IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2008-09-02

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jelkneryvl: good morning!15:37
yvlmorning Jeff15:47
jelkneri want to setup a cando instance15:52
jelknerwhich will also have aelkner's schooltool gradebook15:52
jelknerbasically, i want to run off of a development branch, so that i can continue to test new features throughout the year15:53
jelknerhow should i proceed?15:53
th1ajelkner:  Whom are you asking?16:02
yvlme; I offered to contact Ignas as he is more experienced at the topic16:03
th1ajelkner: Do you have a server?16:03
jelknerth1a: yes16:06
jelkneri have a vm i plan to use16:06
jelknerand i want to set it up myself16:06
jelknerso what i need is a document telling me how to do that16:07
jelknerwhich i can then test out16:07
th1aWell... just don't have very high expectations for us to document a non-standard development setup.16:08
th1aI mean, we should be able to get you running, but it wouldn't be a priority to document.16:08
th1aGood morning jelkner, aelkner, yvl.16:30
th1aignas is stuck on a bus, apparently.16:31
jelknergood morning16:31
jelknerwhile we await ignas's bus, is now a good time to ask aelkner about the gradebook?16:32
aelkneryeah, you want to add schooltool.gradebook to your buildout16:32
jelknerand schooltool.cando?16:32
jelknerso that i have both16:33
aelknerdo you already have the buildout built?16:33
jelkneri have a virgin machine16:33
aelknerthat would be the place to start16:33
aelkneractually, you don't need anything custom16:33
jelkneri like the sound of that!16:34
jelknerso, i can just work with mattva01 to get the whole thing setup?16:35
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jelknergood morning douglas!16:36
th1ahi replaceafill.16:36
replaceafillgood morning jeffrey16:36
aelknersure, just get the repository for he buildout from yvl16:36
replaceafillhi th1a16:36
jelkneryvl: where is the repository?16:36
th1ajelkner may want to do separate checkouts for gradebook and cando so he can update them independently.16:37
aelknerthat's a good point16:37
th1a(rather than having buildout grab versions)16:37
jelknerok, i'm open to whatever you guys tell me to do16:37
jelknerbut that is why i bring it up16:37
aelkneryeah, he can use a developement egg16:37
jelkneri'm hoping to be told what to do16:37
aelknerand point it to my branch16:38
jelkneri'm still not sure how to proceed16:39
jelknerlater this evening i'm going to sit down with matt16:41
th1aWell, it is a little more complicated if you want to be able to hack on any part of the system, and keep them all up to date and/or merge changes from any of them.16:41
th1aI would say you need to clarify which parts you want to be able to change.16:41
jelkneronly cando and schooltool.gradebook16:42
aelknerwell, if he uses my schooltool.gradebook branch as he had in the past, he should be ok16:42
jelknerthose are the 2 pieces i will be using16:42
jelknerhow do i add cando to that?16:42
aelknerno, you don't add cando to anything16:42
aelkneryou start with the cando buildout16:42
aelknerthat gets you cando, schooltool16:43
aelknerand by default, the schooltool.gradebook egg16:43
aelknerthat ignas builds from time to time16:43
aelkneryou would need to then change your buildout.cfg16:44
aelknerto point to a development egg that you download16:44
aelknerwell, get the buildout built first16:44
jelknerwill mattva01 know how to do this?16:44
replaceafillth1a, i'm started spanish translations and i've found some translations bugs in some templates and modules16:45
replaceafillth1a, how should i report them?16:45
jelknerok, i'm done for now16:45
replaceafillth1a, i thought tell ignas but he's not around16:46
jelknermattva01 and i will call aelkner this evening to work through the setup16:46
th1areplaceafill: You can file them as bugs on Launchpad.  Or just wait until ignas gets off the bus.  Or send him an email.16:47
replaceafillth1a, cool16:47
th1ajelkner: Yes... just doing this is probably easier than talking about it.16:47
jelknerok, will do16:47
th1areplaceafill: (ignas is currently stuck on a bus)16:48
th1aWe don't expect this to be a long-term problem, however.16:48
jelknerbetter than being hit by a bus!16:48
th1areplaceafill: What kind of bugs are you finding?16:48
replaceafillth1a, some strings are not translatable16:49
replaceafillth1a, so they are not picked when you extract i18n strings16:49
th1aLike, they are missing the i18n:translate attribute?16:49
replaceafillth1a, yes16:49
replaceafillth1a, some modules also use plain strings16:50
replaceafillth1a, that are rendered16:50
