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dwelshyvl:  greetings15:36
yvlhi David15:41
yvlstatus: I didn't implement the competency deletion/modification yet15:42
yvlthe plan is to add simple competency reference deletion from the web (sites managers only);15:42
yvlas for the modification, I believe update-on-import would be sufficient?15:43
dwelshHow would update-on-import work?16:07
dwelshi.e. would it be an entire list updated?16:07
dwelshor would it look at global id's?16:07
yvlcompetencies with same global ids would update their descriptions16:08
yvlcompetency references with same title/global id combination would not be added16:08
yvl(as there can be more than one competency reference with a same global id)16:09
dwelshseems to me that it might be good to be able to delete an entire list and add it anew.16:10
dwelshwouldn't this make sense for ease and confidence?16:10
ignasdwelsh: list of what? global competency ids or competencies themselves? or both?16:11
dwelshif the id's are the same, it should cause no problem with the program16:11
yvlhmm, makes sense16:11
yvland this would be easy to do16:11
dwelshthe list description, the subgroup description, the competency ids, descriptions, and flags.16:11
dwelshthe whole thing16:12
dwelshcan you Skype???16:12
yvlyes, in 5-7 min if it is ok16:12
ignasdwelsh: i am not 100% sure I fully understand how existing evaluations will be handled...16:12
dwelshgood, 5-716:13
ignasthough that's probably because of lack of involvement ;)16:13
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dwelshth1a:  you around?18:33
th1adwelsh: I am around.18:44
dwelshgood time to talk?18:44
th1adwelsh: I even found the phone.18:47
dwelshgood... calling18:47
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mattva01replaceafill:you rang?20:52
replaceafillmattva01, hi20:52
mattva01so we need to setup an integrated cando/gradebook?20:52
replaceafillmattva01, jelkner told me you set up his cando instance20:52
mattva01which I did20:52
mattva01oh yeah20:52
replaceafilli just hit a wall here20:53
replaceafillhave you see this message:20:53
replaceafillNameError: global name 'log' is not defined20:53
mattva01ooh no20:53
mattva01mind pasting the whole traceback to a pastebin?20:53
replaceafilli remember i had it before20:53
replaceafillwell, first of all, im running Debian Testing20:54
replaceafillnot Ubuntu :)20:54
mattva01hmm well it means a module is probably not being imported properly20:54
mattva01what file are you getting the error in?20:55
replaceafillit happened to me when i tried to install grokproject the first time20:55
replaceafillill paste the traceback20:55
mattva01ah is this in setuptools20:56
mattva01its a bug in setuptools20:56
replaceafilli remember that i fixed this using easy_install-2.4 before20:56
replaceafilldo u know how to pass it?20:57
mattva01one sec, looking it up20:57
mattva01one way to fix is to get the latest dev version of setuptools20:58
mattva01like this :easy_install setuptools==dev0620:58
mattva01or later20:59
replaceafillso, i have to remove python-setuptools right?20:59
mattva01yeah, and install it from svn20:59
mattva01google is your friend :)21:01
replaceafillon it :D21:01
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replaceafillmattva01, u still here?21:12
replaceafillapt-get remove --purge python-setuptools21:13
replaceafillpython2.4 setuptools==dev0621:13
replaceafillsame errror21:14
replaceafillbut check the path21:14
replaceafillsetuptools 0.6c821:14
replaceafillalthough doing: python2.4 setuptools==dev06 gave me21:15
replaceafillBest match: setuptools dev0621:16
mattva01hmm maybe we should attempt to install the very latest svn ( that release is the earliest one a fix was released for21:17
mattva01and just do the default21:20
replaceafillDEFAULT_VERSION = "0.6c8"21:20
replaceafillbut thats the same version21:20
mattva01hmm, great21:21
mattva01let me check something21:21
mattva01someone fixed it by adding "from distutils import log" to the file in one of the setuptools directory21:24
mattva01heres  a blogpost I found on it :
replaceafillmattva01, we know it's my issue, right?21:28
replaceafilli mean debian's issue21:29
replaceafilli guess ubuntu has no problem ,right?21:29
mattva01yeah , I have not had an issue21:29
replaceafillill go eat lunch and keep trying in the afternoo, ok?21:30
mattva01ok I hope you get it fixed21:31
replaceafillonce make runs fine, ill contact you, ok?21:31
replaceafillis there any script to load test data into cando?21:31
replaceafilllike schooltool has21:31
mattva01I do not believe it does21:33
mattva01aelkner, do you know?21:33
replaceafillwell have to go see u later mattva01 and thanks21:34
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aelknerjelkner: ayt?23:13
aelknermattva01: ayt?23:14
aelknerjelkner: i'm not getting any response from mattva0123:48

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