IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2008-08-29

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th1ahola ignas.16:44
ignasth1a: hi16:44
ignassorry, had no time to reply to your email yet...16:45
th1aI've made a set of changes, but now I need to figure out why I'm getting failing tests on a clean checkout.16:57
th1aignas:  Are these yours?  Tests with errors:16:58
th1a   test_post (
th1a   test_post_with_a_description (
th1aTests with failures:16:58
th1a   doctest_CourseContainerView (
th1a   doctest_SectionContainerView (
th1a   doctest_TermAddView_add (schooltool.term.browser.tests)16:58
th1aTotal: 4082 tests, 3 failures, 2 errors in 20 minutes 3.373 seconds.16:58
ignasyeah, i think these are mine17:00
ignasor not17:00
ignashmm, let me see17:00
th1aignas:  Also, if I want 'bin/test -s' to work, where do I need to do it from?  schooltool.stapp2008?17:10
ignashmm, in there17:12
* th1a goes to take a shower.17:19
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ignasth1a: sorry,  i am semi afk, a lot of stuff happening in PoV...17:44
th1aNo rush, but if you can give me a little guidance before starting your weekend, I'd appreciate it.17:47
th1aaelkner: ayt?17:47
ignasth1a: is there a script named test-schooltool in there?18:16
th1aIn bin/ ?18:16
th1atest and test-all18:17
ignasahh test-all18:17
ignasthen try using test-all18:17
ignasinstead of test18:17
ignasto test schooltool.app18:17
th1aOK.  That works.18:17
mgedminwhat's the difference?18:29
mgedminwhy have two testing scripts?18:29
ignasmgedmin: schooltool.stapp2008spring is a school setup18:30
ignasbin/test tests that setup, thus does not run all the schooltool tests18:30
ignasbecause well  - it's like schooltool running all the Zope3 tests18:30
ignasbut there is a script that runs all the tests, for convenience, because stap2008spring being the "root" package is used for general schooltool development too...18:31
th1aignas: Do you know what's up with those other failing tests?18:47
ignasbuildbot is silent...18:51
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ignasI will look at it a bit more as soon as I'll commit working courses and sections18:53
ignasto my branch18:53
th1aI'll push my own branch with those errors later today, then.18:53
dwelshyvl:  you there and ready to talk???19:05
dwelshignas:  can you grab justas?  we're expecting to talk with him.19:07
ignasdwelsh: he's on his way19:07
yvlready, david19:07
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jstrawdwelsh: we're moving to AC now19:25
jstrawerr ACC19:25
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