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ignasth1a: ayt?16:03
th1ahi ignas.16:03
th1aWhat's up?16:03
ignasdo we want Reservation fix in the bugfix release?16:03
th1aIt would be nice.16:04
th1aI don't think there is much to it, well, aside from broken tests.16:04
ignaswell, just wanted to know where to branch it off really16:05
th1aStep 1) Move the link from a tab to the manage screen.16:05
th1aStep 2) Fix tests.16:05
th1aAnything else?16:05
ignasnot really, maybe remove the Book button, but even that is not absolutely necessary16:05
th1aWhich Book button?16:06
ignasyeah, i mean - if the view is only usable by manager16:06
ignasit should focus only on managing resources really16:06
th1aOh.  Yeah, it isn't really a priority.16:07
th1aEither way.16:07
th1aI'd leave it.16:07
th1aBecause the intention is to improve and use the view eventually.16:07
ignasi will look whether I can improve it in some easy way16:08
ignasthere is a slight possibility (very slight)16:08
ignasthat i can make it show events on a hourly grid16:08
ignasif there are no timetables/ timetable events16:08
th1aI wouldn't worry about it now.16:10
ignasi mean - if it will seem like an easier task than fixing all the tests ;)16:15
th1aAlthough I still think having two routes is confusing.16:16
th1aUnless the distinction is more clear.16:17
ignaswell, dwelsh wanted the second one very very much...16:17
ignasfrom what I can recall16:17
ignasi mean - we spent a whole sprint implementing the other way ;)16:17
th1aHere's what I think is needed.16:18
th1aI guess Welsh's use case is more "I need this thing, tell me when it is available."16:20
th1aI tend to think "I need something this time, what's available."16:20
ignasyeah, and both points are valid...16:20
ignaswhich is why we have both of them more or less functional...16:20
ignasthe problem is that - "more or less" part16:21
th1aIf you could create events on the booking calendar I guess that would make it good enough to keep.16:21
th1a'cause right now it is just wtf if you don't already have the event.16:22
ignasyeah, the problem is - we want to display possible events for resources16:22
ignasand at the moment we can only generate possibilities using the timetable schema grid16:22
ignaswe should do hourly grid if there are no timetables...16:22
ignaswhich is what I was thinking of looking into ;)16:23
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fsufitchignas: ping16:51
ignasfsufitch: pong16:51
fsufitchyay you're there16:51
fsufitchi got a question about zope schema fields16:51
fsufitchhow would i use schema (or zope in general) to store an uploaded file?16:51
ignas    photo = zope.schema.Bytes(16:52
ignas        title=_("Photo"),16:52
ignas        required=False,16:52
ignas        description=_("""Photo (in JPEG format)"""))16:52
ignasgood enough?16:52
fsufitchyeah, i guess16:53
fsufitchand when someone wants to download it what do i do?16:53
fsufitchbecause this is for attachments to messages on this forum thingy i'm making16:53
fsufitchoh, so a special view?16:54
fsufitchthanx <_<16:54
fsufitchhang on while i see wat ur actually talkinga bout16:54
fsufitchohhh, i see16:55
fsufitchThat's not what i'm looking for though16:55
fsufitch(althought that might be useful in putting user images up, so thanks for that)16:55
fsufitchsee, on this forum, it's a school question forum, so someone might upload a png, a pdf, a py, a rb, a zip, etc etc etc16:56
fsufitchi dotn care about the format16:56
fsufitchwhat i want is that after their post there to be a link of the kind of "attachment: myprogram.rb" that the user can click on and see the attachment16:56
fsufitchlike is it possible to make a universal DownloadView that i can attach to the photo?16:57
fsufitchthe personphotoview is cool, but i'd rather not have to find mimetypes for every single file i might be processing >_<16:58
ignaswell - you will have to16:59
ignashow else the browser will know the type?17:00
ignasthere is zope.mimetypes17:00
ignasor something like that17:00
fsufitchleme check it out17:00
ignas    mimeType = getUtility(IMimeTypeGetter)(17:01
ignas        name=filename, data=data, content_type=content_type)17:01