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ignassorry, i am a bit late16:50
ignaswas in transit ;)16:50
aelknerhey ignas16:50
aelknerthe bus didn't hit you after all16:50
replaceafillignas, good morning16:51
ignasreplaceafill, it's 5pm here ;)16:51
replaceafillignas, ah sorry good afternoon16:51
ignasaelkner, i was in the bus, so there was no way for it to do it ;)16:51
ignasso, what's new?16:53
th1areplaceafill has some translation glitches.16:53
replaceafillignas, i've found some strings missing their i18n:translate attribute16:53
th1aAlso, our new vice-presidential nominee's 17 year old daughter is pregnant.16:54
ignasreplaceafill, could you just report them as bugs, or even maybe fix them and send patches16:54
replaceafillignas, i found most of the files related with the issues16:55
ignasnice, the more detcool16:55
ignaskeyboard here in home feels really awkward16:55
replaceafillignas, but how can i guarantee i don't break anything?16:56
ignaswell, it is difficult to break things by fixing translations16:56
ignasand we have a full test suite16:56
replaceafillis there any documentation how to run the test suite?16:57
replaceafillbecause im used to bin/test -s package16:57
ignaswell, if you make a checkout  and follow the instructions, you should be able to do that too16:57
replaceafilli've been testing things like documented in
replaceafillis that ok?16:58
th1aActually, I need to update that to match
th1aWhich is better.16:59
replaceafillth1a, :O16:59
th1aYeah, I just noticed that.16:59
ignasoh, just send em an email so I would not forget to fix the web page16:59
ignasremove svn references16:59
ignasin source.schooltool.org16:59
ignasand fix the documentation link17:00
ignasreplaceafill, so just bin/test-all17:00
ignasand it should run all the tests you might need17:00
ignasadd -s to limit it to only some packages17:00
replaceafillignas, nice :)17:01
ignasth1a, i have commited your patch into a separate branch and have published it in17:01
replaceafillignas, ok i fix the bugs, run the tests, they pass, and now ?17:01
th1aignas: Thanks.17:02
ignasi will comment on that shortly17:02
ignasactually - there was only one buglet17:02
ignasin buttons i18n:something="value button-ok"17:03
ignasshould be i18n:something="value button-book"17:03
ignasbecause in there you are providing the string that will be translated for that button17:03
ignasso in English - you see "Book"17:03
ignasbut in all the other languages you will get translation for button-ok17:04
ignasotoh - if you won't add  that attribute, translators would see only "Ok" and "Book" and would not know anything about the context/function17:04
ignasif you would do i18n:something="value"17:05
ignasas for what I did last week ;)17:06
ignasi have continued working on courses and sections, and have all but 2 functional test passing17:06
ignason the way i have removed a bunch of REST views17:06
ignasand some scheduling views that our users were not even aware of17:07
th1aProbably a good thing.17:07
ignasif and when we will start working on scheduling and scheduling conflicts i will add them back17:07
ignasthe code is in bzr17:07
ignasbut i did not want to spend loads of time on something our users won't see for a yeart17:08
ignaswith courses and sections being in a different place things seem to be working quite well, and I like the direction the application is moving to17:09
th1aIt is important that it feel right.17:10
ignasi might have to spend some time looking at performance problems related to cando deployment if any will arise17:10
th1aMy *guess* is that those won't arise for a while.17:10
ignaswell - 8K students in the student group kind of breaks stuff, but not enough to make cando unusable17:10
th1aWhat does it break?17:11
ignaswell - person list view is made to handle thousands of objects without loading them all into memory17:11
ignasgroup views and the way group relationships work17:11
ignasare not designed to do that though17:12
ignasthe "sutends group view"17:12
ignastakes *ages* to load17:12
th1aAh... so some of the views scale linearly.17:12
ignasbut - you can avoid it, and just not use it17:12
ignaslinearly to the amount of data, not to the amount of data shown17:13
th1aOK.  Anything else, ignas?17:13
ignasnothing more really17:13
th1aSo CAS is pretty much working now, aelkner?17:13
aelknerexcept for the logout issue i mentioned, yes17:14
th1aSo if I log onto Moodle, and then go to SchoolTool, what happens?17:14
aelknerit takes you to the cas server asking for your credentials17:15
aelknerthat's a schooltool.cas bug that i've been working on17:15
aelkneri already fixed a number of bugs there this summer, but this one is new17:15
