IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2008-09-03

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th1aignas_: Have you checked in the namechooser changes?18:37
ignas_not yet18:38
th1aThat would be helpful since I assume it is the cause of the error's I've been getting, too.18:38
ignas_yeah, i think so too18:38
ignas_though I don't really understand why they appeared :/18:38
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ignasth1a: sorry, internet in my parents house is very very flaky :/19:25
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ignasth1a: commited the fix20:09
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jelknerjstraw: can i send you a reminder here20:37
jelkneror do you still require an email? ;-)20:38
jstrawI'll be up in a minute20:38
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th1aignas: Thanks.20:59
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jstrawyvl: here?21:29
ignasjstraw: don't think so21:32
ignasjstraw: anything I can help you with?21:32
jstrawwe were wondering if the 'student import' automatically added the imported people to the student group21:33
ignasi think so21:33
ignasat least last time he showed it to me, students were being added to that group...21:33
ignasjstraw: yeah, just looked at the code21:35
ignasand it is adding *something* to the student group21:36
ignaseven if it is doing that in an interesting way ;)21:36
ignasnot really funny21:36
ignasI can't guarantee that it works ;)21:37
ignasbut I think he tested it21:37
ignasso it should...21:37
jstrawwe'll back up anything before doing a student import21:41
ignaseverything is Ok21:41
ignaslooked at the code21:41
jstrawso if it bombs we're safe21:41
ignasit apparently I just was not aware that you can do it that way21:41
jstrawthat's about all I am sort of loling about21:42
ignasrelationships can be operated on like 3-4 different abstraction levels ...21:42
ignasI am using the top most and bottom most of them most of the time ;)21:43
ignashe used a middle one ;)21:43
jstrawhmm I think there are too many ways to do that ;)21:45
ignaswell - I know there are too many ways to do that21:45
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