IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2008-09-05

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dwelshyvl:  you around?13:43
yvlhi dwelsh13:46
dwelshgood morning/afternoon13:52
dwelshhow about that javascript fix???  we need it!!!13:53
yvlwill be committed in half an hour13:53
dwelshawesome; i am going to need your help today as I try and knock these bugs down.13:54
dwelshloading data like crazy!!!13:54
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dwelshI've asked Jason to run a server update in about an hour.14:24
dwelshWill be in touch as day progresses.14:24
yvldwelsh, fix committed14:24
dwelsham checking update...16:03
dwelshfix looks good... working16:41
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th1ayvl:  From where does one check out CanDo these days?18:00
yvlif it proves stable, it would be good to finally merge it to trunk18:01
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ignasth1a: i have made a bugfix release with your fixes and with reservation button move19:00
ignasth1a: would be nice if you would look whether everything is OK19:00
th1aignas: Excellent.  Thanks.19:00
ignasand maybe mark some bugs as released19:00
th1aWill do.19:00
ignasit might take some time for the package to get to hardy...19:01
ignasbut not much19:01
th1aOK.  I have to go to the bank, so I'll check when I get back.19:01
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jelkneryvl: dwelsh was just showing off the new cando... nice!!20:19
jelknerit looks *really* good20:19
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