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dwelshjstraw:  yvl is wanting to skype with you in 10-15 mins.19:32
dwelshhe says csv import is ready.19:32
dwelshI'm sending the file of students to you now.19:33
dwelshvia gmail.19:33
jstrawI need login info from skype19:33
jstrawmatt's computer just crashed out totally19:33
yvljstraw: justas.pov19:33
jstrawwhile you send that19:33
jstrawI am going to grab a quick lunch19:34
ignasjstraw: ping20:31
ignasi need some detailed info about the way you will be deploying cando20:32
jstrawdo you have questions20:32
ignasand if possible as much info as possible about data set sizes and the way they will be entered20:32
ignaswhat kind of setup/buildout do you have?20:32
jstrawok.  minimum 2500 max 10000 students20:32
ignaswhat checkouts are you making20:32
ignaswhich dependencies are being pulled as eggs20:32
jstrawI am checking out from yvl's competency-model-refactor-6 branch20:33
ignasyeah, and for other dependencies?20:33
jstrawno changes to dependency or checkout information beyond that20:33
jstrawso everything but cando is an egg20:33
jstrawprobably 40 -60 teachers long run20:33
ignashow many sections/courses20:34
jstrawdwelsh: how many sections/courses are we dealing with?20:34
jstrawthe state pilot is smaller then the Arlington deployment20:35
ignasthe more precise the better20:35
jstrawdwelsh has better numbers then I20:35
* ignas is worried about performance issues20:35
jstrawso is yvl20:35
ignasso if I could recreate the setup *before*20:35
ignasthe actual deployment20:35
ignasit would be very nice20:35
jstrawthat's what we're doing now really20:36
ignasor else - you will have problems, and you will have to wait until they are fixed20:36
ignasthe downsides at the moment are - you are using schooltool_2008.10 eggs20:36
jstrawyou can move us along whenever20:36
ignaswhich means that all speed related fixes must fall into that branch *before* school year fixes20:37
jstrawI don't have a great follow on where / when we do updates20:37
ignasI don't think you want to get your instance updated to use schoolyears in the next 2-3 weeks, do you?20:37
jstrawnot really20:37
yvlno, we don't :)20:37
jstrawignas: I am expecting to have an instance up in an hour or so20:38
jstrawdwelsh is planning to make all the courses20:38
ignasI see20:38
jstrawand I am importing students20:38
jstrawat which point we can give a couple accounts so you can look around20:38
jstrawif that helps you out any20:38
ignasnot really, I just need to know things like precise amount of students, count of sections, count of students per section, count of courses and count of sections per course...20:39
ignasso I could tell you what parts of the system will break20:40
ignasand actually fix them by using a simmilar dataset on my own machine20:40
ignasbecause I can't do experiments on your server...20:40
jstraw24 students per section20:40
jstrawmaybe 30 if someone is really pushing it20:41
ignasthe smaller the sections, the more of them you get... can one student be in more than one section?20:41
ignasjstraw: at the moment, parts that will most probably fail with ~8k of students are - Group views for Students group, filtering by group in section membership view20:43
jstrawyvl was mentioning that20:43
ignasso with 8k of students and one student in 3 sections on average we can expect around 1000 sections20:44
jstrawdwelsh is looking here now20:44
dwelshignas, I shared with you the current list of sections20:44
dwelshthey number about 26020:44
dwelshignas:  I shared with you the current list of sections20:44
ignasdwelsh: i see, hmm, these are all the sections20:44
dwelshUsually there are between 10 and 20 students per section20:45
dwelsh10 * 260 = 2,60020:45
ignasonly that much20:45
ignasthen you can probably survive without any changes20:46
dwelsh15 * 260 = 3,90020:46
ignaseven if it will get slow in some places20:46
dwelshBut there may be some repeat students in there.20:46
dwelshTotal pool of possible students is 8,000 (all middle and high school students)20:46
dwelshSo we want to load 8,000 students on in the persons database20:46
dwelshplus about 100 teachers20:46
dwelshThen setup 260 sections20:46
dwelshAnd associate the competency lists with those sections20:47
dwelshand add the students to them20:47
jstrawdwelsh: why are we loading all students instead of the people we want20:47
jstrawor trying to20:47
ignashmm, the advice is - filter section members by name+surname instead of by "students" group when adding students to sections20:47
ignasif that makes any sense to you20:47
jstrawit does20:48
dwelshWe will have another instance at the State of Virginia which will be only about 20% as big as our instance.20:48
dwelshSo if we can handle our setup, the State should not have a problem.20:48
dwelshThat's why we're pushing so hard to get this setup and running.20:49
dwelshThat plus classes start TOMORROW!20:49
ignasmakes a lot of sense20:49
jstrawdwelsh: I'm starting up the server now20:49
dwelshThat State will probably want their setup in a couple of weeks20:49
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jstrawignas: can you please get the build-dep's out of make ubuntu-environment21:08
ignasjstraw: ?21:08
ignasas in - remove21:08
ignasor as in - get them for you21:08
ignasor as in  - replace them with actual dependencies21:08
ignasso it would work for people who don't have the source packages enabled21:08
jstrawI rarely enable source packages21:09
yvlok guys, I'm going home21:10
yvlin case of a fire - ping Ignas if he's around21:11
yvl(to call me and bring me back to the office)21:11
dwelshthank, yvl21:14
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