
ignasdid you know that overlays get kind of weirded out when you have more than one group container...19:04
ignascalendar overlays that is19:04
th1aapparently not.19:04
ignaswhen you click "More..."19:04
ignasyou get that weird insane view that lists all persons all resources and all groups19:05
ignasso - i will be displaying only groups for the active school year19:05
ignasbut still you can in theory overlay calendars of groups from the last school year19:05
ignasand have the form look kind of funny i guess19:05
ignasthough - we have a full year to fix that ;)19:06
th1aThat view needs an overhaul anyhow.19:07
ignasa lot of them do ...19:08
th1aI'm sure you could say the same about the competition, though.19:08
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ignasth1a: i have updated by the way (it is a TODO and ideas for the next 2-3 years mostly)20:11
ignasi mean - i keep getting some ideas how some things can/should be fixed, and started putting them somewhere in writing...20:11
dwelshyvl:  getting there?20:47
ignasdwelsh: he is not in here, i think he mentioned he told some kind of "them" about that20:50
dwelshignas:  thank you; he actually left me a message which I didn't notice until now:)20:55
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