IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2008-08-27

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fsufitch_yvl: ping ping ping ping00:04
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fsufitch_yvl: i'm leaving soon00:42
fsufitch_i gave dwelsh the "doctored" data ;)00:43
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jelkneryvl: good evening!14:14
jelkneri'm sitting down...14:15
jelknergive me the news14:15
jelknerignas: u here?14:16
yvlgood morning jeff14:16
ignasjelkner: yes14:16
jelknergood morning14:16
jelknerignas: i was just trying to reach justas14:17
jelkneri got him14:17
ignasI know :)14:17
ignaswhy would you need me ;)14:17
yvlcurrent status: my code is merged with trunk in another branch, so it will be easy to put it to trunk now14:17
yvlassigning/removal of competencies is working14:17
yvlgradebook and competency treeview are broken14:18
jelknercan we begin to get data into the system?14:19
jelknerteachers, students, courses, sections?14:19
yvlthere is no import of students yet14:19
yvlsetting up courses, teachers and students is OK14:20
yvlplease ask Jason to update the server from
yvlwhat is the time deadline today?14:20
jelknerjason will be in in about an hour14:20
jelknerthe deadline is five hours from now14:21
jelkner(1 pm EST)14:21
jelknerif we are going to show the app today14:21
jelknerwe created a B plan in case we couldn't do that14:21
yvlI'm listening :)14:21
jelknerdwelsh created a google doc form to have teachers enter in their courses14:22
yvlI actually would like it more if we showed the current trunk version, as it is confirmed stable14:22
jelknerbut how similar is that to the version they will use?14:23
yvllet me think14:23
jelknerwe have jason this morning14:24
jelknerso he can work with you on setting up whatever makes the most sense14:24
yvlStudent demographics will be missing, also SOL correlations14:24
jelknerthat is not a problem at this stage14:24
yvlcompetency assignment will work a little bit differently, as now there are core competencies14:24
yvlbut overall the system will be very similar14:25
jelknerwe need to begin populating the system with real data14:25
jelknerso that teachers can begin using it next week14:25
jelknerthe demo is actually less important that the goal of going live14:25
yvlOK, I'll discuss the best scenario with Jason14:26
jelknerif we don't get teachers using the system at the beginning of the year14:26
jelknerexperience has shown it becomes increasingly difficult to get adoption later14:26
jelknerafter they have settled into their routines14:27
jelknerso we would rather focus on the real goal of a usable system by next tuesday14:27
jelknerthan spend extra energy on a demo today14:28
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jelkneryvl: what do you see at this point as a time line for deployment?14:39
yvlto be safe: Friday testing, Saturday/Sunday fixing of small bugs, if needed14:41
jelknerdo you feel your deep enough into now that the friday estimate is *really* safe?14:42
yvlMonday live deployment and data migration if needed after code update14:42
jelknerwhat time friday?14:42
yvlI'd think it'll be done on Thu, but I want to be safe14:42
jelkneri'm all in favor of safe ;-)14:42
yvlsvn gave me some unpleasant surprises today14:43
jelknerunpleasant surprises are just that14:43
yvlso, just to be safe - let's settle for Fri, 10 AM your time?14:44
yvlor whatever time is more convenient for you14:44
jelknerlet me look at our calendar14:44
jelknerwe are going to have staff meetings at 8:30 am our time14:44
jelknerso we can either meet before that, or after14:44
jelknerdave and i can get in at any hour14:45
jelknerso if you wanted to do it in the wee hours of friday morning, we could14:45
jelknerotherwise, later in the day will work14:45
jelkneractually, mattva01 will be back from vacation by then14:45
jelknerand he doesn't have to attend any meetings14:46
yvllater hours seem ok14:46
yvlI'll be around anyway14:46
jelknerok, please give us regular updates as this progresses so we can adjust accordingly14:46
jelknerjason will be in shortly, but it sounds like the best thing to do at this point is leave you alone to work14:47
yvlI'd still like to have a short chat with him, if it's ok14:49
jelknerhe plans on jumping on as soon as he gets here14:49
jelknerprobably about 20 minutes14:49
jelkneryvl: question15:11
jelkneri ill be running my own instance15:12
jelknersince i'll be using cando and the schooltool gradebook15:12
jelknerwhat do i need to get an instance up that has both?15:12
* jelkner leaves for staff meeting and will check back in later15:14
* yvl too, away for roughly half an hour15:15
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jstrawyvl: ayt?15:23
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jstrawyvl: it's Jason, you here?15:31
ignasjstraw: yvl is in a meeting atm15:42
jstrawI am around, it may take me a minute to respond to a message15:43
ignasjstraw: by the way - you were interested in some kind of minimalistic schooltool configuration (a.k.a. schoolbell) weren't you?15:47
jstrawat some point, but I'm doing just a standard schooltool for it15:48
jstrawI'll tweak later15:48
ignasjstraw: when I will merge in schoolyears - we might have a schooltool without any of the timetabling working i think15:57
jstrawok, we'll live :)15:58
yvljelkner, it's possible, but it would be best to wait until we prepare the live release and merge it to svn trunk17:11
yvlotherwise you will need to do extra svn switch to the active cando branch17:12
yvlignas or I will help you once it's ready17:12
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th1aaelkner: I assume repeating what you did the first time with Drupal CAS didn't work?20:58
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aelknerth1a: no, it didn't21:17
th1aSo the CAS side of things works.21:18
aelkneryour mean the server?21:18
th1aCAS is sending the right message?21:18
aelknerthere is a ticket21:18
aelknergive me a chance to figure out what the code does with the ticket, and I'll have more to report21:19
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