aelknernever had a second app before17:15
aelknerno prob, i'll figure it out17:16
replaceafillignas, Total: 4025 tests, 6 failures, 2 errors in 4 minutes 4.464 seconds.17:16
aelknerbut it's not a bad one anyway17:16
aelknerbecause the use can get it in17:16
ignaslisppaste5, url17:16
aelknerbut obviously, i'll need to fix it17:16
th1aIf I'm logged into Moodle and I go to Drupal, I'm logged into Drupal, right?17:17
ignasreplaceafill, hmm, post them on some paste service17:17
aelknerbut the end goal is to use schooltool as home base17:17
th1aRight, but it should work both ways.17:18
aelknerso if the user starts by logging into schooltool17:18
aelknerit should17:18
th1aAre we starting at square one with logout?17:18
aelknersort of17:18
aelknerbasically, i need to get with the rubycas folks17:18
aelknerand ask them if they have a way of sending requests to all client apps to reset their session info17:19
aelknerand to log them out17:19
aelkneri don't have any answers on that yet17:20
th1aYes, step one is figuring out what the state of RubyCAS's support is.17:20
replaceafillignas, i'm using debian testing by the way17:21
th1aaelkner: Will you be able to meet with Chris tomorrow?17:21
ignasreplaceafill, LC_ALL=C bin/test-all ...17:21
aelknerth1a: i need to work things out with him on the phone before i go in17:22
th1aJust stay on top of it.17:22
aelkneri'll respond to his note now17:23
th1aAs for myself, fixing a few things myself was good for my confidence, so I should be able to start cleaning up more things that annoy me going forward.17:25
th1aOh... also, I filed a bug basically arguing that we should remove the reservations tab in the next release.17:25
aelknerth1a: what things are you referring to as to fixing things17:25
th1aI cleaned up the dead end in the booking process.17:26
aelkneroh, the checkin you made recently?17:26
aelknergot it17:26
th1aReservations as it is implemented now only fits a very narrow case.17:27
th1aIt doesn't pass the "how would I document/explain this to a teacher" test right now.17:27
th1aIt can be fixed, but doing so isn't a priority.17:28
th1aOK.  That's all I've got.17:29
th1aHave a great week, folks!17:29
ignasthanks, you too17:29
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:29
jelknerbye everyone17:31
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ignasth1a, i will look at reservations, though - it's the only way to work with resources at all17:32
replaceafillignas, after running LC_ALL=C bin/test-all17:32
th1aignas: Oh, right... we'll have to do some rearranging.17:32
ignasth1a, and we want a way to add resources without it17:32
th1aI'll take a look... basically we should be able to just add "resources" under "manage."17:32
ignasreplaceafill, no clue why these things are failing...17:34
ignasreplaceafill, have you changed anything?17:34
replaceafillignas, i wanted to check all test pass before i did something17:34
ignasreplaceafill, i will have to look at it, because at the moment i have no idea what is wrong17:35
replaceafillignas, could it be debian?17:35
replaceafillignas, i see some namechooser errors17:35
ignasno idea, i don't know what precisely and how it is failing17:35
ignasmaybe it's because of new eggs17:36
ignassomeone updated the nameschooser17:36
ignasand now it assumes that it got a string as it's first argument17:36
ignasyou can just find all the places that pass None to choseName17:36
ignasand change None to ''17:36
ignasas a hot fix17:36
ignasand maybe even commit it locally and send me a patch17:37
ignasI will go yell at zope people meanwhile (or rather tomorrow)17:37
replaceafillthat i wanted to ask you17:37
replaceafilli fix the bugs, the tests pass, and then... what do i have to do?17:37
ignasgo to your schooltool checkout (you have one?)17:38
ignasand bzr ci17:38
ignasand "bzr send" me the patch17:38
replaceafillah ok17:38
ignasfor example, or bzr push your branch to launchpad, (that might take a while though)17:38
replaceafillbut i wont mess up with someone else code, right?17:38
ignasit's your local branch i *think*17:39
ignasif it's not - just "bzr unbind" it17:39
replaceafillok, i just wanted to be sure17:39
ignasdon't worry, you don't have commit access to our repository ;)17:39
replaceafillok thanks, ill use the hot fix then17:40
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replaceafillmake the tests pass, and fix the translation bugs17:40
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replaceafillignas, Total: 4025 tests, 0 failures, 0 errors in 4 minutes 1.124 seconds.17:54
replaceafilljust changing two name choosers :)17:54
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