IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2008-08-28

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jelkneryvl: good evening15:38
jelkneryvl: justas, ryt?15:42
th1aignas:  How do I test a single package in SchoolTool?15:52
yvlhi jelkner15:59
jelkneryvl: how are are things going?16:05
jelkneri'm just checking in16:05
jelknerthings went pretty well yesterday16:05
yvlpretty well16:07
yvltomorrow we will have the new features for testing16:07
jelknerso we are still on track for tomorrow?16:08
jelknermattva01 will be available16:08
yvlFilip mentioned that he sent David the filtered student data16:08
jelknerdidn't david get that to you?16:08
yvlcould you please ask David to forward them to me?16:08
yvlI didn't receive it yet - maybe the mail is stuck somewhere16:09
jelknerno, i bet he didn't send it16:10
jelknerwe had meetings *all* day yesterday16:10
jelkneri'll call him16:10
th1aaelkner: ayt?16:21
jelkneryvl: welsh is not around17:25
jelkneri left him messages on cell and home phone17:26
jelknerwhat exactly do you need in terms of the data?17:26
jelknerwe should email him and ask him to send it to you17:27
yvlit's not in that much of a hurry17:27
jelknershould we just work that all out with mattva01 tomorrow morning?17:27
yvlit's just that Welsh has data with filtered out course ids17:27
jelknerwhat time do you want to do the setup tomorrow?17:28
jelknerso you need the filtered course ids today?17:29
jelkneryvl ?17:31
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yvlit would be nice to have,17:31
yvlbut I can deal without them17:31
jelkneri'm trying to determine how hard to press for it17:31
jelknerif it is not that important, it would be better to wait until tomorrow17:32
jelknerif you need it17:32
yvlI have the original eSchoolPlus exported data, I'll work with it for now17:32
yvland talk to dwlesh some time tomorrow17:32
mattva01i'm with jason during the day, which is good so we can deploy this17:32
jelknerwhat time tomorrow?17:32
yvlaround noon, or whichever time is more convenient for David17:33
yvlit would be nice to have a short Skype conference17:34
jelknernoon is great17:34
jelknerthat is after our faculty meeting17:34
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ignasth1a, what do you mean - a single package?17:59
ignasbin/test -s schooltool.course ?17:59
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jstrawsomeone looking for me?18:03
mattva01oh they were18:08
mattva01well I was18:09
mattva01yvl , needs to talk tomorrow at noon18:09
th1aignas: Thanks.18:28
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th1aignas: ayt?18:48
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th1aignas, yvl, alga, mgedmin >
th1aI have not noticed a preponderance of tall people in Vilnius.19:34
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