ignasis the library that uses it17:02
ignasso you might want to look at zope.file17:02
ignasmaybe it has a better schema field for you17:02
fsufitchwait, what might simplify this is if it's possible to find the mimetype in the request when i create the forum post17:02
ignasyeah, that too might help17:03
ignaszope.file has Upload view17:03
fsufitchif i can find that then, then i can store that too17:03
ignasand some other stuff17:03
ignasso you still might have some use out of it17:03
fsufitchthanks :)17:03
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ignasth1a: ping18:46
th1aignas: pong18:47
ignasth1a: can you checkout
ignasand test the reservation functionality on it18:48
ignasjust to see if it suits you18:48
ignasi have added hourly events from 8:00 to 19:00 if there are no timetable events conflicting with hourlies18:53
ignasso if you have lessons from 8:00 to 14:00, you will get 14:00-15:00, 15:00-16:00 events after lessons18:54
ignaswith holes in places where resource is unavailable18:55
th1aOK... running on port :7080...19:17
th1aWhew... it is still pretty bad.19:22
th1aBut... perhaps we should leave it in for now.19:22
ignashmm, what would you change?19:23
th1aWell, it is bad that I can't easily see what's available when I look at the calendar (I have to mouse over each event).19:24
th1aIt is bad that I can change the time and create overlapping events.19:24
ignaswell, conflict resolution imho is a separate feature...19:25
ignasas well as enforcement of - no conflicts19:25
th1aMy whole point here is that there is a bit of a bees nest of problems.19:25
ignasnot sure what precisely you mean by "bees nest"19:26
th1aLike, conflict resolution.19:26
th1aLike, poke it and a lot of things fly out.19:26
th1aI actually think the regular calendar based way of booking is fairly tight now.19:27
th1aI don't think right now having more than one way to do booking is helpful.19:29
th1aI can try fixing the tests broken by removing the tab myself.19:29
ignasnah, i will fix that19:30
ignasi just looked at alternate solution19:30
ignasthat would keep cando people happy ;)19:30
ignasbecause they are not really interested in timetabling part of schooltool19:30
ignasas schooltool only claims to have timetabling and resource booking... ;)19:30
th1aYeah... I'm confused though because the resource tab as implemented only really works if you've got timetables implemented.19:32
th1aI don't think it is a wasted effort, but it needs more work that I don't want to give it right now.19:32
ignasyeah, makes sense, though if you didn't like the hourly grid19:33
th1aAlso... the actual problem I'd say is that they haven't USED it.19:33
ignasI don't think you'd have liked it with timetables ;)19:33
ignasbecause they look pretty much the same, just that intervals are different...19:33
ignasth1a: that is also true19:33
th1aSo the further refinement based on use never happened.19:34
ignasand we even added the 3 types of resources kludge19:34
th1aYah... not sure why their use got derailed.19:34
th1aIn reality, what I'm saying is this needs a fairly sophisticated custom view.19:38
ignasyeah, i mean - I understand that our resource booking story is far from complete19:38
ignassame with section/person scheduling in schooltool, and a lot of other things though19:39
th1aI mean, the whole point is to make a non-calendar centric way of booking, so trying to re-use our calendar view just takes us in a circle.19:39
ignasand I guess it's best to leave it to people that will use them19:39
ignaslike - if SLA wants resource booking and are going to use it, it is better for aelkner to work on it19:40
th1aWell... that and we probably need a new set of widgets.19:40
ignasthan us two try to negotiate for some half baked solution ;)19:40
th1aLike a good week calendar view.19:40
th1aLike, I click the resources I want to see and then I see a week view with nice little color coded lines showing when each one is booked or available.19:41
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dwelshth1a:  you around?21:44
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* th1a needs a little more wait time.21:58
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